Autistic Girl Haircut For Back To School
Autistic Girl Haircut For Back To School

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Better titled, Girl's Haircut For Back To School because it's just a pixie cut but she is an autistic girl after all and as you know autism and haircuts can be a nightmare with sensory processing disorder. Abigail did so well! We went to her school for orientation and she was so happy. We are happy as well for the changes to her curriculum and ABA therapy push-in in the classroom. Lastly, we got a couch. -Recommended Amazon Stuff- -Fathering Autism Merch- -Priscilla's Cooking Channel- -Priscilla's Makeup Page- -Mailing Address- Fathering Autism 10416 New Berlin Rd MPB 227 Jacksonville, FL 32226 -MY SOCIAL MEDIA- -YouNow- -Patreon- -Facebook- -Snapchat- FatheringAutism -Twitter- @fatheringautism -My Instagram- @fatheringautism1 -Isaiah’s Instagram- @whats_the_pointnshoot


Tay Roberts : Long hair, short hair, red hair, curly hair, straight hair no hair no matter what kind of hair...Abigail is a beautiful young lady.

Kristi Pace : Abbie pulls it off very well and I don't compliment unless I mean it! She looks beautiful either with short or long hair. She has a beautiful feminine angel face! Love! 💖

Rachel : Abbie and her chair: the real reunion here

Doing Life MY WAY : I think abby gave her dad a kiss because he was telling everyone how proud he was of her for sitting so well for the haircut. just an opinion.

Ally B : I wish I had such a colorful and interactive school. I don't have autism but I would like to see these other schools step it up, Because lectures aren't enough.

lo fi : I think you're right about the new haircut matching Abbie's attitude. The older she gets, the more she has that spunky, artsy, adventurous tomboy vibe...and the short hair definitely matches. Plus I think it's more age-appropriate than the blunt bob she had a while back, she looks so teenager-y with the short hair. I actually think a full-on '90s Winona Ryder pixie cut would look cute on her too. However, in my experience, short hair does stick up in all sorts of crazy shapes when you mess it up by sleeping on it, running around, I can't wait to see what kind of messy hair Abbie gets with this cut lol. It's easier to fix than longer hair when it gets messy though. Lol @ Priscilla "Because he's so extra." Whatever happened to that "just be nice" advice from earlier, hmm? ;)

Dexy83 : My Mom taught me if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. That's a lesson that all your subscribers should keep in mind. Autistic, short, sensory processing disorder, chunky, anxiety disorders, underweight, typical or non- typical doesn't matter...don't say anything if you can't be nice. Keeping that in mind...I'm with y' is an adjustment for anyone that makes drastic changes to their hair. Personally, one one of the very first things I noticed about Abigail is how beautiful she is, and she is one of the fortunate people that can carry off any style of hair cut. No joke, super jealous of her bone structure, she's gorgeous!!

Cristina Artista : 10:45 when Abby gives her dad a kiss😌... that was the sweetest thing! She know what great parents she has👍🏻

MILLY'S MESSY NURSERY : Abigail can pull off any haircut! She's beautiful! 🤗❤❤❤

tk king : I have high functioning Aspberger's I'm learning every day. I'm 25 and working on independent its harder for me to socialise and talk to people face to face. I get very anxious social settings and big places. My mamaz is trying to get me ready for independent liveing in 2 years. Love your vlogs

mariam diallo : This is a haircut which is perfect for a 13 year old in this time 2019 they worry so much about hair

Alexandria Geneve : My cousin has autism and every time he gets a hair cut they shave his hair down to his scalp, and people ALWAYS complain on their photos. People need to understand that first and foremost, hair length doesn't make you more or less beautiful, or more or less of a respective gender. Hair grows back, and when you have a child who doesn't style their hair themselves every single day, certain hair lengths, specifically short hair, are significantly easier to maintain and manage. Abigail, your hair cut looks BEAUTIFUL and I truly wish I had the face and courage to pull off short hair like that. My hair is also naturally very curly so I can't cut it too short :(

Kristin Wallace : I hate how People sometimes don’t see people with non verbal autism as not having their own opinions and feelings. Of course they do! They understand, they may even be smarter then you or I, they just don’t express things the same way! I think Abbie is a beautiful, smart and fun girl who is just like any other teenager, yes she has autism but that doesn’t make her any less of a person! I have Aspergers and tons of problems with sensory issues and I hate how they say high Functining autism vs low functioning autism because their tests don’t account for how everyone communicates differently! Abbie you are amazing girl and I hope the world can see that!

Joan Lam : The haircut looks so feminine on her , love it!♥️💜♥️

Hello Hello : Abbie is stunning with short hair, girl you’re blessed with beauty 🧬

Harper Kate : It was so funny when she ran to her "throne" 😂😂

Cheye one : You are so lucky to have such a great school for Abbie. Her haircut looks awesome. My son wears a ponytail and I don’t care what people say.

Dung nguyetxuan Bui : She is cute as a button , and she did an awesome job getting a hair cut , And Mr.Asa haircut is great too 😊😊

Rebecca Gomez : AWWWW Abbie looks like such a trendy teenager!!!!!!!!!

robin pinkham : How adorable! !! Abbys haircut is precious on her. Suits her beautiful bone structure. You go girl!!!

SADIE LOVE : She is beautiful, love her hair cut, very easy breezy

seashell0972 : Abbies haircut is adorable.

Ashley Neal : I absolutely love Abbie's haircut. And I too have a special needs daughter and I have to keep her hair cut above her shoulders. Her sensory issues makes it hard to brush and wash because she hates her hair being touched. Her hair is so thick. So I chose to keep it short so life is easier for her. As special needs parents we have to pick our battles. Hair is one thing I don't think is worth the battle. It's just hair. If she allows me to brush it without a meltdown in the future, I will grow it long again.

Christina Galeai : Now I see why you all have the mesh neat between the front an back seats in the other videos. She keep tapping on Priscilla's arm.

Harry Portfel i Karta Kredytowa : She did so well! Must be way more comfortable for her to have shorter hair. I'm glad you encourage her to experience new things and say your proud of her every time she behaves well, she must be grateful even if she doesn't enjoy it at first. She's lucky to have such parents :)

Kim August : Omg, Why would you have to tell people not to say something mad about her hair who in their right mind would do that? I am new to your channel and I've just been watching marathons of all year episode today and I absolutely love your family. I do not Parent a child with special needs, But you still have taught me so much

Jennifer Murdock : One more thing...Did anyone else notice the way she ran to her chair? It was like she was saying, “Hello friend I really missed you!” The absolute joy in that moment! I even felt her happiness. I remember when the chairs where in your dining room and that’s where she’s do her morning rocking. That was awhile ago.

Miranda Correa : Her hair looks amazing don’t listen to the haters ❤️❤️❤️

Caroline Corkett : She is so beautiful love her haircut it really matches her

C Jacob : Don't Cut Off Semi Truck Drivers!

Marie Stylinson : 16:25 That smile Abby gave after Cilla said “If you don’t like it, don’t comment.” Warmed my heart ❤️ It’s very obvious that y’all are loving, supportive parents and you can tell Abby knows it, too 😊 😊

Dawn's New Light : I always wonder just what Abby sees when she looks at things,, you can see she doesnt seem them the way we do just by the way she looks,, she always melts my heart and yes I even get choked up when I see her excited, it makes me excited for her,, love how nurturing everyone in her life is,, what a gift she has in you both as wonderful parents! OH and I must admit I just adore her spunky and sometimes troublemaker personality :)

Jojo's Universe : Abbie’s hair looks so pretty!! She’s growing and blissing more and more each day!!! Sending my love!!

Meg Leigh : I wish I could rock that beautiful pixie cut Abbie girl! Love it on you babe!

Nicole foysten : I LOVE Abbie’s hair. ❤️ don’t listen to anyone else. It’s perfect.

Keisha Jones : Abbie your hairstyle rocks. As we say in Jamaica, it dappa!!

katie kawaii : Unfortunately, people absolutely do tell neuro-typical girls whether their hair (clothes, makeup, body, face, personality...) is attractive or not. Constantly. It's not a special needs issue, it's a much more pervasive problem.

Marleen Honcoop : I LOVE THE SHORT HAIRCUT ON ABBY! It makes her look more age appropriate.

Heather : That is an adorable haircut. I wish I could pull off a cute pixie too! Abbie, you are beautiful like your mama!

kibawa fjfjf : I think maybe Abbie missed her hair possibly... It is a different thing lol. She looks so cute though.

Laney Green : I love y’all so much and how you guys parent her it’s amazing 💘 keep being the amazing people you are ❤️

georgina87 : It was sooooo cute when Abbi sat in the sensory room🤩

Virginia S. Soto : Abigail looks BEAU-TI-FUL❣💕

Sandra Creager : Awww Abbie such a cute haircut 💇and Priscilla I just love your hair 💕

Mary Kirkpatrick : This was great to see Abbie getting her haircut so nicely.  My son used to scream and then try to put his hair back on his head (from the hair clippings)after the haircut.  He is much better with hair cuts now.

Anna DiMartino : Abbie’s hair is awesome. Brings out her beautiful facial features even more. That one lady on fb was very nasty trying to say because she knows someone she can say something nasty. Even though she didn’t even know you 🤦🏻‍♀️

Tresa Kentch : She’s a beautiful girl and it actually hard to tell she struggles most of the time, short hair looks fabulous on her!

Samantha Sowell : My son is moderate to severe on the spectrum but high functioning. He is almost 16. It took until he was 14 to sit down in a stylist chair with no tears and SERIOUS stress. He walked in like a man looked through the book picked out a style and nailed it. I was the one that cried! LOL I'm so happy for you guys and Abbie honey you look great!

K Losey : Abigail did so great with her haircut and it's super cute! Great job Abs!