Autistic Girl Haircut For Back To School

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Cheye one : You are so lucky to have such a great school for Abbie. Her haircut looks awesome. My son wears a ponytail and I don’t care what people say.

katie kawaii : Unfortunately, people absolutely do tell neuro-typical girls whether their hair (clothes, makeup, body, face, personality...) is attractive or not. Constantly. It's not a special needs issue, it's a much more pervasive problem.

Kristi Pace : Abbie pulls it off very well and I don't compliment unless I mean it! She looks beautiful either with short or long hair. She has a beautiful feminine angel face! Love! 💖

Jennifer Murdock : One more thing...Did anyone else notice the way she ran to her chair? It was like she was saying, “Hello friend I really missed you!” The absolute joy in that moment! I even felt her happiness. I remember when the chairs where in your dining room and that’s where she’s do her morning rocking. That was awhile ago.

Its Joeysworld : Love Abbie's school! All those lights, so cool! Geez, everyone is so busy talking about the length of Abbie's hair, and to us, the BIG point is how well Abbie did during the haircut! Huge Milestone! You've come along way,girl! Your living room wall looks so much brighter,too. Asa, forget about sewing the cushions on the couch. Get industrial strength Velcro. that way, you can still flip the cushions and take ff the cushions, should you decide to cover them, or if you have to clean them.

Anna DiMartino : Abbie’s hair is awesome. Brings out her beautiful facial features even more. That one lady on fb was very nasty trying to say because she knows someone she can say something nasty. Even though she didn’t even know you 🤦🏻‍♀️

Cheryl Boyanowski : Asa, you need one of those liquid tubes in her sensory closet.

lo fi : I think you're right about the new haircut matching Abbie's attitude. The older she gets, the more she has that spunky, artsy, adventurous tomboy vibe...and the short hair definitely matches. Plus I think it's more age-appropriate than the blunt bob she had a while back, she looks so teenager-y with the short hair. I actually think a full-on '90s Winona Ryder pixie cut would look cute on her too. However, in my experience, short hair does stick up in all sorts of crazy shapes when you mess it up by sleeping on it, running around, I can't wait to see what kind of messy hair Abbie gets with this cut lol. It's easier to fix than longer hair when it gets messy though. Lol @ Priscilla "Because he's so extra." Whatever happened to that "just be nice" advice from earlier, hmm? ;)

Tay Roberts : Long hair, short hair, red hair, curly hair, straight hair no hair no matter what kind of hair...Abigail is a beautiful young lady.

Ally B : I wish I had such a colorful and interactive school. I don't have autism but I would like to see these other schools step it up, Because lectures aren't enough.

EH CBunny : I think she looks like a teenager and she's adorable in her new pixi cut.

Wakako Tsujita : I love her new hair. She looks great with short hair. She also did great at her school orientation. I think abbie is looking fwd to school and she really missed her teachers.

Spectrum_Mommy_Amylee : Awww she looks beautiful with her new do! My 17 yr old son just recently got over his fear with haircuts and we have been successful at the hairdresser the last 3 times :)!

Ashley Carrasquillo : I’m so jealous, I’m going to be a junior in hs and I so badly want to cut my hair like Abby’s new do but I’m reluctant on the grow out phase. Especially since I have obnoxiously curly hair. It’s an absolutely beautiful cut! The hairstylist did a nice job and had awesome tattoos:)

Becca B : Asa don’t worry about the vlog schedule, take a break if you need to, go to bed early, do an upload every other day, whatever you and your family needs :)

Alexandria Geneve : My cousin has autism and every time he gets a hair cut they shave his hair down to his scalp, and people ALWAYS complain on their photos. People need to understand that first and foremost, hair length doesn't make you more or less beautiful, or more or less of a respective gender. Hair grows back, and when you have a child who doesn't style their hair themselves every single day, certain hair lengths, specifically short hair, are significantly easier to maintain and manage. Abigail, your hair cut looks BEAUTIFUL and I truly wish I had the face and courage to pull off short hair like that. My hair is also naturally very curly so I can't cut it too short :(

Kristin Wallace : I hate how People sometimes don’t see people with non verbal autism as not having their own opinions and feelings. Of course they do! They understand, they may even be smarter then you or I, they just don’t express things the same way! I think Abbie is a beautiful, smart and fun girl who is just like any other teenager, yes she has autism but that doesn’t make her any less of a person! I have Aspergers and tons of problems with sensory issues and I hate how they say high Functining autism vs low functioning autism because their tests don’t account for how everyone communicates differently! Abbie you are amazing girl and I hope the world can see that!

Lea Sebastian : Her hair cut looks so cute on her

Harry Portfel i Karta Kredytowa : She did so well! Must be way more comfortable for her to have shorter hair. I'm glad you encourage her to experience new things and say your proud of her every time she behaves well, she must be grateful even if she doesn't enjoy it at first. She's lucky to have such parents :)

Rachel : Abbie and her chair: the real reunion here

MMills1 : Such a nice haircut ! She pulls the short hair style off perfect ! Such a great day for Abbie ! I too just went from longer hair to shorter hair ! Tell Abbie she is now a member of the “ Short Hair Don’t Care “ club lol ! As a mom , it was osm to see Abbie so excited to be visiting her school !

Naomi Jones : Do ice cream after everything always. Never phase that out.

Ally : You should’ve given her a choice on her hairstyle

Dawn's New Light : I always wonder just what Abby sees when she looks at things,, you can see she doesnt seem them the way we do just by the way she looks,, she always melts my heart and yes I even get choked up when I see her excited, it makes me excited for her,, love how nurturing everyone in her life is,, what a gift she has in you both as wonderful parents! OH and I must admit I just adore her spunky and sometimes troublemaker personality :)

MomZillainNOVA : I love her hair cut! Im a little confused because I thought in an older video you did say that you cut her hair short because it was easier given abby's special needs? I dont see that as any sort of "throwing in of the towel" at all. We all do things in life to make our lives a little easier. My hair fell out two years ago from chemo. Because of my lupus it never grew back the same so I keep my head shaved. Its just easier. People find it crazy that I dont TRY to grow my hair our just because Im female...which I actually think is a pretty crazy way of thinking. Its just hair! Abby is rocking the short hair! It suits her face so well!! If she could verbalize it Ill bet she would say sheesh mom and dad. What took ya so long...I love my hair short! :-)

Dexy83 : My Mom taught me if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. That's a lesson that all your subscribers should keep in mind. Autistic, short, sensory processing disorder, chunky, anxiety disorders, underweight, typical or non- typical doesn't matter...don't say anything if you can't be nice. Keeping that in mind...I'm with y' is an adjustment for anyone that makes drastic changes to their hair. Personally, one one of the very first things I noticed about Abigail is how beautiful she is, and she is one of the fortunate people that can carry off any style of hair cut. No joke, super jealous of her bone structure, she's gorgeous!!

Starlyn best friends : dose she wear good nights to bed

Rachel Aaroen : Abbie's hair looks so cute!  Glad she seems to be happy to be going back to school.

seashell0972 : Abbies haircut is adorable.

Slimey Swirls : Omg I’m the 1000 comment

Autumn Keefhaver : I cant stand it when people say negative things. When I was pregnant and people asked what I was naming my child (Lindsay Fern) people made faces and said eww that's an ugly name. Even a close close family member. It made me so mad! I love her hair she pulls off long hair, and short hair very well. She is a beautiful girl. Your whole family is beautiful inside and out.

Aleah Gillis : 4:25 me when I get home from school a i see my bed lmaoo

Haruhi Serenity : Lookin good abbie... .... Ooohhhh can i eat with yall... Imma take a trip down there to eat lol

Chinchilla 0 : I love the short hair

Crogg88 : She's a stunner! And so well behaved

Becca B : Abbie yesssss!!!! Your hair looks so freaking good!!!!

Rebecca Gomez : AWWWW Abbie looks like such a trendy teenager!!!!!!!!!

Jacqui Coder : Personally, I prefer long hair like Priscilla but that haircut looks absolutely adorable on Abbie. It just fits her face and her personality. So cute!! The changes being made in her school curriculum are encouraging, too. The couch is wonderful, now if you could get the car situation resolved, everything would be great, right?

Jimins Smol Finger : My brother is autistic and he is 25, he still can't sit through a haircut,so im proud of her.

midnight blue : Abbie is so pretty and Priscilla has gorgeous hair!

Pamela Jones : When abbie stepped into her room with the lights it was amazing a sense of calmness came over me how beautiful

Seattle Home : She's a pretty girl - long hair or short! Glad you had a good day.

leahlee8169 G : Abby love the hair.

Brenda Thayer : My couch has pretty solid clasps to hold the bottom cushions in place. One on each side and between each cushion to connect. Abbie proof! lol 😂😊

Jasmine Richmond : When Pricilla was talking about don’t talk about my baby girl Abbie was in the clip smiling like yeah that’s my mama, this isn’t what y’all want 😂😂☺️❤️

Nicole foysten : I LOVE Abbie’s hair. ❤️ don’t listen to anyone else. It’s perfect.

emma kidd : That is a truly sassy teenage haircut...and Abbie's was great too :-P

Mary Kirkpatrick : This was great to see Abbie getting her haircut so nicely.  My son used to scream and then try to put his hair back on his head (from the hair clippings)after the haircut.  He is much better with hair cuts now.

HuggableSkittles Boots : It doesn’t matter what other people think of her I think Abbie is a beautiful young lady like if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all like have some respect

Cuavr : Should of left her hair to grow, she looks like a boy😕