Flat Earths Most Useless Experiment to Date!
Flat Earths Most Useless Experiment to Date

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Welcome one and all to the Flat Earth Friday you all didn't know you needed. Today we take on John Smith Globe Lie who thinks they have disproved the globe with a gate and a couple of cameras. A massive thank you needs to be said to all new subscribers. We are now well past 5000. The growth in the last week has been phenomenal. When i filmed this I was almost at 3000 so thanks again. Also, there has been a growing demand for t-shirts in the comments section, so I have put a few designs in an online shop. Please do take a look: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/scimandan Here is there original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFWrtKeXQzA&t=527s Thank you all again and I'll see you all next week.


Unironicminecraftfan : Joke's on him, he bought a globe

Noah Nixon : When a flat earther puts a bag on your head and you hear one of them say “Take him to the edge”

Velix S : Legend has it , the gate is still swinging

stektirade : These guys just do not understand physics. And they come up with stupid little experiments and show how their brain works. They basically have squirrel brains.

KingBee : The only thing they fear is sphere itself

Nejkocookie11 : Wait why is that flat earthers YouTube channel named "John Smith GLOBAL"

Horny Reptilian : 1985 - ''The future will have flying cars'' 2018 - ''Stars are spinning around us, we are not moving''

Rickster Music : I know a guy who has been on a cruise around Antartica. Some flattard told him that he was “secretly taken to Greenland in real life” because no one is allowed to go to Antartica. I’ll never stop laughing.

No Neck : If he had a much much longer gate..... he'd discover the curvature of the Earth.

Bryan Agostini : Can a flat-earther please just take a picture of the edge of the earth and prove everyone wrong?

Thomas Jensen : It is like a watching a kid explaining something to his parents.

xMedical Anon : That music is rockin for the first 10 seconds but very quickly becomes very irritating

Piotr Pajerski : Positive aspect: he got some cardio workout from this nonsense :)

City rider : It’s funny how 5000 flat earthers have come to this video just to dislike it ! 😂 keep up the good work SciManDan !! 🌎🌍🌏

Ger - : This guy is in big trouble when his wife gets home and realises he didn’t take his medication and is down at the industrial estate playing with the gates again

evan steeves : If the earth was flat. Cats would have everything knocked over the edge

CNVideos : Flattard: "If the earth is round, the stars would move at different speeds in the sky." Person with brain: "They DO."

Genducaméi : That look of accomplishment on his face though. 😂 It’s like watching a child think it figured something out, except it’s BS and he doesn’t realize yet. 🤣 ¡And the music!😂😂

RogerWilco : I'm not sure you or myself, even really understand what he is trying to "prove".

Space Diva : He successfully proved that the earth is not a gate. Amazing!

Brian Kundert : Anyone else want to start a gofundme to launch these knuckleheads into space?

Elle-Iza Logan : Well, I mean... At least he got plenty of outdoor exercises that day? Synthesized plenty of vitamin D? Met a nice lady? 🤷‍♀️ All those magical things that happen all around the glo... uhm... over the plane?

Fake Content : Only thing needed to debunk the flat earth theory is this : Flat earth is saying every astronomer, every observatory , every institution in every country and every person who works at these places have all disregarded their national and ideological differences to just trick people into thinking the world is round ....wow if only humans had the capacity to work tht well together

Gio Marron : The only thing this test proves is that we’re not on a flat earth. If we were, the sun would have to move at different speeds at different times of the year to cover larger or smaller areas in a 24 hour period

I need healing! : 1987: "In 2010 we are gonna have flying cars" 2018: (50 year old man) " The Earth is flat"

Gorilla UMP : This "swing gate" technique can also prove reptillion shape shifters live in the White House, it's very subjective.

pea6 : Fuck's sake. That's all I've got. My head hurts.

Samuel Coleman II : OMG he spun a gate, im 100% convinced the earth is flat now.

RussH718 : Did he get permission from his boss at the lawnmower repair place to do this at lunchtime ?

Hamman G : Imagine raising a baby for 18 years just for it to become a flat earther.

The Foxfires : I love how dumb flat earths are. I used to get so mad at them but now (thanks to you) I'm just laughing!

NATO CALYPSE : Flat earth theorist be like : all *AROUND* the *GLOBE* there are dozens of people that supports the idea of earth being flat.

Aug : Who else is here from SciManDan's new Top 5 video?

Rey Jay : I'm speechless! I thought all Englishmen were smart. Seems as if I was flat-out wrong. 😂 This video is hysterical - and priceless! You got a new sub here! Cheers from Texas.

Wolfie6020 : You gotta love these guys and the way they struggle with basic concepts like scale and geometry. Another great video Dan.

Sandy J Renfroe : What is he doing? Is he comaring the gate swinging back and forth to the Earth spinning?

Tom Moore : Mind boggling how some people believe this flat Earth nonsense.

redseafrog : I have 4 words for Chris UK. " YOU ARE A MORON "

Eddie Badenmark : these people dont know what "scale" means

Robert Banuelos : My friend believes the earth is flat and went to walk to the edge of it ,he eventually came around...

ican't Feel : "Then why aren't we literally being tossed out if the earth is spinning?" I asked that to a teacher back when i was in kindergarten... Remembered a kid twice my height heard that too and then told me "yeah why is that" My teacher then explained gravity but that kid left right before my teacher could finish ... Now he's spinning flat disk with camera's attached to it.. And pushing gates..

Carol Jo Martin : I've seen this guy before. His airplane hypothesis had me curled up crying, I was laughing SO hard....

Riley Lynn : Is anyone else tired of that stupid guitar riff and drumset beat playing at the beginning? Sorry my bad, it plays through the video

ShaggyCheekWoodWorks : I'm confused, how does this prove that the earth is flat?

Danijel Juric : To all flat earthers: Your inability to grasp science is not a valid reason against it.

Pump O Gamer : *Legend says he is still swinging that gate*

King Amv : we have Flat Earth society around the globe Makes sense

Anthony Redmond : The russian satellite elektr-l has taken stunning real photos of the globe not cgi but flatearthers dont believe they are real

Mike Valenz : I don't understand His experiment. 😂😂😂 Maybe his a bit confused too..