Flat Earths Most Useless Experiment to Date!

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Bryan Agostini : Can a flat-earther please just take a picture of the edge of the earth and prove everyone wrong?

Roy Ality : I hope those people use condoms...

unironicminecraftfan : Joke's on him, he bought a globe

Jesus Christ : Its funny seeing 50 yo’s more mentally challenged at figuring out the earth is a sphere than a 7 yo

Earth Is A Donut : Ancient Greeks: We already knew the earth was round and most definitely not flat People in 2018: EaRtH iS fLaT!

Wolfie6020 : You gotta love these guys and the way they struggle with basic concepts like scale and geometry. Another great video Dan.

Nejkocookie11 : Wait why is that flat earthers YouTube channel named "John Smith GLOBAL"

Noah Nixon : When a flat earther puts a bag on your head and you hear one of them say “Take him to the edge”

evan steeves : If the earth was flat. Cats would have everything knocked over the edge

Compromised Account : Flat Earther: The earth is flat! also Flat Earther: *films himself playing with a globe*

Beary Boy : It's not funny to make fun of mentally challenged people

DamianZocker : The IQ of a Flat earth beliver is flat as the Earth they belive

M K : 4.9k dislikes (Dec. 18') - Wow, de-evolution of certain humans is real & happening at fast rate. Scary.

Darryl Knox : I had a girlfriend back in the 80's whos dog could open a gate. It was then that I discovered that there was no such thing as space. I was way ahead of everybody. ( :

Josh Koch : Is it just me, or does his experiment actually prove that we aren't on a spinning disc?

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Oh boi oh boi do i love watching flat earthers saying the earth is flat and then make a stupid excuse like 'a gigantic goblin is holding the disc-shaped earth between his ass cheeks, thats why we have the day and night'

Please help me hit 100 subs Without any videos : It is said that a grown bald man has been opening his gate for three years straight

Horny Reptilian : 1985 - ''The future will have flying cars'' 2018 - ''Stars are spinning around us, we are not moving''

crazy kids : How about they get a telescope and point it at the horizon of the ocean then see if they can see Canada across the ocean

Velix S : Legend has it , the gate is still swinging

idiotufos : Nothing is better than the "pour water on a ball experiment" !

stektirade : These guys just do not understand physics. And they come up with stupid little experiments and show how their brain works. They basically have squirrel brains.

sour creme : if earth is flat why astronauts didnt just jump in the edge of the earth

Woodlab 745 : 5.1k flatearthers pissed

Gio Marron : The only thing this test proves is that we’re not on a flat earth. If we were, the sun would have to move at different speeds at different times of the year to cover larger or smaller areas in a 24 hour period

TheLonelyGoomba : I lost a few brain cells watching that flat earther.

Derek Tilley : But the gate!!!!

Ant Bar : Flat earthers are so *RETARTED* why dont they get a real job then wasting time on hellish things and live a life like everyone does Well someone had to say it 😏

NATO CALYPSE : Flat earth theorist be like : all *AROUND* the *GLOBE* there are dozens of people that supports the idea of earth being flat.

lunar : Dude quit making fun of Neanderthals

ShadoeFax : They really don't grasp how big earth really is and our relative size to it, we can't perceive the curve because we're so small compared to earth and it can only be viewed from near outer space and space. There's no way the earth is flat and a lie is still continuing in an age of such technology that we can prove it isn't.

Minecraft Zerte : Or, you know, seasons exist. The tilt of the axis of our beloved Earth causes these. I you were in somewhere like Texas, you would easily notice that it goes dark outside around 6:30 during the winter, and a few hours later during summer. But, if you were somewhere like the North pole, due to the TILT OF THE AXIS you would be in constant daylight during summer and constant darkness during winter. You also have to accommodate the fact that when it is summer, the North pole is pointing more towards the sun than it is in the winter. In fact, the North Pole isn't even pointing towards the sun in the winter, it is actually point the mirroring direction.

FreekyPower : Does he realize that the same thing would happen on a flat earth I mean take a plate put one cam in the middle and one and the edge and they will have different "speeds"

Paul Bradley : Its funny. Is someone going to tell him that his gate is FLAT😂😂😂

Anthony Redmond : The russian satellite elektr-l has taken stunning real photos of the globe not cgi but flatearthers dont believe they are real

Christian Caisley : I hate that stupid guitar thing he's playing when he could have just played "YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY RIGHT ROUND" on loop

Gamma Blast : *Isaac newton left the game*

David the Dude : Water finds its level do to gravity, right? Also when people say that water doesnt stay on a ball. It's not because the earth is flat. Its because we are on earth. EARTH'S GRAVITY HAS STRONGER GRAVITY THAN A SMALL TINY BALL SO WATER DOESNT GET ATTRACTED TO THE BALL. Instead the water falls to the ground and, guess what.... Finds its level do to gravity

Fake Content : Only thing needed to debunk the flat earth theory is this : Flat earth is saying every astronomer, every observatory , every institution in every country and every person who works at these places have all disregarded their national and ideological differences to just trick people into thinking the world is round ....wow if only humans had the capacity to work tht well together

Louis Connor : Na saw a video yesterday one took a spirit level on a plane to test it

KingBee : The only thing they fear is sphere itself

1970guppy : There really cannot be any serious flat earthers out there there. They have just get some pleasure having a lend of people.

Mr slime [ube : Please just, just, just KILL EM. I mean those flatards.

inZhaine master : were geometry and trigonometry not introduced in their lessons when they used to be in school? ..most probably they were absent..

Quetzalcoatl : Unironic flat earth believers should be an automatic disqualification from any jobs.

tinny blacksmith : Me: the Earth is a sphere Flat Earth: let's engage in a Battle of Wit's and see who's right Me: I would love that ...... But you appear to be unarmed

Miles Noctis : My favorite is where they spin an inflatable ball in a tub of water to prove that water doesn't stick to the bottom of a ball. Completely ignoring that the Earth itself is pulling on the water with much more force than the inflatable ball's negligible gravitational pull, so it proves nothing. Also you'll occasionally see water droplets sticking the bottom due to the attraction of hydrogen bonds, which just makes them look silly. But they look so proud of themselves while doing the "experiment"! Like five year olds who just finished finger painting, showing off their dirty fingers to mommy and daddy. They think they've definitively proven their silly ideas, but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Tren Riam : So if the earth is flat the sun's light covers earth and no night and the rotation is like a spinning blade of the fan but counter clock wise so it have no night that is the experiment is for In my imagination it is what they doing Flat earther's go to space if u dont believe the earth is round actually is more like lemon shape but not too much Ohh yeah the flat earth the end of the world because it have no circulation of air because it have edge and end but round

ZEcowLE : Atlantis already knew how to make unlimited energy when the Europeans thought the Earth was flat.

wonderful character : These flat earthers just buy a very powerful telescope and see the moon and other planets...u'll see for urself!!