Flat Earths Most Useless Experiment to Date!

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Bryan Agostini : Can a flat-earther please just take a picture of the edge of the earth and prove everyone wrong?

Ger - : This guy is in big trouble when his wife gets home and realises he didn’t take his medication and is down at the industrial estate playing with the gates again

500 Subs With Only 12 Crappy Videos? : **keeps globe in background to trigger flat-earthers**

fancykat : He didn’t factor in the curvature. This idiot literally just proved why flat earth wouldn’t work.

Lucas Song : “Im sorry sir this seat is for disabled people only” ‘The earth is flat’ “Im sorry to bother u sir it appears clear u are disabled”

Beary Boy : It's not funny to make fun of mentally challenged people

Mark Bartsch : I love their Twitter tweet "Flat earth society has members all around the globe"

Kilgore Trout : At least he is out in the open air getting some exercise.

Harshal Pendam : Even his belly has a curve

riffler24 : Well congrats pal, you've "discovered" the coriolis effect

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Oh boi oh boi do i love watching flat earthers saying the earth is flat and then make a stupid excuse like 'a gigantic goblin is holding the disc-shaped earth between his ass cheeks, thats why we have the day and night'

phoenix slayer : The only reason flat earthers don't believe in gravity is cause it proves everything they believe wrong

TheLonelyGoomba : I lost a few brain cells watching that flat earther.

Marien Passenier : I think the gate hit him on the head a few times while trying this

geekingreen2814 : He really likes that gate

Wolfie6020 : You gotta love these guys and the way they struggle with basic concepts like scale and geometry. Another great video Dan.

Armstrong 500 : How do I get a job as an armed guard on this ice wall that FE's keep telling me surrounds flat earth??? Think of all the flat earthers I could shoot when they come looking for proof!!

Marc Mescher : I used to think I watched flat earth videos to try to understand which part of normal observation these people are not understanding. The Greeks figured out the shape of the planet millennia ago. But I just realized. I don’t really care about the flat earthers at all. I only watch this to allow me believe I’m smarter than I probably am, because compared to the guy in this video I’m a super genius. Now I also understand Brexit.

A Fischer : Is the Sun flat? Is Earth the only planet that is flat? You can look through a telescope and see that other planets are spherical. So the Earth is the only planet that's flat?

irvanCrocs : lol look at those 3.7k triggered flat earthers..

idiotufos : Nothing is better than the "pour water on a ball experiment" !

Tyler Rosborough : When I first heard there was " flat earthers" I thought for sure it was a joke . I guess it's not.. they just made a new term for window lickers

Owen Carter : Just take a leader of the flat earthers stick em in a space shuttle n then they can film their shocked face when they realise they’ve wasted years of their lives talking nonsense

Callum McMahon : If the earth is flat, explain how you can keep going in one direction and eventually end up in the exact same position you began traveling from? If it was flat you would need the ability to teleport back to the position on the opposite side of the earth which science has proven to not only be an impossibility without the assistance of technology and quantum physics, but also fatal as you cannot use this method with the same matter used to send it to another location! Stupid theory and so damn easy to debunk

Celevision _ : wait!!! there are people that believe the earth is flat...how the fiddlesticks? I thought it was a joke

ShadoeFax : They really don't grasp how big earth really is and our relative size to it, we can't perceive the curve because we're so small compared to earth and it can only be viewed from near outer space and space. There's no way the earth is flat and a lie is still continuing in an age of such technology that we can prove it isn't.

chookvalve : Im depressed that this kind of person is really real. OMG

Game Hobbyist : At least he's getting a bit of exercise

Schrader : All this guy proved was the parrallex effect.

Sheepdog Sherlock : Or we could stand at the ocean and realize you cant see across it because it's not flat...

KingBee : The only thing they fear is sphere itself

Beef Taquitos : HE DIDN'T EVEN SYNCHRONIZE THE CAMERAS. He's not just a failure at science, he's also a failure at video editing. Flat earthers are useless.

Robert Turner : This flat-earther guy's "experiment" reminds me why I quit watching the history channel. Once upon a time they had really interesting shows on there, but then they started using incredibly dumb experiments to demonstrate concepts. They had a girl that attached 2 tennis balls together with some string, hold one ball, and swing the other ball around it to demonstrate how gravity works. That was the last thing I remember before turning it off and never going back. Same level of stupid.

the pickle lord sanchestor Hobbs : flat earthers get dumber and dumber each day first of they say the earth is flat then they say gravity doesn't exist and Australia isn't real? oh yea all Australians are paid actors by NASA and the secret government

Levi : What if earth is shaped like a *FRIED CHICKEN LEGS?* 😱😱

I'm Something : 1987: "In 2010 we are gonna have flying cars" 2018: (50 year old man) " The Earth is flat"

Justin Y.ㅤ : The soloution is easy, send the leader of the flat earth society into space.

Lipok Yanger : Don't let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines. On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.!

BatMashUps : Ptolemy, Galileo, Copernicus, Einstein, Sagan, Hawking, Degrasse Tyson and bloody Martin Smith from Croydon.

DeShawn 'Dawg' BNBG : Flat-Earthers say gravity doesn't exist- but how do they explain spherical planets like The Moon and Mars having stuff on them, like rocks and dust? Wouldn't it all 'fall off' the sides and bottom, leaving just a small mound of debris on top?

Luna Delight : *like a jet* +10 intellect

Haiqal Zaki : I came here just for the comments x)

gene stauffer : Logic: The sun is round, the moon is round, three out of three is really pushing it!

GuildCarver : Legend has it that too this day he is still swinging that gate.

Square Peg : It is really hard to watch these videos, the idiotic things they claim are "absolute 100% flat Earth proof" are often really dumb and it makes my stomach hurt to watch them.

RandomlySet : We can take a positive from this.... He got some well needed exercise! Seriously though, why have flat earthers all of a sudden taken a huge boom? 2018 seems to be the year of the Flat Earth videos...

Rayan : Scientists from the renaissance: lets tell people the earth is round lol Nasa: lets go to space Nada: ok we gonna tell them its flat and no one should know this for some reason Nasa -->government: lets lie to people Government: why Nasa: idk I'm board Government: k lol

Docbrew : Hard to fathom how so many people can be so dense that they waste time trying to disprove reality.

Jon Patterson : I hope he had the decency to grease that gate for them.... he just put 5 years of wear on it

Rob Conger : Never seen one of ur video before but ur sarcasm and dry humor plus ur knowledge have made me subscribe.