Flat Earths Most Useless Experiment to Date!

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Bryan Agostini : Can a flat-earther please just take a picture of the edge of the earth and prove everyone wrong?

Christian Caisley : I hate that stupid guitar thing he's playing when he could have just played "YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND BABY RIGHT ROUND" on loop

TheYobbo71 : Umm he just proved why we have circular star trails. The stars above the North Pole hardly move, stars at the equator move a lot. So did he just confirm the Globe?

Obeyance DeKat : Actually, his experiment proves him wrong. Both cameras are moving at different speeds, yet the same angle. Therefore, while one is showing a faster emulated speed and the other isnt, the cameras share the same center point at any given time. Therefore, it takes the same amount of time for both cameras to perceive the same image, just with a different field of view.... which is what hes trying to disprove... lol

Adolf Hitler : So we can discard thousands of years of human knowledge because a guy figured out how to open a gate...

Beary Boy : It's not funny to make fun of mentally challenged people

Classic Gamers : You’re just jealous you don’t have a gate

Von Funk : I love that old lady. She sounds so concerned about his mental health.

Slavic Boi : Imagine seeing a bald grown man playing with a gate...

Fadi Jarebica : The flat-earthers are right. Since minecrafts world is flat. So is ours. Do you guys think Notch would ever lie ?

69696 subscribers with no videos challenge : Oh boi oh boi do i love watching flat earthers saying the earth is flat and then make a stupid excuse like 'a gigantic goblin is holding the disc-shaped earth between his ass cheeks, thats why we have the day and night'

MaxSFilms : Flat earthers think that gravity isnt real and theres no proof, but there is apparently a ice wall that no one has seen

D Williams : This bothers me.  I have permission to go to the south pole on a scientific expedition but am afraid that I may wander over the edge of the earth and be attacked by the stack of giant turtles which hold it up.

Art of WASD : Why dont the flat earthers just send up a weather baloon?

infamous_ : galileo is rolling in his grave

idiotufos : Nothing is better than the "pour water on a ball experiment" !

Casey McAchran : Little known fact, this guy is still playing with the gate today to "prove" his theory.

titubakom : Someone enlighten me. If that dude on the gate ACTUALLY followed through on his logic he can see that this "experiment" can prove the opposite. I don' t know why there are horizontally facing cameras on the gate, BUT if the cameras were to face up and he could draw the imaginary circles that the stars would trace (or just make a long exposure video) then he could see that the stars at the pole (the hinge) are stationary. Much like the North Star for example, but if you move out from the pole you will see the stars draw larger and larger circles - so far so good, that happens on Earth as you move from the pole to the equator. BUT then you reach the end of the gate and see that there the stars are spinning the fastest, whereas in reality, we can observe that the stars draw smaller and smaller circles past the equator, until they are nearly stationary again, which would necessitate ANOTHER POLE! Because you cannot have a flat body that has two (or more) fixed points when rotating, we can conclude that the Earth MUST have at least two poles and thus CANNOT BE A FLAT SURFACE!

A J : We need a plague

Millermatic18 : Amazing that an idiot can own 2 Go Pros.

Wolfie6020 : You gotta love these guys and the way they struggle with basic concepts like scale and geometry. Another great video Dan.

Kappa : I think flat-earthers works like i didn't see that earth is globe, so me is like I never saw any ocean and sea so there are only rivers, zero areas with water. Am i wrong?

Jonni_Darko : him: "if the earth is round" me. "yeah?" him: "then how come planes fly forward and not always down" me: :o

Dustin Colombo : so this dude pretty much just did an experiment in relative position and called it a flat earth experiment

Guillermo St : To think I had to sit through six rigorous years of dry lectures and grueling exams in college to get my degree in engineering, and this bumpkin thinks he's figured out the greatest scientific conspiracy of all time, all by himself, when he probably couldn't even calculate the most basic speed/angles of earth's rotational movement if his life depended on it.

ShadoeFax : They really don't grasp how big earth really is and our relative size to it, we can't perceive the curve because we're so small compared to earth and it can only be viewed from near outer space and space. There's no way the earth is flat and a lie is still continuing in an age of such technology that we can prove it isn't.

Kuli24 : But he didn't do the experiment. The experiment IS seeing if the stars move faster or slower at different parts of the earth, not some gate thing that's obvious enough without even trying it.

Derpypanda 3265 : Now I want everyone to know that guy is old so he probably has lost all of his brain cells in his what 60 years? So don’t be mean to him. Lol jk he’s just stupid

Moto arzan : Can the flat earthers just go to the flat prairies, set up a high powered telescope and tell us if you can see the mountains hundreds of miles away, off in the distance

Jose Gonzalez : Can we send all the flat earthers to space so they can see the sphere earth but then not send them back

TheLonelyGoomba : I lost a few brain cells watching that flat earther.

Tidgy : I don't know if it's all one big joke, how can people actually think the earth is flat? It's like saying there's no such thing as carpet... Bloody attention seeking air heads

tiggfigg : Don't stand to close to the edge of the flat earth the velocity might throw you into the abyss 😜

Brian Grifffin : All right so what you wanna do is go to the ocean and look out on the horizon and the reason you can’t see islands 100 miles away is because the earth is round

ertyui wertyui : I think that’s the gate they left open at the looney hospital

tinny blacksmith : Me: the Earth is a sphere Flat Earth: let's engage in a Battle of Wit's and see who's right Me: I would love that ...... But you appear to be unarmed

42 : Could somebody explain to me what the flatearther is trying to say? I don't get his point

Jason Chong : Flat Earthers don't recognise how big our planet is.

SETH GEIS : I see these useless experiments all the time. In one of the videos, the guy read the Bible after doing it and tried explaining how the Earth is flat by using Christianity LMAO

jaypea leones : Don't they just understand that we're so tiny that due to the sheer size of the Earth its movement its not noticeable to us.

ABJgamer99 : That poor gate. I feel sorry for it.

Paul Adriaanse : The moment he explains to other people: CRIIIINGEEE NOOOOOOO

Spencer Garcia : Doesn't this "experiment" offer more evidence for the curvature of the Earth than it does for the Earth being flat? lol

sam neville neville : You say the most stupid thing like when he said like a jet you couldn’t comprehend that it was a joke and also you say things and back them up with nothing

KingBee : The only thing they fear is sphere itself

Lucifer Aeternus : Id love to see them explain flat earth gravitational pull. Earth is a sphere in a rotaional spin around the sun causing us to have gravity if the earth was flat we wouldnt have that gravitational pull and all be floating in space man kind wouldnt be a existance. how would a flat earth have gravity?

A Person : I like how he uses a globe to demonstrate these experiments

God : The guy just seems to have absolutely no concept of parallax.

NightBot Check mark and wrench : As a flat earther, I can tell you, the earth is flat!

The JediSith : 1987: "In 2010 we are gonna have flying cars" 2018: (50 year old man) " The Earth is flat"