Cycle crossing Mr Visserplein Amsterdam

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scootosan : Now ban Scooters from Cycling lanes

effyleven : The sophistication of Dutch cycle infrastructure never ceases to amaze me.. not just that it works, but that it works so conveniently. (How to make people do the things you need them to do? You make it nice for them to do it.)

FD2 : Smart-ass dutchies ! They are always up to something. Never a dull moment.

Marco Gelderblom : Forever improving! I love these incremental upgrades.

drie wiel : En nu maar afwachten of Sylvana Simons met het bananeneiland ontwerp akkoord zal gaan.

Manny Calavera : Holy shit that's one of the most thought-out things I've seen in a while. People thinning out as they start moving forward and using that in their advantage, that's smart as hell!

Helder Nobre : Adoro a Holanda - I love you Holland!!!!

Boogster Su : I'm surprised the banana-shaped island isn't scaled like an actual banana. (Not a banana-for-scale)

«JustEnder» : brilliant!

Harlem Wave Cascade : You can say all you want but in my opinion the Dutch are a bunch of complete cyclepaths!

rjh00 : They do do this for cars too, it's just not as obvious. This is just like roads that are one lane way, but widen to be 2 or 3 lanes at intersections. When you are in the thin lane everyone is going in the same direction, but when you are at an intersection, some people go straight on some go left and some go right, so a wider space at intersection makes sense and just like what they did here, you only need the wider section on the side that traffic is approaching the intersection from and not on the section that is leaving the intersection because once you leave the intersection, everyone is going the same way again.

Nicolas Gonot : It is amazing to see that you only need to watch people behavior and adapt the infrastructure accordingly to get a good result. It's a real "smart city", all bikes are connected via wireless human interaction!

Jan Modaal : You should change the title. This crossing is known as the crossing at the Waterlooplein, not the Mr Vissersplein. (Waterlooplein is much more famous). Also, it's the traffic lights that are the problem imo. Too much traffic time is given to automobiles on this crossing.

Alex R : The lanes where the white Lines get narrow! At one point you said it was illegal to cross over onto oncoming bike traffic. You than said its human nature to react to these lanes and not cross. Almost every person coming from the opposite direction crossed over the white line and almost hit the oncoming cyclist.

Dykam : Btw, the main part of the new CyclePath at the UitHof has been finished.

illumiNaughty : If you put a big giant 9-inch spike on a car's steering wheel, drivers of those cars will drive much more carefully.

Guilherme C. : And thanks to good marketing skills most people still think that Copenhagen is the epitome of planning and designing for cycling...sigh.

David Axiaq : How i wish my country (malta) was cycle friendly... 😩

Pedal Cotidiano : greetings from Brazil, love your channel!

SerenityReceiver : Crash statistics?

MrAronymous : It's actually Mr. Visserplein without an extra s in between. But no biggie.