8-10-17 Sighting

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ぱふっ ぱふっ : This is probably a balloon. Balloons are strangely moved by being blown by the wind.

VideoKemi : Hey Greg, I'm commenting from Express Newspapers (Express, Daily Star, OK!) - please may we use this clip with credit to you? Many thanks

VonBlade : In the old days we used to obscure fakery with the appalling image quality. Now everyone has HD in their hands I guess we're obscuring it with atrocious camera work. Zoom in, zoom out, lose central focus on the image. There is as much roof and foliage in this as UFOs. If you think they are UFOs, why not move somewhere other than between two houses? Why not keep the damn thing on screen. Oy.

Linda Flechtner : Do some research people, the sky above you has wind currents, just like a river. Balloons move back and forth in the wind currents even though you may not have wind where you are. Santa Monica and Venice are near the ocean which adds even more wind currents and gusts. The balloons may have been tied together which will give you an illusion of them flying in unison. You will see many balloon sightings near Disneyland as well because most of the balloons they sell have helium in them, and some have lights. People set balloons free all the time, especially at celebrations and funerals.

2部 for : Hello Cosmic 84, this is Moemi from a Japanese TV research company; FORMULATION in Tokyo, Japan. We are very interested in this video, and we wonder if you could give us a permission to use it on our show. Thank you in advance!

ぽーぽーひゅーひゅー : 風船じゃねえの?

はちみく : 間違いなく風船ですね。 近くで結婚式や何かのイベントがあったか調べてみてください。

Jessica Howard : Holy crap I saw these exact same things but in Atlanta yesterday!!!

Jesper Rasmussen : This is plastic bags drifting away... wtf people, be a little critic!

Kevin Terrell : That's pretty cool man

Remo Barcellone : Hi Reddit! :O

Cosmic 84 : I'm open to that possibility, Luis. I really am open to any explanation but am at a loss for how best to describe how many there were and how strangely they moved. I thought they were lanterns/balloons/flares/skydivers until I put the binoculars on them... then it just got stranger. I kind of expected to hear about some advertising/PR stunt by now on social media or the local news but so far radio silence. Appreciate the insight though. Cheers.

Luis Lopez : What if the space ship is clocked... And the smoke circles you are seeing with flickering is some sort of exhaust to keep it stable in our atmosphere m