Conan Gives Staff Performance Reviews - CONAN on TBS

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Jesse Pill : I love when he goes around the office lol

NGMonocrom : Jordan just giving off awesome serial killer vibes.

Sebastian Koil : I just noticed that Conan-Doll's head is the Conan-mask from the halloween store remote.

Ty Nelson : Kramer lost a ton of weight 😯

chemicalsam : He's not a photo researcher, he's a paid googler

Kayla : Associate producer / dead weight 😂😂😂😂😂

FullHalfCircle : You can’t fire Jordan! He has various production related tasks!

Fatemeh : I used to find Mr. O'Brien a bit arrogant, but that was from watching just bits of his show. Now I think I've watched almost all his mini videos and I am quite addicted. I love his brand of humor! He's very confident but also not afraid to laugh at himself, and he clearly cares about people around him. He's also very intelligent and his Harvard roots are evident

Jeffery Williams : The photographer is really attractive.

Com Truise : That photographer woman is a beauty.

Schultz : He looks like a Kingman Character.

BeLight : I would love to see a regular segment of "The Conan Office." It could be an hour long. Everyone would love it.

Justin Mautone : The real life “Office”

Exxtra Crispyy : "You're ok with me choking you if it gives me sexual pleasure?" Ok sign here

Mark Airwind : lol I watched this many times, and I just noticed the title of Jordan; "Associate Producer/ *Dead Weight* " lol

TBK : the show's photographer is a milf

Not Potato : Lol 9:08 someone says "Oh wow.." after Jordan finished speaking lol

Riixi Rixii : Anyone notice that the intern got hired on and is now working for Conan?


Sagarika Joshi : GET OUT! Get the chair lol

Vincent Ciccone : No reason to be nervous, this is just to decide whether you should be fired or not 😂😜😂

System ID : Everybody Makes mistakes. Everybody has those days. Except Conan.

Vice.01 : Conan would’ve been a great Michael Scott

John Doe : I cried with that “Say I look like a rotten melon” “You’re fired” 💀🤣🤣🤣

Folarin : Jordan is the only person who would know and say the full form of CPR.

Aditya Waghmare : *6:13* Glad at least she got the Joke *Conan's Humour is legendary and not many get it*

Lord Bloodraven : You know they walked in on Andy Richter watching porn. They just knew from the tone of his voice, it had to be porn and nothing good would come from engaging him at that moment.

saltyninja : Who else got butterflies in their stomach when that Meghan woman appeared....O.O

Camedneth SHINSENGUMI : I just noticed this, but the whole Conan show is a big spongebob squarepants replica, like you can clearly see Spongebob on Conan that annoyed a lot of his people, his bestfriend Andy the Starfish, Jordan is clearly Squidward who is really fed up with the shenanigans of conan and lastly Jeff Ross as Mr. Krabs. The staff are all the fish.

Romina Valeria : woah Kramer got thin

Chapadero : Danielle was an intern from when Conan did a video with the interns.

Jeff Rivera : 8:42 - 8:45 Any see the bag disappear from the scene?

Anjana Devi Kumar MHT : Lord, Jordan’s office is always so messy. OCD Alert 🚨

Kalan McEvoy : Why is everyone’s desk so damn messy tho?????

Smiley Flores : Could anyone imagine your boss tellin you to insult them and then gettin fired for insulting them? 😂😂😂

uber guy : Danielle is the lady from the internship episode!!!

alZiiHardstylez : Whoever the photo researcher is needs a raise.

Aditya Waghmare : *2:23* I have seen this video multiple times but never noticed her trying to sit and that's uncomfortable *but it had been funny if she fell*

OSD : I just realized that Conan is basically Steve carrel from The Office.

Sheldon Miller : Conan is one of the funniest people on the planet. He can roast people better than Jeff Ross or Don Rickles, and he is charming and can get away with murder. He is an absolute legend, and one of the most clever people in entertainment today. It's a shame he looks like a female potato-famine victim from 1845.

Just Heather : Oh my gawd Andy Richter 😆🤣

psycold : Photographer looks like Laura Linney in her prime.

GiVer : lmao! When Conan walks around trashing the place! 😂😂😂😂😐

VorteKs : Matthew Kramer has lost so much weight,congrats to him

Nayops 18 : 2:15 Hey would you look at Matthew!, he got a haircut and lost a lot of weight.

James Lade : I like the high chair. And a quota for firing

Bravo B : Danielle was intern a year prior. Way to go Danielle!

TheStepmonkey : Conan's hair looks like plastic in this vid 😂😂

Panic!atthephandom : What I’d like to know is why everyone wants Jordan fired 😂😂

Deadpool : He just caught Andy watching porn