Conan Gives Staff Performance Reviews - CONAN on TBS

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Kayla : Associate producer / dead weight 😂😂😂😂😂

TBK : the show's photographer is a milf

Straw Snatchers : He looks like a Kingman Character.

passionofthemike : "What is your gender?" "Female." , ahhh the good old days

AbbeKing : Danielle (the girl following Conan) was one of the interns (in the video that conan did with his interns) .. Now she has become a monolauge assistant. . Way to go girl!

Jesse Pill : I love when he goes around the office lol

markuks : Jordan Schlansky possibly wrote and produced this skit

Electronic91 : 4:14 when your job is basically Google Images.

tDestiny Otaku : Andy is savage telling his Boss to “get out”

Toasted Black Man : Conan's relationship with Jordan reminds me of the relationship between Michael Scott and Toby from the office

Jan Frederick Agliam : LMFAO At 07:48, they still haven't removed that Door sign that says "Jordan Schlansky, one cranky fake italian".

Fatemeh : I used to find Mr. O'Brien a bit arrogant, but that was from watching just bits of his show. Now I think I've watched almost all his mini videos and I am quite addicted. I love his brand of humor! He's very confident but also not afraid to laugh at himself, and he clearly cares about people around him. He's also very intelligent and his Harvard roots are evident

Sebastian Koil : I just noticed that Conan-Doll's head is the Conan-mask from the halloween store remote.

Eriserdi Mollaymeri : I want my future wife to look like Meghan at that age 😂

Lekteris : In some previous remote they cleaned up Jordan's office and now it looks the same again lol

chemicalsam : He's not a photo researcher, he's a paid googler


Not Potato : Lol 9:08 someone says "Oh wow.." after Jordan finished speaking lol

Mark AirWind : lol I watched this many times, and I just noticed the title of Jordan; "Associate Producer/ *Dead Weight* " lol

venkat madhavan : I'm Glad that she got the job as a monologue assistant! You can see that she was an intern in one of the older remote videos.

DarkLight523 : You know they walked in on Andy Richter watching porn. They just knew from the tone of his voice, it had to be porn and nothing good would come from engaging him at that moment.

saltyninja : Who else got butterflies in their stomach when that Meghan woman appeared....O.O

mikej147 : "Daddy's home"-rofl lmao, that is funny

Folarin : Jordan is the only person who would know and say the full form of CPR.

Calum Speight : the conan dummy is wearing the 'ex talk show host' mask from the halloween costume store remote.

gundam116 : His staff have such depressing offices and hallway desks etc

Maddaus Bronson : When Meghan comes on I just melt. She's so adorable.

Dingus The Bingus : 5:43 had me laughing so bad jesus

OSD : I just realized that Conan is basically Steve carrel from The Office.

maxdez92 : Sack o taters is the irishman

Ty Nelson : Kramer lost a ton of weight 😯

psycold : Photographer looks like Laura Linney in her prime.

mu2thehotness : The moment when you recognise Meghan from another Conan clip. She was the chick with a golden ratio of 72 points in one of the Conan Scraps. She best her husband who had 69 points. Sigh, comedy is addictive.

MrFelix1812 : Who else is on a Conan marathon??

DarkKnight : What I love more about Conan and his show is that, he makes us see and feel how it's like in his show or how he runs things around, the Scraps, Outtakes and etc. and when he hangs with his staffs and crews. It's just like family for me.

Brian : "GET OUT!! GET THE CHAIR!! ... CHAIR?!" "Yeah, I know." lol I find it so funny how everyone picks Jordan Schlansky

Sergey Karavay : Why Jordan tolerates this?


VorteKs : Matthew Kramer has lost so much weight,congrats to him

Bravo B : Danielle was intern a year prior. Way to go Danielle!

M C : I like kramers "don't panic"- hitchhikers guide to the galaxy flag in background

Valentin Svensberg : He's such a bully...

RavTstah : 9:09 you can hear someone saying 'oh god' xD

FeathertopDT : I clicked on this video for the potential of Jordan Schlansky. I was not disappointed.

F S : No one understands me

mohammad qahtani : Nobody messes with Andy 😂😂

Darrion Take : Jordan gives me life

J B : Andy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

monkeyXmonkey : Dammit, Jordan! Gonna need to hire that organizer lady again.

Nightowl333 : 2:52 does anyone have a link to that entire video/Conan remote!? Lol I wanna find the video where he throws Kramer’s chair!