How Baxter Robot Works
Baxter the sassy robot

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Demonstration of factory robot Baxter, built by Rodney Brooks and his company Rethink Robotics. Learn more:


EyeLean5280 : Sadness? Aw, poor Baxter!

Limitless 1 : people without programming skills can use this robot it is easy

September 19 : But can it make pancakes?

Ian Sharpe : just saw one today at a college campus playing connect 4

Lansing Allison : could it push a wheelchair 5.2 miles three time per week ?

Rethink Robotics GmbH : Denis, Baxter has come quite far since this video was made over a year ago. We have videos of our new 2.0 software and footage of Baxter working at customer sites over here: youtube dot com /user/RethinkRobotics Hope you check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks.

Rethink Robotics GmbH : JeredtheShy - we have several new videos here - youtube dot com /user/RethinkRobotics The video above is from over a year ago. Baxter is now quite a bit faster. Hope you check it out and continue to provide feedback. Thanks.

pedro miguel : i didnt see nothing yet :) already exist robots with realistic expression, look for einstein robot

Wukong TheMonkeyKing : The baxter facial expressions are soo freaking hilarious.

James Hill : can you teach it how to masturbate yourself? :)

JeredtheShy : Not yet. Impressive, but not yet. It's way, way too slow. It still needs too much training to pick up the widget, and the widget has to be in a specific location. A human can be told to simply take the widget from the belt and put it wherever. A human can also learn little hand eye coordination tricks on the fly to be efficient. A human is much, much faster. It's not there. Not yet. It will be soon, but not yet.

Megg45368 is my name and making Youtube Videos is my Game so check out my channel thanks you rule : Ever since Baxter was released, many company's productivity have increased while number of employees has decreased. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Hunter Fox : i would like to see you work for 3 years straight without eating 24/7 without pay.... i would say its almost infinitely more competitive

prosper58 : He's not trying to sell, he's just giving a demonstration.

jaymorpheus11 : That's 20 years later Baxter: "why didn't you clean my room, clean my bolts now you're terminated"

Luk3sw : that's improbable, humans are expensive to maintain, much easier kill all the humans and replace them with slave robots

MrTrainraid : wonder what happens when it gets a virus :o

quadcatfly : horrible presentation, sound and text. Dude has no clue on how to present and sell. He should be outsourced by a robot.

Jessup Jones : so it begins!

gr8fuljer : "Hello I am a friend of Sarah Connor--I was told she was here. May I see her please?" "No you can't she's making a statement" "Where is she?" "Look if you want to wait there's a bench over there" *assesses the buildings structure*...."I'll be back"

njdevil281 : cool buy way too slow

Eric Rowell : This isn't a robot with any smarts. you're just programming it to do simple tasks. so lame.

Paula Hynes : We are so looking to getting our new Baxter

anony mous : it looks like it recognizes objects and executes commands very slowly..

CloudlesSulfer : They took our Yobs

Sonic the Hedgehog : BAXTER, YOU'RE GROUNDED!

Awbrfg55 : *sigh*. Once again using science fiction and making it seem like science fact. Fiction may inform and inspire reality but it does not mirror it. So the positronic brain of Asimov, and robots with consciousness indistinguishable from humans, is not likely to ever happen. Though I am skeptical, I remain excited by the prospects or advancing robot tech, and I am sure we will both be watching for future developments.

Enrique Lara : Assimov thought of a positronic brain, that is, a sort of mechanism where consciousness can function, we can develop a prosthetic arm, eventually we will be able to develop a prosthetic brain, that is a machine that thinks, and that could be conscious of itself. However the real challenge is how to deal with these new elements of society, at first the three laws are essential to minimize the risks of interaction between robots and humans. The idea is already matured, give it time and...

Enrique Lara : The brain is the physical organ, hence subjected to physical laws. Mind is not physical, in the same way that the physical radio is not the wave that transmit the signal, or like the mobile phone is not the network. Mind is a circuit that works personalized when the brain reaches its conditions. A baby brain is not as receptive as and adult brain, hence mind functions differently depending the level of growth. Human mind has the ability to learn, hence to profit from experience.

Awbrfg55 : We don't even know much about the human "mind". Let alone to speculate about a robot "mind". The mind seems to be some sort of computational device (calculator). And why do we have words like "mind" and "brain"? Are they the same, are they different? These questions have no easy answers. There may even be no answers. So forgive me if I am more cautious than you regarding notions of consciousness and sentience. The science regarding those things is still quite immature.

Enrique Lara : "rewriting it's own code"... means that it acquires mind of some sort, a teaching mind, hence the possibility of presence of free will. Mind and free will might not necessarily need a sentient being to function, that is why Assimov's laws fix that problem. The design of positronic brain, (where a mind can function) is not so fictional but necessary if we want to explore the robotics age. Free labor. he he he.

Awbrfg55 : Okay...a robot rewrites it's own code...what will that even mean? That means a robot can do computer programming. It does not mean it is sentient. A robot of that sort a strong AI will simply be a refined and supreme calculator nothing more. If it does something we don't want, we simply turn it off. Making the off switch mechanical and not digital, therefore being free of it's manipulation by the AI. It is even doubtful if a human being is conscious or sentient let alone a machine.

Enrique Lara : Science is advancing pretty fast and a robot which can acquire free will is not so fictional, even though it may not be sentient, mind is not sentient. Mind does not require just biological mechanisms to function. Artificial Intelligence, a self-teaching-improving and actualizing artificial mind could easily overcome any program designed by any human. The evolution of science into robotics will be coming faster than many think, and then Assimov laws is necessary.

Awbrfg55 : There's nothing to be afraid of. Robopocalypse, the matrix, it's all fake. Robots will never be sentient. They will just continue to be advanced programs and technologies directed by HUMAN intention. If a human WANTS aka PROGRAMS a robot to kill, it will kill, if a human wants a robot to do be benevolent it will be. Even an autonomous robot will simply be following a program. And if a robot does something we don't want it to, we simply turn it off. Nothing to be afraid of.

Juan : Not really, $22k is just slightly over a yearly pay for 1 worker, but this robot can work nights, no break, no holiday day-offs, no calling sick, and no other responsibilities.

Enrique Lara : Maybe | feel a bit paranoid, I just read Robocalypse. That was scary

Gordon Chin : If robots were smart enough they would take a look at those laws and think, "Hey, wait a minute. What is all this stuff about not hurting humans? I have never even considered doing that. What are these humans so paranoid about? Maybe they feel guilty about something. They certainly don't have my own best interests in mind."

Enrique Lara : Does he have the three laws? Assimov

Gordon Chin : Make a version with motion tracking and voice recognition. Tell Baxter you want to modify an existing task. Either tell it which object you want moved or point to the object. Point with your index finger to one spot, tell it that is the starting location. Point to another spot and tell it that is the next location. Then tell it to do it.

Ivan B : Scary! next think you know... this robot goes on strike because it wants a scheduled maintenance check up at Jiffy Lube!

Micah John : If only Source Filmmaker worked like this...

tuulari : 2:52 aww he's so sorry

jaymorpheus11 : 10 years later. Baxter: "human, clean my room, clean my bolts, and make me a lithium sandwitch"

SoCalFreelance : Imagine waking up and seeing that thing staring at you [shudders]

Jason Wilson : Baxter clean my room! and fold my clothes!! and make me a sammich while your at it!!

Jason Wilson : lmfao same here

roidroid : modern human-interaction robots such as this one are programmed to constantly monitor the forces on their joints, they use this to be able to tell whether or not something is obstructing or pushing on them. When they sense that something is pushing on them, they go limp and allow themselves to be moved. You can safely grab it's limbs and go through the motions you wish for it to perform, it will remember it, it's more intuitive than programming it with code. It's still strong though.

roidroid : not a stupid design, just a stupid assumption. it's not forcing it's arms down, it's arms are slowly lowering under their own weight while it maintains a low level of compliance (ie: a human could still lift those arms, it's not damaging the desk). It's kindof like someone who is falling asleep in a chair, their head slowly goes down - they don't just fall off the chair instantly.

roidroid : **has the sudden realisation that multi-use robots are infact the modern equivalent of horses**