How Baxter Robot Works

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ASIO pls go : i for one welcome our new robot overlords

September 19 : But can it make pancakes?

EyeLean5280 : Sadness? Aw, poor Baxter!

Limitless 1 : people without programming skills can use this robot it is easy

Kevin Spann : we in trouble

Lansing Allison : could it push a wheelchair 5.2 miles three time per week ?

Ian Sharpe : just saw one today at a college campus playing connect 4

Connor King : RIP jobs.

Anti Vape : Yes-man from Fallout NV?

Phil C : This was a horrible demonstration. I want to see a robot pick up an item by being told there it is I don't want to have to play and program with his arm to show him how to do it.   I. E. pick that up Johnny 5 and put it over there or wipe up that mess I'm a fat lazy...your robot should also have funny comments or come backs.

superhero6785 : Looks far too slow to be viable at this stage, perhaps in a few years.

Jessalyn K : This day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At 9:25

Kristianix : Goodbye future, new kids will have no jobs bcz of robots. Nor almost anyone else

Jessalyn K : I went to school at Harrison elementary and had robotics and this same Baxter was there. do you know Mrs monda???

V M : with the 'punch human' software update he might be able to learn to do some real damage.. like squish you into jelly :D

Herman Chan : what is the actual use of Baxter??

Chase Peterson : Does Baxter give blowjobs?

WhiteRiceTV : EPIC!

WhiteRiceTV : I am doing STEM!

Iaedi : There is one problem: If, for some reason, Baxter slows down while the conveyer is still running at full speed, Baxter will become useless until someone troubleshoots it.

steampoweredman : From what i heard alot of companies that are using it hate them because they dont work right

Sheryl L : how did he teach the robot how to pick up this object?

FitGameDeveloper : Bloomberg Radio brought me here.

alex carter : ... Sadness ...

Randy Dixon : Human Employee... you're NOW obsolete, I don't need #ObamaCare

Jeb Kerman : Reminds of Robocop's nemesis.

Cestarian Inhabitant : How long until this thing will have human-like arms (or at least hands) and an actual mechanical face?

Btt : It's 2017 and honestly I'm not impressed by this. It seems too slow and clunky. I wouldn't even be impressed with this 10 years ago.

typedef : What a joke. Who finances these guys? Stimpy?

Lance Winslow : Looks like my local Starbucks Barista is about to lose their job, well, if I get a lower cost for my coffee, okay then. #RetailRobotics  

Rethink Robotics : Denis, Baxter has come quite far since this video was made over a year ago. We have videos of our new 2.0 software and footage of Baxter working at customer sites over here: youtube dot com /user/RethinkRobotics Hope you check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks.

Rethink Robotics : JeredtheShy - we have several new videos here - youtube dot com /user/RethinkRobotics The video above is from over a year ago. Baxter is now quite a bit faster. Hope you check it out and continue to provide feedback. Thanks.

pedro miguel : i didnt see nothing yet :) already exist robots with realistic expression, look for einstein robot

Wukong TheMonkeyKing : The baxter facial expressions are soo freaking hilarious.

James Hill : can you teach it how to masturbate yourself? :)

JeredtheShy : Not yet. Impressive, but not yet. It's way, way too slow. It still needs too much training to pick up the widget, and the widget has to be in a specific location. A human can be told to simply take the widget from the belt and put it wherever. A human can also learn little hand eye coordination tricks on the fly to be efficient. A human is much, much faster. It's not there. Not yet. It will be soon, but not yet.

Megg45368 is my name and making Youtube Videos is my Game so check out my channel thanks you rule : Ever since Baxter was released, many company's productivity have increased while number of employees has decreased. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Hunter Fox : i would like to see you work for 3 years straight without eating 24/7 without pay.... i would say its almost infinitely more competitive

prosper58 : He's not trying to sell, he's just giving a demonstration.

jaymorpheus11 : That's 20 years later Baxter: "why didn't you clean my room, clean my bolts now you're terminated"

Luk3sw : that's improbable, humans are expensive to maintain, much easier kill all the humans and replace them with slave robots

MrTrainraid : wonder what happens when it gets a virus :o

quadcatfly : horrible presentation, sound and text. Dude has no clue on how to present and sell. He should be outsourced by a robot.

Jessup Jones : so it begins!

gr8fuljer : "Hello I am a friend of Sarah Connor--I was told she was here. May I see her please?" "No you can't she's making a statement" "Where is she?" "Look if you want to wait there's a bench over there" *assesses the buildings structure*...."I'll be back"

njdevil281 : cool buy way too slow

Eric Rowell : This isn't a robot with any smarts. you're just programming it to do simple tasks. so lame.

Paula Hynes : We are so looking to getting our new Baxter

anony mous : it looks like it recognizes objects and executes commands very slowly..

CloudlesSulfer : They took our Yobs