Real Lawyer Reacts to Reynolds v. Reynolds (Cereal Defense) It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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AlmightyArceus : Anyone stuck here wondering just HOW Charlie read the certificate?

Doody Stainz : I love how your name is legal eagle but you know nothing about bird law

brolo : But, Legal Eagle... Where is your certificate of not being donkey brained

Lee Campbell : Sunny has a whole episode about arbitration. Hero or Hate Crime? s12 e6. Do that next!

jimjam totheflimflam : Objection! This lawyer's hands are much too small.

Redneck Rufus : Season 12 Episode 6: “Hero or Hate Crime” is an arbitration episode

Corto Maltese : "Sometimes you get screwed because everyone else is on the majority" couldn't say it better.

pissoffyoutubejustletmefuckingcomment.hodor. : Charlie was 100% not being facetious when he jumped over to Dennis' side

Reese Flores : It’s only fitting to do It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia S12 E6 Hero or Hate Crime next........

Leonard Shelby : HUGE OBJECTION: If article 13 passes, we will most likely not be able to watch your videos anymore. Please make a video about this. You're the PERFECT person to do so. Guys, please upvote, so he can see it.

Joe Joseph : Objection! The show's "legal realism" isn't improving, since the "Ponderosa vs McPoyle" episode aired about four years after this one.

Logan Huff : I think "My Cousin Vinny" would be an interesting movie to go into

Matthew Montgomery : Objection! I do believe when Charlie mentioned that he was on the fence, he was referring to being on the fence with regards to evolution, not with regards to the case itself. It's something that Sunny does a bunch, where they make an argument that should logically be about subject A, about a completely inconsequential subject B. Great stuff. Also, I totally agree with your grade. Unfortunately I believe that cereal defense came out before the mcpoyle vs ponderosa. Oh well!

Alex Daniels : OBJECTION! Please react to The Trial of Tim Heidecker. It's almost five hours long but without a doubt the most realistic fake trial you will ever see. All law students should watch it.

Cody Caron : I cannot trust LegalEagle. His hands are to small for a masculine non-molesting man.

Kyle Blackmore : at this point I would want to watch your reviewing every episode of Sunny, regardless of episodes being in court or arbitration, simply due to the number of crimes and other ethical questions that arise during their normal day-to-day lives.

Brad Schroeder : Could you do the arbitration of who gets the scratcher ticket? In an episode in season 12

White Heterosexual Cis Male : Can you PLEASE do Better Call Saul Season 3 Episode 5? I think it's really authentic, but some tricks in there which I would love to see you comment on.

Bad Jokes : What an oddly specific channel. I'm so glad I found it

Brian Maurer : John Krasinski?

Chris Garcia : Please do "hero or hate crime" episode of always sunny!


stone snake : You should really review the "Hero or hate crime" episode, where they hire a arbiter to solve their argument.

hysterix5543 : Daredevil, I think the people vs the punisher would be a good thing to cover

Ryan Stein : A Legality Check of Season 12 Episode 6, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. "Hero or Hate Crime?" The gang seeks help from a professional arbitrator. It is the final installment to date of legal proceedings in the series.

SlightlyCrookedWorkshop : $10 says that when this guy decided to be a lawyer he never imagined he'd be discussing, as a legal expert, a fictional TV character not having Donkey Brains, on the internet.

casualsuede : OBJECTION! Actually I don't have one, but I always wanted to say that in front of a lawyer.

Jakk Frost : I have to say that technically, in the end it was ultimately Frank's fault again. The conditions of the test stated that Frank would be driving, with Charlie giving directions. Dee was speaking during the test as well, providing a distraction, but by the agreed-upon rules of the test, Frank should not have been paying attention to her directions, he should only have been paying attention to Charlie.

AJ Hyslop : Thanks for another great video! 👍🏼 It would be interesting to see you tackle some other law-related Always Sunny episodes like "Hero or Hate Crime" or "The World Series Defense".

Dennis Vu : 🐦 law

OPEN MIND : Make a video about the Chewbacca episode 😂

sandon skuce : Do Daredevil trials

Ray Rivera : OBJECTION!! If the law is just what everyone agrees that the law is... isn't it than an argumentum ad populum? This is why I don't trust the law.

ybsane667 : You should do a video with any episode of Harvey Birdman attorney at law.

American Ninja Productions : You should talk about the lottery ticket episode at some point where the gang goes to several arbitrators to see who has claim to a lottery ticket

talt : There's another arbitration scene in always sunny, episode named "Hero or Hate Crime". A cunning mix of lawyers and dildos.

tealfartface3 : Please review the always sunny episode "hero vs. hate-crime" they go to multiple arbitrators to settle a case about hate speech.

metalcain90 : How many people have asked to to react to "Hero or Hate Crime" where the gang hires and actual arbitrator to solve their issue?

Mateo Sumna : Hero or Hate Crime!!

Tristan Savidge : What’s up with your beard, it’s freakin me out dawg

Ryan Miller : “ i think Charlie is being facetious here..” sir you clearly overestimate the mental capacity of Charlie Kelly

Elliot Wright : Objection: DareDevil! DareDevil! DareDevil! Do DareDevil next!!

The JP : Im loving this channel!!

KoilBooly : So you’re telling me... they had no idea how the law works???? *gasp*

Bill Smith : How have we not yet seen a video about Philadelphia? Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington? Won TWO Oscars, a Golden Globe, and... an MTV Movie award... It made over 200 million dollars, and that was in the 90's. It is THE courtroom drama, do it!

The Coward Liberius : _Calls himself "Legal Eagle"_ _Still doesn't know the first thing about Bird Law_ *What a charlatan.*

look4lec : Funny review but makeup to cover that zit is useful especially if you spend 200 on making your hair perfect. Annoyingly perfect.

GeekSquared : any thoughts from a laywer on article 13 from the eu? i know they have a different legal system but i would love to hear your opnion on it

Br00tal77 : As someone else mentioned, there's a whole It's Always Sunny episode on arbitration. It would be awesome if you covered that too.

dan_omac : I'd love to see you do the court case from the episode "Cloudy with a chance of murder" from Psych!