Zombie/Cranberries, covered by Feng E, ukulele
Kid murders The Cramberries on ukulele

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Tom Noneya : I'm 62 and have played most of my life and could never imagine playing at this young mans level. I am amazed at this young mans skill set. You can see that he feels the music as much as he hears it and it is truly a pleasure to watch. Thanks feng e you're great.

Sprites good : Young boy: *plays ukulele* Me: *watches YouTube as a living*

Bony Bahony : unless your mother swallowed a ukulele when she was pregnant with you, this in not possible. Very very unic and extraordinary gooooood!

Miss Dolkapots : I am an adult and I just started learning Ukulele... After watching this I realized that unless I get another life and start learning from age 2 I will never get to play at that level, not in this lifetime 😂.

Cole Collins : Bro... I’ve been playing ukulele for what... 28 years... your crazy little man keep up the good work

Kevin Lewis : Oh man those harmonics were awesome

Ramnir42 : WHAT?! The first thing I thought before he started playing was "is he really gonna film that in his CAR!?" But now I know this kid needs no fancy background or the best camera, HE JUST SHINES!

madgick3 : I really hope he doesn't end up getting paraded around Americas Got Talent. He's better than that.

King of Flowers : I just found this vid in my recommended and holy hec this child is a prodigy

SoMoS : it's as if that ukulele was another part of his body

Maybelle Darling : Dude this kid plays much smoother than the old farts whining at open mic where I work, whom of which I know have 15+ years of practice. Props to him and whoever nurtured his musical abilities.

Crys P. : I got tears in my eyes. Here I am, a 24 yo who can't strum because I know I got my uke a month ago, but haven't practiced enough and I wonder how much did this kid practice because he is amazing, holy cow...

testerr testowwyyy? : I'm looking for my jaw, it dropped about 3 minutes ago, and I did not notice it! : /

Adrian Baker : No words. Absolutely blown away! This is single best thing I've seen ever

MelodyMel : Ok I'm crying. He has a fucking Beautiful soul man ..... He's a beautiful shining light. Hard to find these days. #keepgoing #yourock

Diana Troy : He took my breath on that end part. Holy smokes!

Leah Tucker : I just imagine his dad going "Hey, wanna bust out that cover while we're on our way to grandma's?" and the kid whips his uke out of the gig bag and goes to town.

patrick pearse : This person,in the form of a child, is confirmation of a spiritual plane. Art as it truly is,an expression of beauty that goes beyond the physical plane.

bookmarkthis : He should have performed this at Dolores' memorial. Plays like a pop-prodigy.

Tetrahedral Yee tee tee : Looks like he don’t even study theory... plays just by ear???

Hillmidget : Young feng. You could be growing up anywhere in the world right now, you may also be irish!or Live here! And this song is known in alot of places. But for most irish people the story that she sings about is our countrys struggle and are ancesters. Thank you for sharing your beutiful version. :)

Cat Torp! : What? What just happened here? I don't get it. Who the frig are u? Your phrasing, timing, rhythm, fret and position knowledge is like you've played for twenty years yet here you are, possibly 10 years old? How does this happen, I'm flawed. You are utterly amazing!

I. Rex : Well done Feng. Your creativity level is off the charts. you dive headlong into musical territory older players would get bogged down in and you make it look easy. what you play is visceral and alive, meandering and free like a river, not stiff and formulaic. keep it up.

pani pani : Add his music on Spotify, please. He's truly amazing!

Annette Heinemeyer : I didn't much care for this song, but I LOVE this rendition. Joy, peace, freedom, beauty, grace. So much love. Thank you, Feng E. Thank you, Feng E's family.

xxxGacaWølf xxx : Me: yay I’m finally getting good at ukulele YT:are you sure about that

Nani Ruja : The coolest version of Cranberries Zombie so far. Super Saiyan mode in the end.

Pauline Engle : Still love to hear you, this is my favorite such a beautiful song and you played it so perfect, much love to you and your family

Noah Morreale : Be careful! Your driver might fall asleep at the wheel because of that relaxing playing!

Alyssa Pastore : You were born to play the ukulele <3

James Braine : I prefer your version kid. And well done parents for nurturing his talent.

taekiel : How can such a young person understand and interpret this song so well? His talent is way beyond mechanical skill - he channels the emotional content of music.

Micapika Chan : I need a tutorial for this 😭😭🙏❤

O C E A N : I watch this a dozen times ☹️ How to be you🤔

Studio BingBangBoo Kangaroo : So very inspirational! すごいそ! 感謝しています。💓🎶🎼 謝謝。

Sesank Gurung : He roles his eyes.. He feels the music.. Amazing

The Critic : 28 years old, started playing ukelele few months back. Going back to guitars after watching this. 😁 if it requires this much skills to sound good, I have no hope.

Emee O'Reilly : Oh my goodness!! Amazing talent! I could listen to him play all day <3

LishA GraShuuu : I played uke almost 2 years ;w; and i saw this. YOU ARE SO TALENTED

kirkks76 : Not even at 2:00 minutes, and I have chills. The emotion and skill are far beyond his years.

08westie : Rock on lil man, you got it. Going by the comments below your amazing talent makes a lot of people happy, me included. Ps. If you ever want to do a road trip across Australia I'd be honored to have you ride shotgun with that ukulele.

Peter Hornik : what a great interpretation + performance

Seyit İlktürk : I had been wasting time instead of studying, and then bumped into your video and have decided to study. Your work is so motivating. 💪

Soulrampas 44 : You're awsome ! I'wish i'could plat like that one Day :)

Joanna Nikitiuk : Future chopin but playing on guitar

Itz Rey_ : Congrats getting on the Ellen DeGeneres show Feng that's my dream but I don't have any talent!💗💕🥳

R. M. Salazar : Your heart is one with the music. So beautiful! Thank you 🙏

Cassandra Kemara : I always hated the ukelele thanks for changing my mind

Alex Mercy : I don't, actually, believe in God, but when I'm watching videos like this, I better start changing my mind right now..