(The Cranberries) Zombie, covered by Feng E, ukulele

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James Braine : I prefer your version kid. And well done parents for nurturing his talent.

madgick3 : I really hope he doesn't end up getting paraded around Americas Got Talent. He's better than that.

deonal : I followed Sungha Jung onYouTube from his early years in early 2000 as he turned into a international star. I will do the same with you as I subscribe, you are gifted!!

Leah Tucker : I just imagine his dad going "Hey, wanna bust out that cover while we're on our way to grandma's?" and the kid whips his uke out of the gig bag and goes to town.

Jeremy Cox : i love watching how lost he gets in the music!

Yeah Right : im a negative cynical person but i love the cover.. who the f*** dislikes this? it's a young kid playing a great song on a ukelele amazingly. jealousy is all there is, over a kid haha

Satyam .Krishna : Those 22 ppl who disliked the video know nothing abt music. Try swinging fingers for a minute and u will understand how tough it is to play for almost 6 minutes. Zero mistakes and just pure talent !! Keep up good boi !

Ray Chang : Watching him makes me feel very proud to be Taiwanese! You are very inspirational. I am not a religious person but it is almost as though a divine force is acting through him!

Cianisboss : Dolores would have loved this, keep it up kiddo

Christopher Baker : I love how his eyes glaze over; he's so into it. What tremendous skill for such a youngster. Wow!

Addison H : Holy God. This kid is spectacular. I don't think I've ever seen someone shred so hard on a Ukelele. Great job Feng!

i33SoDA : I am watching this and my fingers hurt! BRAVO KID! EDIT: The last part of the video is AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWESOME! ! ! ! ! !@$ T$#^$%#@%$%*(*^&&

Mike B : As he sits in his booster seat like its just another day.

Nicolas Meier : Over 30 years my father has played the guitar, he still can’t play this song. This kid is maybe 8 He can play it fluently while in a car!!! (Also I’m glad I found this because I discovered the singer died a few months ago and this brought me back up.)

Jason Covell : I don't believe in reincarnation, but stuff like this makes me wonder. I feel like this kid is an old soul.

505 Strat : Wow, to be that young and 'get' music. Bravo.

Kealoha Kanakawai'i : LMFAO. I read some comments and I loved the one that said, "He just sitting in his booster seat like it's just another day." I agree with dis hea. Eh boy, u r very talented. Keep up da wrk. Maika'i. Malama. GOD BLESS U.

Lost Soul : This kid feels the music...he's going places

Tim Pickard : Near the end of the song he becomes possessed with the music. You can tell he learned this tune by ear on his own. He has it all instrumentally playing the rhythmic harmony and blended melody with varied dynamics.

Mi5hy J : I would buy this kids album of covers. Amazing !

earling22 : Wow, he's really got soul. Too bad Dolores O'Riordan isn't around, I bet she'd accompany him.

Mike Westley : The real gift is the drive to practice. This guys put in some major practice time and should be proud of what it's yielded sonically

kandbsdad : The definition of "Gifted!"

Chris Ryerson : I want to be like you when I grow up. You are so incredible

scooby dooby : Don't forget your seatbelt bud! Beautiful cover!!

Rey DeGuerra : Maybe, just maybe, if Dolores would have seen this little boy play this beautiful song, she would have second thoughts and be alive.

InvaderDust : Deserves WAAAY more attention!

tetrulz jam : Dolores would be so proud.

JR's Poker Vlog The 1/2 Kid The Rosscotrain : Wow! And that ending, like each finger dancing up and down that guitar. Like little vipers engulfing it's prey, but with conviction and the bite of 10 cobras dancing in unison with the bit of giants. Beautiful goosebumps even engulfed my brain,awesome😉

nolash mendes : To have this much talent at this age ! and be In tune almost with each note and this age, hey ! And I love the way you feel this old music Good job mate <3 love it !!!!!!!!!!! God Bless your parents for nurturing your skills <3

Mike E : Why aren't more people enjoying this special talent! Bravo :-)

Anamika Bhowmik : Why would someone dislike this? What is wrong with this world. Keep it up dude... Dont ever loose faith. Lots of love from india. All the best

Özgür Öge : We need this young guy to do a duet with the remaining group members.. SERIOUSLY!

Alexander : genius! how to learn to play like that?

geuvsa : B R A V O !

Robyn Mesic : Wow!!🎶 I can’t wait to inspire my students with your gift.💗🙏

TheFiftyYearOld FourTwentyGamer : DOLORES is Smiling 😃 down on your Beautiful Rendition From a fellow musician guitarist you have great feel, skill & technique..... Practice makes Perfect Don't let Fame & Fortune CORRUPT your Incredible Talent

Erin Reese : Holy shit this kid has talent. Loved it!!

Axel Froment : You’re awesome and amazing.....maybe you should play you own music and rock on !!

dex dipa : Better than sungha jung , that's fact

Kiwi 22 : the best

Yuki Snow : great, thank you for this


ЛЮ : Fantastic boy. Perfect rhitm

j4 c4 : This is soooooooo good oh my


BWWKH : 💕💖💖💜💛💙💗❤️ Greetings from germany.💕💖💖💜💛💙💗❤️

rncine : Oh wow, incredible, such musical talent at your age. Love your passion in playing this song.

OmahcronOmni : He remembers the whole song he has some talent beautifully played...

bootsy : His eyes roll back in his head all zombiefied looking.. 🤘🏼🐰