Making Toast Fast

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ZeroEight : This is a great explanation for how hyper-threading works.

Jason Shallcross : That's not toast, that's fried bread...

Hamius669 : I don't know why I just watched this.

Joseph Brill : Cut all the pieces of bread into little cubes, throw them into the pan all at the same time, then everybody gets an equal portion of sad little greasy croutons in only one minute. Nobel prize please.

Jack Kraken : You broke the toaster didn't you?

rofyle : Soggy fried bread. Australian for toast.

HansDelbruck53 : Try getting out of bed 4 minutes earlier.

ZAYM : I was expecting some sort of fast way to toasting bread...

kochatj : There’s 4 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Or 3.

[sic] : "And now for the baked beans... just pour those on the table as well."

Frank Deventer : Zionist propaganda machine at its best. Don't let them trick you

Nick Moore : You guy's have consistently shown riddles I have never heard of before! Thanks!

Brian P : Is that the uncle from napolean dynamite

Scramblieggs : Great, now only one question remains unanswered. Why are you toasting your bread in a greasy frying pan?

Crono : If you really were that smart you would've repaired the toaster

Count Drunkula : *Part 2 of this conundrum:* How long does it take Deane to clean the egg out of the toaster?

Joe Long : if thats toast then im Michael Jackson

deezynar : The first method has two slices in the pan, then only one. The second method has two slices cooking at all times. He is not just maximizing the use of the surface area of the pan, he is maximizing the pan's time availability.

Always Good : I can't tell if this is a troll video

Zarathustra : I feel blown away by the profundity of this little trick.

Mike Roberti : Saving 1 minute a day over, say , 75 years saves you 19 days of time wasted making toast.

Smoosh Goo : I feel like throwing up.

Panda FPV : What is this sorcery?

A160OG : I wish i know this 30 years earlier

Ricardo Hernadez : What about the other minute it takes for the oil to heat up?

El Papalote Mágico de ZLAYER : He's going to be burn alive in hell for playing god!

Jon Mayo : We run into this problem in computer science as well. Except instead of toast and a frying pan, it's threads and CPUs. The problem is a utilization problem, because in the 4 minute scenario the utilization of the frying pan (CPU) is only 50% for part of the time.

Calamity James : 1:34 Song name please ?. I wanna get high to it so much.

Spore Hux : Why hasn't this guy cured cancer.

Miku meow : The oily bread being put on the table triggered me so hard lmfao

#DadVsDiaper : This video also shows how to lose 2:36 of time, in what seems to take exactly 2:36...

Tyler Winkle : its not 3 slices of bread, its 6 surfaces that need to be toasted two at a time

Randall Porter : WITCH!

Slam Free Poetry : moon landing was faked. Toast too.

ashieuk : The even quicker way is to put all 3 pieces of bread straight over 3 different burners. Takes about 30 seconds a side and no pan or oil involved.

Get-The-Lead-Out.45 : We usually like his videos but this one was REALLY STUPID! ....never seen toast that RIDICULOUSLY saturated in and with butter, and this isn't toasted but is deep fried

xBug68x : Works for steak too ;)

Father Bertolucci : This man is a genius!

Jay Smith : 3 pieces of bread would save 1 minute; 31 pieces of bread would save 1 minute; 301 pieces of bread would save 1 minute; 3001 pieces of bread would save 1 minute;

James Lynch : I just burned my toast watching this video damn it!!!

arkasza2007 : Or just cut 3rd piece of bread in 2 triangles and put them in the empty spaces of the pan. Thank you thank you, bye

noisyturtle : I feel dumber for having watched this.

Incog Broadcaster : He's a wizard

Avidcomp : A flame thrower would be faster.

Undercover Spy : Is this some kind of low IQ math joke or something?

FrogyProd : Congratulations, you just saved 1 whole minute!

gotohell : My Colchester went up just watching this

Gavine McIntyre : Well, now I know what to do if I: 1) Have a broken toaster. 2) Nevertheless insist of having toast for breakfast. 3) Further insist on having exactly 3 slices of toast. 4) Have a frying pan that accommodates only two slices of bread end to end, and no larger pan. 5) For some inexplicable reason don't want to "cheat" by cutting the third slice in half to make use of the remaining space in the pan. 6) Am so late for a train that 1 minute is the difference between catching it and missing it. 7) Have no alternate form of transportation. 8) Am lucky enough to find my frying pan in the kitchen, mysteriously preheated with melted butter already in the pain.

bzibubab bzibubab : The intro was so dark

Abbas aboud : the worst part of this video is that even what he explained does not speed up if you were to toast 3 slices of bread -_- its the exact same time.