Nyannyan cosplay hit or miss guess they never miss huh- tiktok

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https://youtu.be/Q340jE0pBC0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-naS4nPgGc


MemeMan6669 : This is the fucking Mona Lisa of Tik Toks.

THE KILLA : BRAIN : How many god damn times are you gonna watch this !!!! . . . . . . . ME : Yes.

h3lix86 : I feel like her eyes are sucking the soul right out if my body...someone please send help, I think she has hypnotized me. I cant quit hitting replay!!!

Drew Hankins : Why can’t I stop watching this. Please help me lord!!

I am EVERYWHERE : Day 152 and I keep coming back to this. I guess they never do miss.

Kira Yereferenko : this video is by far the most cursed thing i have ever come across. At this point I realize that I'm basically being hypnotized, but that doesn't stop me from watching it every 15 minutes. Whenever i try to go for longer than that, my brain starts to crave it. The music. The dance. The costume. Everything. This will be the last video I ever watch, most likely because I'll inadvertently kill myself if I ever try to stop. This video has baked itself into my daily routine, and I can't possibly understand how (or why) to remove it. I've become addicted to a 15 second TikTok video, and I finally understand how drug addicts feel. The pain that I go through when I don't watch it, and the sweet release of dopamine when I click on the damn play button. I don't know how to go on with life with my newfound addiction. It won't be easy. Wish me luck guys.

AJ Krause : There's no telling how many Japanese teenagers have jacked off to this

PeplynPlayz : Me: Mom what are you watching? Mom: This thing that goes hit or miss Me: Oh my goodness -_-

AgentChiliFri : Commenting every day for the rest of the year: day 49

Klaus the Hadrian : My brain: Again Me:Why? My brain: it has to..

FBI : I've been fired.

Mia The Cat Lover : *I keep pressing the replay button* Wh- *Why?* *WHY?* -WHY-

AgentChiliFri : Commenting every day for the rest of the year: day 62

AgentChiliFri : Commenting every day for the rest of the year: day 70

TheGamingWave : I’ve been here for 5 days... there’s no escape. If you some how got trapped in this witch’s spell too, *It’s in fact a girl*

Emperorgamer 11 : 0.001 percent of views: watching the video for the meme 99.999 percent of views: forced to rewatch video by brain please send help

Joshua Belmont Reese : Is she Siren or something? Why do I keep re-watching this?

AgentChiliFri : Commenting every day for the rest of the year: day 52

Hailie Thompson : *Day One* wut.... *Day Two* oops my bad I clicked on it... **still watching it tho** *Day Three* **tapping the beat** *Day Four* hmhmhmhmmmhmhmhmmmhmm **humming it** *Day Five* hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh?.... *Day Six* **learning and doing dances** *Day Seven* **singing and doing dances** hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh?... *Day Eight* **talking to friends** hey guys have you heard this meme? *Day Nine* **cosplaying with volume up to 90 doing the dances and singing along** HIT OR MISS, I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUH?!... *Day Ten* SAVE ME- HIT OR MISS I GUESS THEY NEVER MISS HUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAGGGGH!!!!!?.... 👇 this is how many more days I've gone through

AgentChiliFri : Commenting every day for the rest of the year: day 43

LJ Gaming : who came from pewdiepie rewind...

Micah Bell : 0:02 When she says " hit or miss " she looks so damn cute it's insane.

Clickbait Police : Nyan, nyan Yes papa Hypnotizing people No papa Telling truth Yes papa Open comment section Hahaha!

chappy grandpappy : I feel like we should revive this meme. Greatest meme of 2018

MorfBjenerderte : I guess I never miss (an opportunity to rewatch this god damn video) 😅 🔫

なんでもない : If this isnt in youtube rewind im leaving earth Edit: Thx for 1k. Get a life bois


Gerard P : The replay button had never been smashed enough times before this video came

AgentChiliFri : Commenting every day for the rest of the year: day 58

KIM SULRI : There’s really some things in life that you question so much but can never get the answer. This is one of those

Heruraza : Day 10. I don't even watch this video out of enjoyment anymore. It's like a daily routine.

HyperStyleZ : This is what five billion years of evolution has come to. *TOTALLY WORTH IT*

VHUE GT : *Hit or miss?* Welp , i hope i miss the replay butto - Oops , sorry , i gotta press replay agai - Send help , i can't esca - *SOMEBODY , HEEELLPP!!!!!*

Corny Jackrar AntiGodSlayerTM : She made my eyes burn cuz she so CUTE!!!!!! :»

Manan Sharma : It’s been a while, but don’t think I forgot bout you

6IX9INE : *My brain: **-Please stop-* *Me: Presses replay*

༺༅ vαιвнαv ༅༻ : Video quality is above par level sorry

Thunder71 : The sad thing is... *_I'm illegal_*

Demi Walker123 : The girl is actually really pretty

Gamer Trex : That damn smile and the way she moves.....ughhhhh lol I can't stop watching this... someone helppppp

Silas Gann : Tiktok is so cringe but I can’t stop watching this wtf

Reinert Zerker : Nyannyan uses *Hit or miss* It's super effective!

Ethan's Channel : I actually tried to scroll when it was about to end LMAO @popcornrulez68

Bryce Moss AnimatesVEVO : 1910: I bet there be flying cars in the future 2019:

Furious Slayer : *_Im not Gonna click it again_* Also me=*Clicks*

Magic Mario : We did it, boys. We found one without a shlong. AMEN.

Potato Wisdom : "They truly, never miss" HUH

Michael Magdy : Hey everybody, watch it on x0.25 speed, under your own responsibility though. Do NOT open to FBI if they show up.

Saurabh : Stop it! get some help And if you find any then help me too 😄