Nyannyan cosplay hit or miss guess they never miss huh- tiktok

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White Rationalist : This guy hates Nelson Mandela watch him vlog pissing on his monument https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOT1N3IBvLbI4kVocP6AKtA

How to properly clean your metal computer : *I keep coming back to this. It has been 2 weeks, help*

Al'vin Al'sace : You, yes you. See you tryna get a perfect screenshot huh

Leanna Alvarado : Hit or miss. I guess they never missed huh. You got a boyfriend... *_I bet his name is Hitler_*

Geralt of Rivia : The worst song ever: exists Tik tok steals it Pewdiepie: that's how mafia works

Starkill3r 306 : When you finish the video: “It’s rewind time”

Amine WOOF : *I almost forgot to watch this today.*

Juninho Player : 50% Cringe 50% Cute *Perfectly balanced* As all things should be

Iconic : 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 I'm selling replay button its cost only 1 like

FAJ27 : Doctor:You have 15 second to live Me: Edit:Wow 719 like Thanks:)

Miszkulancja : Item# : SCP 6969 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Item must be kept in a 3x3x3 meter room, the room must be lined with high quality sound muffling material. The room must be installed with an air-lock system. The room must be vaccumed when not in use. In fear of witnessing "The Smile" of the object, Video recording or surveillance of the item’s screen is strictly prohibited, any unauthorized personel attemps to do so, will be detained and remove from the site forcefully. Recording of the sound must be done by two authorized personel in a sound proof room, one of the personel shall write any data that is deemed useful on an A4 sized lined paper. Conversations with the item or sayings from the test subject(s) shall be written in script format. The second personel shall wear ear mufflers and watch over the first personel. If the first personel is acting irregularly then the second personel must turn off the recording and take the first personel for a full mental survey. Listening to the item's song for more than 10 minutes is not recomended. In addition, test subjects that has been with the item for more than 25 minutes with the item must be killed as they become SCP-6969-02 Incase of containment breach of SCP- 6969-02 with SCP-6969, cobat personel must first wear ear mufflers before engaging and eradicating SCP 6969-02. After eradicating SCP-6969-02, cover SCP- 6969 with an opaqe fabric then carry it with both hands securly gripped on to SCP-6969, bring it back to it's cell and place it back on the table, then call in a D class personel to set it up right on the phone stand provided before removing the cloak. Description: SCP-6969 is an Apple branded touch screen phone playing looped video of a person of an unspecified gender due to the person portraying as both female and male dancing to a song starting off with the words "Hit or Miss" (see Addendum SCP 6969-B). However, it has been confirmed by one of the test subject (see Addendum SCP 6969-B) that the person is wearing a female cheerleader attire. When listening to SCP-6969 song, reports have shown that the victim experiences the following syntoms: Absent-Mindedness, fatigued or irregular muscle spasms.When watching SCP-6969 looped video, victims describe that they feel relaxed and awestruct. After an extended period of time spent with SCP-6969, victim will not respond to any vocal or audible stimuli, when attempt to make physical contact victim will retaliate, at this point the victim can now be confirmed as SCP-6969-02 SCP-6969 was found on __-__-__ at _____ street when Agent _____ (KIA) found a group of people staring at an iphone (SCP- 6969). Agent _______(KIA) was killed due to him becoming SCP 6969-02, Agent _______ (KIA) brought SCP 6969 to the site when he was under the influence of SCP 6969. Addendum SCP 6969-B: Transcript betweed Dr.______ and D-1783: Dr.________: What do you see? D-1783: I don't know man, i think its a girl, she is wearing like some cheerleader outfit. Dr.________: Alrirght, now tell me what do you feel D-1783: I-I'm not sure doc, but i kind of feel relax. She's real pretty Dr.________: Okay, good, any other emotion [ No respons from D-1783] Dr.________: Hello? [ No respons from D-1783] Dr.________: Answer me D-1783 or we will have to terminate you. D-1783: That...... Dr.________: That? D-1783: That.... smile.... its perfect Dr._______: what smile? D-1783: [Mumbeling] Hit or Miss(in medoly) [Mumbeling] Dr._______: Hello? D-1783: [Mumbeling] [End Transmission] Officer _______ and Officer _____(KIA) was sent in to retrive D-1783, When Officer _____ (KIA) tried to grab D-1783, D-1783 retaliate by lifting Officer ______(KIA) then threw him across the room. Officer ______(KIA) died from rupture of multiple organs and the breakage of his back bone. D-1783 rushed towards Officer ________, D-1783 was shot in the head. This proves SCP-6969-02 can be killed with conventional weapons and that it has enhance physical abilities [O-5 CLEARANCE REQUIRED] ACCESS GRANTED.

Isaac T : This 15 sec. vid single handedly shook America to its knees 😂

durvesh kadam : OMG I'm back I'm still seeing this 2 months yeaaaaa

Mr.吉澤 : The worst thing is, after i wasted my 15 sec... *I WASTED ANOTHER*

Sir Plotagons A Lot : The video is more addictive than drugs

you cute : _i hate it but why do i keep replaying it_

Ebongo : I’ve broke my record of 12 straight faps and have hit a wall I’m blind and my left leg is numb

Muckley of Trisfal : This being posted by an apartheid SA pfp with the username "white rationalist" is the most youtube thing possible

Mr K. : I was gay but after watching to this i am now straight

Cheng Pacco : So if everyone keeps rewatching this video over and over we could start a community right here. We'll talk about philosophy.

Zach Walker : Ahhh that's hot, that's hot. William P. Smitheristien

Flowers.In.a Tub : Welcome to my religion

Zach Falbe : That shit’s hot - George Washington

Fried Peanut!! : Someone please send help. This is absurd. Those damning blue eyes, that damned smile. I cant resist the urge to keep playing! HELP ME!!!

the minecraft dude aman : the reason why this is not cringey is because she is cute

Bacon De Ice Creme : *what am i doing with my life*

Shubham Mishra : I can't stop hitting replay button. Please help me

JG GC : Can't unsee Trap. Thanks Shadman

Joonas Ehro : The internet: I’d like to introduce you to my religion. Me: What’s your religion? The internet: Me: I’m interested.

Ana Otaku : i'm in love i just can't handle her eyes and smile

The Chaotic Fox : Don't mind me. Just getting my daily view in! Edit: Actually, Hourly

xRsAtx : this is clearly a CIA psyops video there is no other explanation

ChinnyChenChen : 0:00 please rise for our national anthem

Kid with a death wish : *EVERYDAY WE STRAY FURTHER FROM GOD*

Amortentia 1433 : Does it bother anyone else that the last syllable of Wiz Khalifa isn’t finished?

NothingExotic : Forgive me father for i have sinned

2764 Subscribers With Few Videos? : What is this trickery??? Can’t... stop... watching!

NeVILLE 27 : I cant watching it Its been days Pls send help

Simply does not One : Why do i keep cumming back to this?

Erica Bourland : Why tf is your name "white rationalist"

Alec Mell : 0:04 This Damn Smile ❤️

Thatz Dope : The last one looks like she's concentrating 😂

The One True Morty : Hit or miss... *I GUESS SHE TOOK THE KIDS.*

Dark Side Productions : Who else is just hitting the repeat button?

The One and Only Lord Farquaad : So who wants to talk about Quantum theory, the ever-expanding universe and the possibility of the other universes?

inspiration7 : I just don't understand why are people hating her ... i mean can you all just stop for a moment and acknowledge how *cute* she is !! I'm not the biggest fan of tik tok either, but i like her haha, besides she can do anything that makes her happy :p. I'll just say if you don't don't like something particularly, it doesn't mean you have to hate it and spread negativity... P.S. Happiest new year =)

Dragic Magic : The outcome may occur as desired, or possibly the contrary. I hypothesize it is never the contrary. You have a male significant other, however, I assume that his lips do not regularly come into contact with your exterior. He will likely locate another female, other than yourself, and the lack of your presence in his daily activities will not bring negative emotions upon him. He will simply align himself vertically and perform a motion where he bends one elbow medially, and distally extends the opposite arm. This motion will be performed in a similar manner to that of a man named "Wiz Khalifa."

Google Search : Help me god, i cant stop watching this

Hi Hello : 10mil views. What has happened to us.