If You Want to ESCAPE with Me...Beat Saber

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LIV : Thanks for over 2.5 MILLION views! As a startup, our team is super appreciative of the support! We hope to see more people using our technology to feature themselves playing amazing VR games. ~ LIV Team

leogrievous : At first: "I could probably do this" Beat Drop: "nvm"

Screaming Tima : I’m absolutely in love with her outfit! ❤️

Igor Brezina : Honestly, I don´t understand why 152 people need to dislike this video. The creators did an awesome job.

Bigpooch : How do you do this so elegantly, when I play I look like I'm being attacked by an angry mob of inflatable tube men.

adam dark : That woman is who you need by your side in the zombie apocalypse :)

Retro Gaming Panda : I bought it Yesterday. My arms hurt, but i cant stop playing! One of the best experiences i have ever had in VR and in general! Thank you for this awesome Game!!

KosmonavT : Круто!)

giovanni scarfini : Am I the only idiot that waits for nobody to be around so I can play this video, moving my arms in front of the screen pretending I'm playing, trying to learn the sequence? Oh, ok.

Gurtington : Her outfit is super cute

Aero yr Hwrdd : Cannot stop watching this. Swan is so cool and that game makes me seriously want a VR machine

julian20 : And they said the wii was good..... Man were they wrong. This is the real deal!

Twiejk : Well, this video is going crazy viral.... but everywhere but here :( See you got your subs out of it tho! well done :D

gw r : this is art

Ali Moustafa : The song is amazing

DJ Sterf : This looks ultra-sick, planning to get this on May 1 or whenever it does release.

Memosh : Ok yeah, we're in the future.

Team VVV : Love the music, I get knackered just watching this. Great skills here, I'm useless at this style of game but must try it out on my Vive!

eburel506 : Dear Disney can we get a headed to head competition with all actors that have wielded a lightsaber in the movies playing this game. We need a thunder dome challenge. Many enter only one will leave!!!!

Avril Devine : I hope this dope asian does heaps more of these!

kenny buhrt : screw those people who thumbs down :/ i though she did great

S.o.S : Someone, anyone, find the original lightsaber guy (you remember the one back in the chocolate rain times) and have him do this

VR Game Rankings : I keep hearing about this Beat Saber game... looks pretty amazing. Like Thumper in first person or something.

pexeq : I only now realized that the beat sabers leave marks on the floor.

Rio Favian : YOU ROCK!!!

James Nelson : So, this is how the Jedi and the Sith get so damn good.

Kwadrakil : wow how have i never seen this before. this is mind blowing! good job player one.

DooM49 : Hoowwww do i get in on this! This is epic!

Alien Horny : this song is so dope.!!

AznKILLER : I must say the way she plays makes it better . Some people barely swing there sabers but you can tell every hit is full force and timed

WudiPlays : Watched this for a 30 seconds and was like HOLD my beer I can do this... Buys the game try the same song on NORMAL mode... NVM... This is hard...

Fred Smith : Beat Saber no2 on Steam sales charts for all games not just VR titles! Well done. I bought it last night and my gf and I played for hours. We love it.

Wade Torres : "The Force Is Strong With This One."

Johnathan Hottell : Grabbed this last night on steam, played on PC with the Lenovo Explorer mixed reality headset. I essentially started acquiring some VR equipment after seeing this video. Everyone in my family is hooked, its as fun as it looks!

dracoslayer16 : How was this filmed? I can see green screening things together but how was the in-game filmed from behind the user's position?

Lantern Phantom : you truly are a LIVing LEGEND, i mean, you could easily ESCAPE even the toughest of situations, and, so bold, you can't even be put off if someone lays down BACKCHAT towards you. i bet you roll in $100 BILLS everyday, you seriously are an actual LIVing LEGEND, and for that, i say, good work

Emmitt Smith : Props to this gal for making the game play look extra cool. Like, one hand behind the back style points?? Plus she's clearly playing on a pretty high difficulty.

LPrussia07 : Ok this track is the best of 3 they have released because of vocals. The author behind this music really knows how to make a powerful track that pumps you up. PS: Swan, that were some awesome moves =D

Boss Meep です : *Female Jedi*

Shadow Thief : Where can I throw all of my money? I need this!

Holkeeen : Well, never knew I wanted a vr set. Never knew this game would convince me more than other games..

KappacinoGaming : My mind cannot ESCAPE this beat!!!

-BlackWinged- : This is was VR was made for!


Iron Pikachu : 2018 looks promising

Carl T. : Well, I guess you made the best selling trailer for their game. Awesome performance.

Maga Iz univermaga : Nice girl

Rusandy Jaya : the drop was so epicc... the EPIC EDM song 2018!!!!!!!! this song can beat faded from alan walker i think LOL from +_wkwk land_+

poi : Twitterから来ました…!! 音楽もリズム感もとてもよい☺️☺️

Zach W : I'm so excited to play this! It comes out in a week!