If You Want to ESCAPE with Me...Beat Saber

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LIV : Thanks for over 1 MILLION views! As a startup, our team is super appreciative of the support! We just published probably our last video with Beat Saber announcing their release date: https://youtu.be/RzVMKIHQht0 - we hope to see more people using our technology to feature themselves playing this amazing game.

DooM49 : Hoowwww do i get in on this! This is epic!

VR Game Rankings : I keep hearing about this Beat Saber game... looks pretty amazing. Like Thumper in first person or something.

Twiejk : Well, this video is going crazy viral.... but everywhere but here :( See you got your subs out of it tho! well done :D

LPrussia07 : Ok this track is the best of 3 they have released because of vocals. The author behind this music really knows how to make a powerful track that pumps you up. PS: Swan, that were some awesome moves =D

leogrievous : At first: "I could probably do this" Beat Drop: "nvm"

-BlackWinged- : This is was VR was made for!

Dr D VR : Hot damn that looks so very very cool

Team VVV : Love the music, I get knackered just watching this. Great skills here, I'm useless at this style of game but must try it out on my Vive!

zushiba : I hope aliens are watching this somewhere. So they'll know we have Jedi Knights that are ready to take them on should they invade.

cyberjoel : I gotta say. The player had style seeing it from this perspective looked really awesome.

Kenneth Ellis : Ya'll got a slower version for us fatties right

Exumple : Can't STOP WATCHING THIS <3

Lourenço Tuga : That girl has some style... good dress, good moves, good music.

King Bajrami : This girl slayed. She is our hope and future for facing the evil forces :D

SwanVR : Due to the success of the first Beat Saber video, we quickly decided to release this gameplay of Jaroslav Beck's new Beat Saber song - Escape! (download: https://fanlink.to/Escp ) Thank you so much for all the positive feedback! ^^ I appreciate it! Just to prove the difficulty of each level and the fact that I am indeed human, I ended up missing one block in this shoot. Edit: No, this is not the hardest level. It goes up to EXPERT where blocks come in at a diagonal.

Kaza Ookami : This game is what has convinced me i need a VR headset!

Wade Torres : "The Force Is Strong With This One."

Azimandi : already 50 times...

Kazetasj Stahl : She's dancing with the music AND hitting all the beats! She got style!!

James Mainord : Not gonna lie, i am dying to see ya'll take on the next highest difficulty.

Nebulark Video : I love, love this SONG

Felipe Braga DS : Caralho borracha!

Dreamer23245 : i've watched this daily for the past month or so

David Kenned : The game looks pretty amazing and the way she plays it let the all thing much more impressive. She has style.

adam dark : That woman is who you need by your side in the zombie apocalypse :)

Malika Solan : i love her outfit and the song oml!

Igor Brezina : Honestly, I don´t understand why 152 people need to dislike this video. The creators did an awesome job.

iChinnyAce : If I preorder, does she come with the game? :)

Masud Norat : "This seems pretty easy.." 0:38 "I've never been so wrong in my life"

Aero yr Hwrdd : Cannot stop watching this. Swan is so cool and that game makes me seriously want a VR machine

giovanni scarfini : Am I the only idiot that waits for nobody to be around so I can play this video, moving my arms in front of the screen pretending I'm playing, trying to learn the sequence? Oh, ok.

King of Roses : I love that dress.

DJ Sterf : This looks ultra-sick, planning to get this on May 1 or whenever it does release.

Christopher Sol : OMG, I am totally in love with this song... :D +LIV delivers a brilliant performance with the BeatSabers, too.. she moves really smoothly. If you all remember "Dance Dance Revolution", when the "pro gamers" started adding twists, turns, jumps, spins, etc rather than just the directional footing, it was brilliant to watch -- I'm waiting to see if +LIV might try something similar, like adding side-spins etc..? ;)

ViRTuaLiZaTe : muy bueno

Gurtington : Her outfit is super cute

Rhys Plant : 1:08 feelsbadman

HelpfulPlez : Wow, at first I just thought this was a neat sorta gimmick, but when the beat dropped, so did my jaw. That's really, really cool and the song is awesome too.

Tiago Alencar : How can I get this song? O.O Loved this song... want!

Rio Favian : YOU ROCK!!!

Logan : Woah

tdmaker85 : A special Shout out to LIV and DR Doom there customer service is top notch.If you are having problems with there Mixed Reality dont hesitate to reach out to them,the best service ever thanks again guys

SuperNovah : Poe is the most annoying character in Star Wars, what the franchise needed was a cyber punk Asian chick with a light Saber. don't even argue with me on that. :()

Trinketorium : Very nice, well played

Avril Devine : I hope this dope asian does heaps more of these!

SmexyRula : Gametheory: Is it literally impossible to look uncool with two light-sabers. thesis: This fucking video

ybust : Nice work!!!

kenny buhrt : screw those people who thumbs down :/ i though she did great

Captain Chivalrous Boots : This looks amazing and I can't wait to try it! The timing seems to be extremely on point and VERY impressive. Is it safe to assume the song list is curated rather than a 'bring your own playlist' sort of thing? I don't mind if that's the case, just curious! If that's how it works, how many different tracks are there?