If You Want to ESCAPE with Me...Beat Saber

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LIV : Thanks for over 2.5 MILLION views! As a startup, our team is super appreciative of the support! We hope to see more people using our technology to feature themselves playing amazing VR games. ~ LIV Team

leogrievous : At first: "I could probably do this" Beat Drop: "nvm"

Screaming Tima : I’m absolutely in love with her outfit! ❤️

Bigpooch : How do you do this so elegantly, when I play I look like I'm being attacked by an angry mob of inflatable tube men.

Tyler TheCritic : Friend: “you’re in really great shape for someone who plays games in their room all day” Me: “ thanks, i’ve been playing Beat Saber recently”

Retro Gaming Panda : I bought it Yesterday. My arms hurt, but i cant stop playing! One of the best experiences i have ever had in VR and in general! Thank you for this awesome Game!!

James Nelson : So, this is how the Jedi and the Sith get so damn good.

eburel506 : Dear Disney can we get a headed to head competition with all actors that have wielded a lightsaber in the movies playing this game. We need a thunder dome challenge. Many enter only one will leave!!!!

Memosh : Ok yeah, we're in the future.

julian20 : And they said the wii was good..... Man were they wrong. This is the real deal!

KosmonavT : Круто!)

Echo : I just reallizes that thats a accual person rather than a charachter model

Luis Zavala : How do they set up the camera like this so it can be replicated over to screen?

WudiPlays : Watched this for a 30 seconds and was like HOLD my beer I can do this... Buys the game try the same song on NORMAL mode... NVM... This is hard...

Fred Smith : Beat Saber no2 on Steam sales charts for all games not just VR titles! Well done. I bought it last night and my gf and I played for hours. We love it.

gw r : this is art

S.o.S : Someone, anyone, find the original lightsaber guy (you remember the one back in the chocolate rain times) and have him do this

Masud Norat : "This seems pretty easy.." 0:38 "I've never been so wrong in my life"

Carl T. : Well, I guess you made the best selling trailer for their game. Awesome performance.

dracoslayer16 : How was this filmed? I can see green screening things together but how was the in-game filmed from behind the user's position?

Lantern Phantom : you truly are a LIVing LEGEND, i mean, you could easily ESCAPE even the toughest of situations, and, so bold, you can't even be put off if someone lays down BACKCHAT towards you. i bet you roll in $100 BILLS everyday, you seriously are an actual LIVing LEGEND, and for that, i say, good work

Johnathan Hottell : Grabbed this last night on steam, played on PC with the Lenovo Explorer mixed reality headset. I essentially started acquiring some VR equipment after seeing this video. Everyone in my family is hooked, its as fun as it looks!

Team VVV : Love the music, I get knackered just watching this. Great skills here, I'm useless at this style of game but must try it out on my Vive!

SanguineSaint21 : Why can't I stop watching this?

Febin Samuel : Am I the only one who didn't blink for 4 minutes and 35 seconds watching this trying to analyze how I would hit all the blocks with a perfect score?👀😏

Lexa Ylman : Я залип!!! С руского лайк!

KHALED ALYAZIDI : بندريتا احسن منها🌚

Wade Torres : "The Force Is Strong With This One."

TraCer : #فيلق_بندريتا

Mr. Horseshoe : I am sweating buckets trying to perfect this. Amazing job by the lady in the vid. :)

مختل عقلياً : جاي من بندريتا 🌚

Renee Knezovich : Where can I throw all of my money? I need this!

DooM49 : Hoowwww do i get in on this! This is epic!

Cathy Andrews : This game needs more vocal trance songs or drum and bass songs. This definitely my favourite level so far just because to me its the best song.

abdullah Zz : الكليه يا جماعه😂😂💔

panda dragon : tendinitis or muscle damage 3... 2... 1... ^^' anyway really cool game & music (Jaroslav Beck - Escape (ft. Summer Haze) )

MineKidGaming : *my dad bought a oculus rift and i didnt knew about it till today* *he bought it yesterday O-O*

giovanni scarfini : Am I the only idiot that waits for nobody to be around so I can play this video, moving my arms in front of the screen pretending I'm playing, trying to learn the sequence? Oh, ok.

BlissannaJayden : It’s good. But 99% of people can’t afford it. The price is expensive and people in my country it cost like 34 SAR. I hope the price would drop.

Slim Shady : That moment when you actually feel like you're slashing through the boxes. It really makes you feel that way while you're doing it

Kwadrakil : wow how have i never seen this before. this is mind blowing! good job player one.

Zach W : I'm so excited to play this! It comes out in a week!

adam dark : That woman is who you need by your side in the zombie apocalypse :)

Linkenfant : I want to play this game again so bad. I need a VR set even for this game alone. This will definitely help me to actually lose weight while having so much fun.

Paul Flurry : look at what she's wearing, those clothes and those ear rings nd the shoes. obviously rich af. not to mention the great camera quality and the multi thousand dollar gaming setup.. i HATE being poor! 😩

NNinja1255 : Careful not to accidentally cut your self or any limbs off xD

Daywalker : I don't know what this is but I need this right now

Nadine Peralta : Me encanta ♥_♥ esta muy buena una vez lo vi en Facebook en el celu de mi papá, la estuve buscando en YouTube y la encontre

Dr.4G : I love how your movement is more than just flapping your arms around, It's very fun to watch.

Ali Ali : #فيلق_بندريتا