If You Want to ESCAPE with Me...Beat Saber

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LIV : Thanks for over 2.5 MILLION views! As a startup, our team is super appreciative of the support! We hope to see more people using our technology to feature themselves playing amazing VR games. ~ LIV Team

leogrievous : At first: "I could probably do this" Beat Drop: "nvm"

Screaming Tima : I’m absolutely in love with her outfit! ❤️

King Fatmac : Friend: “you’re in really great shape for someone who plays games in their room all day” Me: “ thanks, i’ve been playing Beat Saber recently”

Echo : I just reallizes that thats a accual person rather than a charachter model

eburel506 : Dear Disney can we get a headed to head competition with all actors that have wielded a lightsaber in the movies playing this game. We need a thunder dome challenge. Many enter only one will leave!!!!

Sho Jo : This is a nice way to get people in better shape since most people hate exercise.

WudiPlays : Watched this for a 30 seconds and was like HOLD my beer I can do this... Buys the game try the same song on NORMAL mode... NVM... This is hard...

SanguineSaint21 : Why can't I stop watching this?

Johnathan Hottell : Grabbed this last night on steam, played on PC with the Lenovo Explorer mixed reality headset. I essentially started acquiring some VR equipment after seeing this video. Everyone in my family is hooked, its as fun as it looks!

Bigpooch : How do you do this so elegantly, when I play I look like I'm being attacked by an angry mob of inflatable tube men.

Wine Bag Pillow : My favorite VR game right now. Worth the LONG wait!

S.o.S : Someone, anyone, find the original lightsaber guy (you remember the one back in the chocolate rain times) and have him do this

Carl T. : Well, I guess you made the best selling trailer for their game. Awesome performance.

dracoslayer16 : How was this filmed? I can see green screening things together but how was the in-game filmed from behind the user's position?

Team VVV : Love the music, I get knackered just watching this. Great skills here, I'm useless at this style of game but must try it out on my Vive!

Karina Par : I want one and where do I buy itt

Lantern Phantom : you truly are a LIVing LEGEND, i mean, you could easily ESCAPE even the toughest of situations, and, so bold, you can't even be put off if someone lays down BACKCHAT towards you. i bet you roll in $100 BILLS everyday, you seriously are an actual LIVing LEGEND, and for that, i say, good work

panda dragon : tendinitis or muscle damage 3... 2... 1... ^^' anyway really cool game & music (Jaroslav Beck - Escape (ft. Summer Haze) )

RY903 : somehow i found some of her little body movement were so cute

Lexa Ylman : Я залип!!! С руского лайк!

LOBO GAMER PANDA GAMER : Vê o vídeo de megalovania do felps mt mais díficil

Nguyên Phương Trương Hoàng : Holly shoot she’s an assassin!!!

Barb Hoyt : Wish I could look this cool. I look more like a 50 year old woman that just walked in to a spiderweb

Linkenfant : I want to play this game again so bad. I need a VR set even for this game alone. This will definitely help me to actually lose weight while having so much fun.

NNinja1255 : Careful not to accidentally cut your self or any limbs off xD

TraCer : #فيلق_بندريتا

xItzNat : Don’t mess with this gurl/women 😎

KHALED ALYAZIDI : بندريتا احسن منها🌚

Ruby : *my dad bought a oculus rift and i didnt knew about it till today* *he bought it yesterday O-O*

Barthez Muzyka : They made it a bit harder now from what I see.

NotMe : this clip made me to buy the game! Ty LIV!

Masud Norat : "This seems pretty easy.." 0:38 "I've never been so wrong in my life"

A Brasilian Honey Badger : Your outfit is so cool, and one thing I learned from this video is that I need to buy this game

abdullah Zz : الكليه يا جماعه😂😂💔

Dr.4G : I love how your movement is more than just flapping your arms around, It's very fun to watch.

dylan westphal : that dress is really pretty

adam dark : That woman is who you need by your side in the zombie apocalypse :)

Jake Holm : Now make one for actual combat against a person

Dat Green Guy : This is just amazing! You have performed that game as it is a work of beautiful art and also some mad skills!

Ali Ali : #فيلق_بندريتا

Daywalker : I don't know what this is but I need this right now

VR Game Rankings : I keep hearing about this Beat Saber game... looks pretty amazing. Like Thumper in first person or something.

wilderreaper gaming : This is like guitar hero on steroids.

iio58 : Sabre Goddess!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

and Peggy : this is _incredible_

مختل عقلياً : جاي من بندريتا 🌚

Wade Torres : "The Force Is Strong With This One."

KREMIX : I love how she gets super into it lol

陳阿銘 : song name