Dexter Opening Credits - First Draft [HD]

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Shane Keizer : I think the official intro looks cool for the first couple of seasons, but when the season gets darker and dexter has to take more difficult decisions this would've been a better fit. Same intro for all the seasons is kind off boring, just changing the into might give the show a new feel. 

Nawras Khalil : I like this one better. The music in the Morning Routine one is nice but it gets irritating if you watch say 6 episodes in one day lol.. Btw, that meat he's pulling out looks like liver, seriously who eats that in the morning lol

e s a : Thanks! But I can't claim credit for this theme music, I chose it, but didn't compose it,. The song is from a band called Xploding Plastix called "More Powah to Yah" I liked the power of this cut, made it before I received the final theme music, but think the final theme music adds another element this piece lacks. IMHO.

WestrnEcho : According to a Looper article this was replaced with a different version for being "too disturbing". I don't really see it as darker or more disturbing. The song choice was less playful which is possily what gives people the impression of this intro being darker but this music theme is quickly forgettable and the morning activities edit is not dynamic. Music aside the differences are subtle but I would still go with the standard version, and I don't think it's because I'm used to it.

Michael Paull : I think they made the right decision to use the other opening. Dexter, for all its violence and and heavy subject matter, is actually, at the end of the day, kind of a dark comedy. A lot of what goes on in every episode includes some real humor, especially between the characters. So while this first draft isn't bad (certainly not as "disturbing" as I've heard it built up to be), the version that they ended up using reflects the actual tone of the show much better, I think.

yut : I actually like the one we got better. I like the tone they were going for in this one, but it doesn't suit the tone of the actual show as well as the one we got in my opinion. Although Dexter is a dark show, it's more of a drama with quirky dark humor scattered around accompanied by the quirky music in the actual intro with a sinister portrayal of his morning routine. Edit: I also like the red font in the new one better because Dexter is a blood spatter analyst and was born in blood. Nice touch on the motif.

CIW1985 : Doesn't suit the show this version, it's far more sinister, and we know Dexter wasn't an out and out cold blooded monster.

GunnarCien : So much better

NeoRocket001 : Just watched both openings. This one and the one I saw more times than I could count watching the whole series, some episodes more than once, or twice... I have to say. The one used for the show? MUCH better. This one here? Too ominous so ... Yawwwwn. But the one they used? The similar scenes only... Sexier. Slower with less cutting. And with the light almost happy tune in the background. That is positively creepy. The juxtaposition of calculating serial killer in the body of a "boy next door" wholesome kid with happy even light music playing. Oh yeah. Art. Perfect. Everything about Dexter the series was perfection. Except the final episode. But that is a separate discussion for another time eh?


taallonn : Not dark or disturbing, just crap compared to what aired. Pretty sure they did not use this because it was crap

SempiternalScientist : This would have been amazing, I love this intro, like a suave version of American Psycho.

LifeComedyAction : I do like the Morning Routine music better. Never got sick of that one

MiotaLee : Is this real? I like it

DynamicMangos : Wow, no comments in over a year. I guess Dexter has gotten kinda irrelevant (even though i just finished it) I personally think the series would not have been the same, if they went with this style, neither do i think it would have made the show worse in any way! I like this darker and more serious tone, since Dexter just kinda feels like an lame Family drama at some points. Imagine if Breaking Bad was made like a Sitcom. That's kinda what Dexter is. It has some serious points, but mostly it's just some personal drama, or drama where everyone knows that there are not going to be eager consequences.

Benjamin Cox : The only reason I prefer the one they actually used is because I love the shot of dexter looking into the camera when he puts the shirt on. I get chills every time when I feel like he’s staring into my soul

S K : I remember watching this for the first time when I was 9 and I thought the meat he was cooking was flesh because at the time the only serial killer I was educated about was also a cannibal 😂.

James Hart : This soundtrack is like something you would make if you did not play music well or at all and owned a DAW with a guitar hooked up to a Triple Play and EW package. S H I T I would say that the tone is more realistic of the nature in plot but the way the episodes are shot it would not match. They did a better job with what was actually used... for example a better composer/musician wrote it. LOL

Anjohl : Whichever version you watch, that part at the very end where he walks along the porch is *so* annoying. I have to skip it every time. He looks like a total sped.

Bender Rodriguez : The reason they didn't use this is because he browned the butter he was using for his eggs, then broke the yoke in the pan. Disgusting! But serious, what's different? Liver instead of ham?

Leonardo Camilo Dos Santos : Que bosta

MIGHTYBOOSCH198 : Although this version is better artistically, it's more sinister which would make it harder to emphasize and like Dexter. The version they used is better for the show, normal everyday occurrences with dark undertones, this version is much darker.

David Miller : I'm pretty sure I remember him pulling out meat. I will always be skeptical of this, especially with C.S. Lee in the cast. So, I know something's not entirely true with this 'original draft'.

soapboxleon : If you watch the doakes death one, you dont see him pull out the meat, which means this draft got some unseen footage. Real.

asma j. : His eyes

David Miller : Look at the Dexter song after Doakes' death /watch?v=gjNyTOiqCqc and the Dexter intro theme. /watch?v=ej8-Rqo-VT4 They've just put these scenes together to make this fake Dexter original opening.

Eddie Bergman : For all those saying this video is fake because Carpenter's name isn't in there, I know that Julie Benz first auditioned for Debra's role, so maybe that's it..

David Miller : Pretty sure this is fake. Jennifer Carpenter would have been included in the draft and they had no plans for C.S. Lee originally.

David Miller : This is a fake draft as C.S. Lee is in the opening cast and not Jennifer Carpenter, yet it is vice versa if you check the actual opening theme of the first season of Dexter.

David Miller : Maybe they should use this for the Series 8 finale!

David Miller : Where is Jennifer Carpenter in the cast?

jj2901 : Essa é bem melhor do que a que é realmente usada. This one is so much better!

Icaro Davi : Tão boa quanto a outra,porém a musica atual é bem melhor!

Vmt16 : Some of the camera angles (such as in the end with his eyes after he pulls his shirt on) should have been left in but the final music is WAY better.

Walid Amghar : Freakin' Awesome

Juliana Lemos : Não vi nada de mais, o seriado é bom sou apaixonada, pena que já está na última temporada, a abertura está praticamente igual, essa música tema que ficou estranha

Ana Luísa Schwengber : Interessante, porém completamente sem sal.

alm6rfyyy : that's better *.*

Ae Vre : 1:27 dat psycho look

jhgikfjodi : Why in the opening credits is no Jennifer Carpenter?

Fna6iL : Beuotfil

WTHRZ's useless-tier Channel : Wow! Thank you for leaking this.

carlosmoreira : My new ringtone.

Higor Barion : AMAZING.

lgerback34 : This is art.

jvnvch : ***** Five.

Hunter - : Dude... that was awesome!

MaxSmolax : Oooooh! Twisted. Some serious late night TV. Recognized Xploding Plastix straight away, good choice.