Smells Like Teen Spirit but every note or chord is B flat

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NoahBrooks : Not bad.

Jrod's Korner : When 4 chords is too progressive.

Chris Plumb : I find it hard; it's hard to find, other chords, on my guitor

Daniel Souza : After decades being bored of this song, now I wanna listen to it again

Gelson Barichello : 🅱I R V A N A

John Ward : 🅱urt cocane

road king : The only time kurt was in tune

Oklahoma City Radio Waves : *A N X I E T Y*

William Lynch : Has science gone too far?

Thrust Tuba : Sounds like any lenny kravitz song

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel : 🅱️ℹ️R🅱️🅰️N🅰️

Brendan Glenn : Love this vid and love Nirvana. Sweet Child of mine is one of my fav songs. RIP Billy Joe Armstrong

UNKNOWNGAM3r : I thought he was holding an inhaler but it's just keemstar

1997benny : kurts mouth looks like matt bellamys

Super Sophisticated : *Thanks, just had to tune my guitar. Take on me's A minor was also pretty helpful.*

Fabse : 1:26 "I'm a fish now... I'M A BAGEL! YAY"

LilEngland : Dave Grohl's face....

Asa Helix : It sounds 🅱️etter than the original

Impaled : You broke your C sharp so now you'll B flat

Robert Reynald : what kind of music do you like? well, same as you but much better.

Jonathan Manrique Villegas : Tom Morello recorded the solo

Life, Liberty And Justice For All : One of my friends is a Nirvana fan. I think she’ll like this.

Drunkalunka : I like it more than the original

gud : Ah crap I can't think of a Jake Paul reference

St0mpz : 0:45 note was not B flat. Please Fix..

Да я да я Да да я да да я : Wow what a solo at 2:54

Hustledirtysoul : Sounds like Cannonball by the Breeders. 0/10, greatest album of the 1940s.

Peter Jiang : weird part of youtube again

Pablito Clavos : I fucking lost it at 2:54

Zachary Osmond : Smells Like Major Key

Kochie : It's really not that bad

Steven : i like how the distorted guitars snap back and forth between low quality and high quality

Ljab : Is it weird that I kinda like it

Sanick : Sounds like Feel Good Hit of the Summer by qotsa

danisnotonchairs !-/ : This is painful but beautiful

JesseJames98 : Tabs?

BadLeaderVideos : Tabs please?

Ulysses Moncada : *BBRRRing YOur FriendS*

saint mary jane : 🅱 f l a t

diauQ Ignis : So much better than the original.

Kathryn A : Still a banger

Sweet Potato Elephant : I feel like I'm burning in hell but eating a grape-flavored Popsicle beside a pool of weirdly warm water. Basically this is strangely frightening but entertaining AF.

Jekson Geferson : but does it DJENT???????

Jimmy : Anyone have tab? I can't figure out the lead.

casey davis : Somehow it's catchy lol

Super Sophisticated : *you've gotta love how we have about 200,000 views, 1,000 comments, and over 10 comments have at least 1,000 likes.* *_logic and math just happened illogically possibly._* _what_

Iforgotmyname Iforgotmyname : This is Actually Good

perropolinas : Burk cocaine

TrevorPhillipsIndustriesEmplyoee : This makes we want to die

StephenAndrew777 : That's actually very interesting, obviously.