Smells Like Teen Spirit but every note or chord is B flat

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Crimson Corsair : if this gets taken down I'm declaring a war

PhonicBoom/ CosmicLatte : I'm not entirely sure why I let that play all the way through, but here we are.

Gabriel [REDACTED] : this is legitimately disturbing

Donkey Kong : Smells like shotgun smoke

Jerky Killjoy : There are two kinds of people in this world: - *B Flat* - *A#*

Jeb Car : I like how he's holding keemstar in his hand

Beneath Remains : 🅱️urt 🅱️o🅱️ain

Viimane : Finally I can play this song on bass.

justin : Heard some A flats. Not cool

WolfeSpeider : So this is basically a Ween song

Svinja : This is giving me the worst anxiety I’ve ever experienced

GMR315 : When the acid kicks in...

Ultraguy87 : Kurt would be proud of this.

Agustín Risatti : Smells like 🅱 spirit by Nir🅱ana Composed by Da🅱e Grohl, Kurt Co🅱ain and Krist No🅱oselic.

Eyesack Allen : *Smells like B flat*

DarthOliptius : Can't tell if there are actually non-B flat chords or if it's just my brain forcing me to hear what it knows the song is supposed to sound like.

Oisin Smith : why dave grohl holding keemstar

TLS : When the sax player asks for a tuning note.

Sick Dog : In 2018 this could be a pop song.

Nahuelucho26 : Sounds like Green Day

Bailey Jones : Can I get tabs pls? 😂

Josh Fallon : Even this sounds awesome, nirvana just can't make a bad song

Zee : Aside from the derpy voice, the b flat chord progression is pretty interesting sounding.

Fikri Ish : Im pretty sure if this was released today, some wannabe indie kids would call this a future masterpiece

Whym : Sunn O))) trying to be a regular rock band.

Kochie : It's really not that bad

Mozilla Firefox : Smell Like 🅱️ Spirit

dead inside : *H E Y T H A T S P R E T T Y G O O D*

dead inside : this makes me uncomfortable

Zoologic21 : A sharp is the new b flat

blyguy : Sounds like cannonball from the breeders

Lawyer Morty : I was born in the right generation

Mausho CG : Still better than trap

ladev91 : So you basically made a Weezer song

Miner Plays Badly : Thanks. I hate it

chillagma : is bottom left of picture KEEMSTAR?

Jrod Cult : When 4 chords is too progressive.

JT Guitar : It really emphasises the difference in tonality between the 6th and 5th guitar string.

perropolinas : Burk cocaine

Lorenzo Sala : Krautrock as hell.

nightmare_cinema19 : What. Have. I. Come. Across.

Noah Brooks : Not bad.

NearDeathCantKillYou : I’m the worst nirvana fan for laughing at this

blooming neighbourhood : This gave me anxiety

Chelsea Renae : Not sure how I even stumbled upon this. But I just wanted to mention that Kurt's nose is giving me some Owen Wilson vibes. Not sure what's going on here.. Kids these days confuse me.

Creepy Lil' Llama : 🅱️urt 🅱️o🅱️ain

Homemade Filmmaking : I'll be mentioning this in my suicide note

Sweather : i only listen to real music:

Franco Zapatel : Don't listen to this while high

Danny Freckels : I love krist's face