Smells Like Teen Spirit but every note or chord is B flat

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Crimson Corsair : if this gets taken down I'm declaring a war

Isaac Allen : *Smells like B flat*

Phijkchu Euphoric Pizza : I SEE THAT KEEMSTAR

Homemade Filmmaking : I'll be mentioning this in my suicide note

ThePickledOranges OrangesPickled : So this is what heroin feels like... Wow Kurt Cobain really captured his drug usage in his music.

MeBorf : Nir🅱️ana

Raeanna Galloway : kurt would shit himself laughing. this is great 😂😂😂

David Paul : N A R V I N A

qwnty xo : Smells like B spirit Edit: Smells like 🅱️* spirit

Mr.videoman : i love nirvana

Kjetil Birkeland : Omg this was so uncomfortable to listen to.. Xd

stegosaurus romero : noice

1997benny : kurts mouth looks like matt bellamys

DogeWaffle1 / Doge : I started listening to this song before you made this

shmood3000 : 🅱 flat

Leo : God no wonder he killed himself.

gud : Ah crap I can't think of a Jake Paul reference

Μεrdι Grάcε : Why tf is Dave holding a gnome Keemstar? Why does this exist? Why does Kurt look a bit suspicious? And why was this in my recommended section? So many questions, so few answers...

bob is da king : WATOOP

nadoninja : Smells like Djent

ManWhoSpeaksTruth - : what is dave holding in his hand?

DiSiCo : I love Youtube getting danker and danker

Elder Kettle : You broke your C sharp so now you'll B flat

Freezh Von Froste : Kurt would be proud

Pablito Clavos : I fucking lost it at 2:54

svali s : Sounds kind of like Loveless.

MRLein93 : Do Freebird

Pixelanon : this is why kurt cobain killed himself

Bigstupiduglyogre : Kill me

Sk8ter kek : Why the fuck does this actually sound good? I know it's just one chord and note; but if the vocals were less on drugs, it'd sound alright

A Muncle for your uncle : actually sounds pretty cool

James Hunt : Please do Curmudgeon

Blasian Buffet : I hope one day I'll be a musician just so someone can do this to my song

Not Brenda : tabs?

Lachlan McLean : can I get the chord sheet for this please?

xxwaffle boyxx : Smells Like Teen Spirit but he had no ideas and did a remake for Teen Spirit, being lazy and putting together a B Flat Spirit.

Dylan Wilson : Don't make fun of nirvana curt is fucking dead man

MemeShadow : i see a keem

JOHN GRIGORAKOS : I hate you for doing this

harajuku guy. : Ironically, this sounds like every other american grunge band that came after Nirvana

EvanarchyMT : Jesus

NFresh : Smells like meme spirit

Ed_ward : I think Kurt Colbain had a time machine, this is all he found.

j t : 🅱 flat

SOCIAL REJECT : Nibanana-Smells like feet.

Disc is Life : Oh no, you ruining it.

Peter : I was born in the wrong generation! Why couldn't I grow up listening to this masterpiece?

Goatyx : nirvana is like child porn but actually bad

JerbowSin : If you can't hit those notes, why not hit one?

Saber : SO DANK