Belle Yoon - Restraining Order From Bullies Parents
Belle Yoon Restraining Order From Bullies Parents

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Original From FB: News Article: Coward bully parents of a bully child who hung this woman's 10 year old daughter from a tree with a skipping rope just put a restraining order on her. The school, Queen of Apostles Primary School in Riverton, WA, Australia, has done nothing along with the police. i think we need public justice on this one because regular justice has failed miserably.


Mikimouse1011 : This incident is disgusting and now the parents of the bully do this? It is clear to see where the child gets their mean streak from. As a parent if my kids ever did this I would personally drag them to the police, not cover up and take it out on the other parents. All of Perth and Australia completely back you - we are all sick of bullying and parents who allow it to continue. Shame on that family. Your daughter is lovely and has been through enough. Stay strong and lets hope the judge has common sense and kicks this family out with their restraining order. Nasty nasty people.