Stornoway - Get Low (Official Video)

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Andrea Orue : This morning after 6 years my brain made me search Stornoway, best decision ever. Automatically fell back in love...

MzSonicjinn : Wow...this video is as cool as your music! How can those wild geese cooperate your video-making so well? I wonder who's the ornithologist among the band members :)

Gus : You guys should come to the USA!!!  Dallas, Texas specifically.  Love your music and would like to see you guys live sometime!!!

Dear February : ...aaaaand the tash is back people!

Nadezhda Dimitrova : Your advertising is working ok. I am a fan now :)

Charmian O'Brien : Saw Stornoway on The Andrew Marr Show, today! Lovely sound.

sik08 : Are the birdies actors in costume or something how did you manage this ??

Howard Maxwell : The best person I know introduced me to this

VenomQuest : Congratulations on your 1000th subscriber! ;)  Just heard Get Low on The Andrew Marr Show. Amazing song and harmonies. Love this too. I was in the kitchen making toast and the music made me come and look. Something very nostalgic about it reminded me of the Mamas & Papas. I'd buy an acoustic version. Great stuff!

robbyboyo : Truly brilliant.

Rusty Brakes : Filmed at the Top Gear test track?!

Emma Gray : By far my favourite band/artist

Hannah Taylor : This is wonderful

Game Over Guru : Awesome!

MichaeLJQ1 : I met Brian at a gig in Edinburgh around 5 years ago and mentioned what an incredible voice he had, so distintive, just adds to the quality of the songs they write and perform. Keep up the great Music Stornoway.

TEMPTED_ YOUTH : Awesome song! Great chorus :)

Top Dog : These guys! Forgot about them, happy they're making more music.

Spy Retto : It hits you and soothes you straight away like good old wine,


SLM Sintiendo la música : Loving both song and video! Congrats, guys! #Stornoway  

J.P. Kallio : Hi there. Liked your Channel! Continue the impressive job

Glider-Pilot : this is filmed at my gliding club so happy

Thomas Fattorini : Saw this live in Conventry, Its rare for a band to maintain such a fantastic blend of sounds both live and on recording! love Stornoway <3

Aaron Beede : omg this is going on the list of indie bands I straight up adore

LovelyMoshie : That song really gave me hope. :) I also liked the geese, they're cute. :)

Mitchie Vazquez : thanks for various cruelties sharing this i am falling in love with this song

m em : Love it!

BotoinBermuda : wow its been five years since ive first heard them and they're still incredibly under rated I really hope they keep making music

Giselle Remache : Me encantaaaa :)

danny castillo : mmm just like that

Dylan Thomas : So very beautiful, so much joy, with music and harmonies that reduce you to tears. We're going to miss them, badly.

Erick Arceo : what does amnishka mean

Evan Oliver : Just saw this on 'Other Voices' last night. Unbelievably catchy

Janildes Reis : Mtho show.

ben davis : Nice. Like Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Daire Walsh : If this song was released by a more known artist, it would gett millions of views!

Keighly W : Springwatch <3