Stornoway - Get Low (Official Video)

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Andrea Orue : This morning after 6 years my brain made me search Stornoway, best decision ever. Automatically fell back in love...

Top Dog : These guys! Forgot about them, happy they're making more music.

Nadezhda Dimitrova : Your advertising is working ok. I am a fan now :)

VenomQuest : Congratulations on your 1000th subscriber! ;)  Just heard Get Low on The Andrew Marr Show. Amazing song and harmonies. Love this too. I was in the kitchen making toast and the music made me come and look. Something very nostalgic about it reminded me of the Mamas & Papas. I'd buy an acoustic version. Great stuff!

sik08 : Are the birdies actors in costume or something how did you manage this ??

MzSonicjinn : Wow...this video is as cool as your music! How can those wild geese cooperate your video-making so well? I wonder who's the ornithologist among the band members :)

Howard Maxwell : The best person I know introduced me to this

Dear February : ...aaaaand the tash is back people!

Gus : You guys should come to the USA!!!  Dallas, Texas specifically.  Love your music and would like to see you guys live sometime!!!

Spy Retto : It hits you and soothes you straight away like good old wine,

TEMPTED_ YOUTH : Awesome song! Great chorus :)

Emma Gray : By far my favourite band/artist

Charmian O'Brien : Saw Stornoway on The Andrew Marr Show, today! Lovely sound.

Hannah Taylor : This is wonderful

Carl : Awesome!

robbyboyo : Truly brilliant.

Rusty Brakes : Filmed at the Top Gear test track?!

Dylan Thomas : So very beautiful, so much joy, with music and harmonies that reduce you to tears. We're going to miss them, badly.

SLM Sintiendo la música : Loving both song and video! Congrats, guys! #Stornoway  

Keighly W : Springwatch <3

Sila Sungur : That song really gave me hope. :) I also liked the geese, they're cute. :)

J.P. Kallio : Hi there. Liked your Channel! Continue the impressive job

Erick Arceo : what does amnishka mean

danny castillo : mmm just like that

ben davis : Nice. Like Crosby, Stills and Nash.

m em : Love it!

Mitchie Vazquez : thanks for various cruelties sharing this i am falling in love with this song

Aaron Beede : omg this is going on the list of indie bands I straight up adore

Glider-Pilot : this is filmed at my gliding club so happy

Giselle Remache : Me encantaaaa :)

Janildes Reis : Mtho show.

Evan Oliver : Just saw this on 'Other Voices' last night. Unbelievably catchy

Daire Walsh : If this song was released by a more known artist, it would gett millions of views!

Thomas Fattorini : Saw this live in Conventry, Its rare for a band to maintain such a fantastic blend of sounds both live and on recording! love Stornoway <3

BotoinBermuda : wow its been five years since ive first heard them and they're still incredibly under rated I really hope they keep making music