Trey Parker and Matt Stone - Acid at Oscar's

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Dean Quinn : These two men are geniuses.

Caracalla Severus : If they did this today they would have been called brave and heroic.

peteyd1984 : I love how Trey nearly bugs out @ 1:51, then he pulls himself together LOL!

N Sil : These guys are too good for Hollywood, freaking geniuses.

Simon Nelson : 1:50 Trey Parkers eyes roll towards the back of his head he regains control and starts laughing about it to himself

HannibalOrJustRex : Imagining myself in their shoes is terrifying.

jcpennington183 : Hahahaha, Trey after he says " IT'S A NIGHT OF MAGIC" and has to roll his eyes around.. I've been there before.

cwjalex : trey's look at 1:49 hahahah

LuisGarzaHo : This why the pop culture in the 2000's is one of my favorites.

Nyta Sam : Matt: We don't have friends anymore, I wonder why. Me: At least you still have your super best friend.

Craig Tucker : Dads. While you were tripping on acid, these four guys from my school, who I don't even like, lied to me and took my birthday money.

David Wolf : My heroes!

Shira Navon : One of my dreams is to meet them!

Joseph McDermott : This is the only case where I regret never watching the Oscars Live.

P.G. : It' s a night of magic... Acid strikes for a second... oh shit im back again... XD

First Name Last Name : #rolemodels


Lokir From Rorikstead : I've only done that kind of thing once...(doing something stupid on a serious environment Just for the lols) and Holy's so worth it

CardboardKNOX : Mary-Jane-Piss-In-Your-Face-Fun-Time

PanasonicTooth : 1:14 what is that song? Sounds familiar.

BytemeVV - : I know this is leaving myself wide open ...but what I would give to hang out with Matt and Trey ...I'll bet its like a non-stop feeling being part of a live action South Park Episode

B Sim : one of the few, down to earth entertainers in hollywood. not a coincidence they are also not one of the few non irrational iberals

Akilda Lion : Would you expect anything less? This is when south park was still rock and roll tits. They were at their peak of popularity. I love these dudes.

Archetype00 : Haha god so good, I literally couldn't do acid at any big event like that - especially if all eyes were on you. Man you really gotta be comfortable to do that at such an event.

Kommissar : They are even higher on themselves than they were on LSD.

Tom The Fish : I have such respect for these guys

Trey Earnhardt : Good to see they like Dr.Pepper

PutinsHandsomeTwin : After Trey says "...a night of magic" look at his face. He tripped out for a sec there

Jonathan S : This is so great

Aura : my heroes

MrZurata : The fact these guys made one of the most famous cartoons of all time while at the same time giving absolutely no shits about anything really is the most amazing thing.

Good Deeds Everyday : Absolute legends!

I y a n a : Such a magical night

Keone Jones : They look like they’re in a post grunge band😂

JONNOG88 : Funny thing is. If Matt & Trey did that today. Anybody who criticised them. Would be labeled "transphobic" 🤣

Cason Richter. : 🐐🐐

DarkVortex42 : Omg, they are so marvelous. I love Paris Hilton and Barbara Streisand, they deserve it.

Harry Krugerharrykruger18 : slavery is an evil that should befall none

sofija ljubovic : I love you both. I do. Trey, dušo, uvek si tako sexy grr <3

Shira Navon : Which year is it from?

cutie 82 : He looks so cute Trey as jlo

I-hate-Google : who is that hot brunet chick at 01:22 ???

arizona tea : i'm your friend

Lisa Renee : ❤ Oh these guys ❤

cutie 82 : Trey as jlo hehhe

Raimy Winter : perfect

Goalie King 33 : 2:08...You're right Trey, the Oscars do F'n suck!