Trey Parker and Matt Stone - Acid at Oscar's

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Dean Quinn : These two men are geniuses.

Caracalla Severus : If they did this today they would have been called brave and heroic.

peteyd1984 : I love how Trey nearly bugs out @ 1:51, then he pulls himself together LOL!

N Sil : These guys are too good for Hollywood, freaking geniuses.

Simon Nelson : 1:50 Trey Parkers eyes roll towards the back of his head he regains control and starts laughing about it to himself

jcpennington183 : Hahahaha, Trey after he says " IT'S A NIGHT OF MAGIC" and has to roll his eyes around.. I've been there before.

HannibalOrJustRex : Imagining myself in their shoes is terrifying.

LuisGarzaHo : This why the pop culture in the 2000's is one of my favorites.

cwjalex : trey's look at 1:49 hahahah

Nyta Sam : Matt: We don't have friends anymore, I wonder why. Me: At least you still have your super best friend.

Goalie King 33 : 2:08...You're right Trey, the Oscars do F'n suck!

David Wolf : My heroes!

Shira Navon : One of my dreams is to meet them!

Craig Tucker : Dads. While you were tripping on acid, these four guys from my school, who I don't even like, lied to me and took my birthday money.

Joseph McDermott : This is the only case where I regret never watching the Oscars Live.

First Name Last Name : #rolemodels

P.G. : It' s a night of magic... Acid strikes for a second... oh shit im back again... XD


PanasonicTooth : 1:14 what is that song? Sounds familiar.

BytemeVV - : I know this is leaving myself wide open ...but what I would give to hang out with Matt and Trey ...I'll bet its like a non-stop feeling being part of a live action South Park Episode

CardboardKNOX : Mary-Jane-Piss-In-Your-Face-Fun-Time

Ben Simo : one of the few, down to earth entertainers in hollywood. not a coincidence they are also not one of the few non irrational iberals

Lokir From Rorikstead : I've only done that kind of thing once...(doing something stupid on a serious environment Just for the lols) and Holy's so worth it

Archetype00 : Haha god so good, I literally couldn't do acid at any big event like that - especially if all eyes were on you. Man you really gotta be comfortable to do that at such an event.

Kommissar : They are even higher on themselves than they were on LSD.

Tom The Fish : I have such respect for these guys

Trey Earnhardt : Good to see they like Dr.Pepper

Keone Jones : They look like they’re in a post grunge band😂

I y a n a : Such a magical night

Aura : my heroes

Good Deeds Everyday : Absolute legends!

JONNOG88 : Funny thing is. If Matt & Trey did that today. Anybody who criticised them. Would be labeled "transphobic" 🤣

Cason Richter. : 🐐🐐

DarkVortex42 : Omg, they are so marvelous. I love Paris Hilton and Barbara Streisand, they deserve it.

Shira Navon : Which year is it from?

sofija ljubovic : I love you both. I do. Trey, dušo, uvek si tako sexy grr <3

cutie 82 : He looks so cute Trey as jlo

cutie 82 : Trey as jlo hehhe

arizona tea : i'm your friend

Raimy Winter : perfect

I-hate-Google : who is that hot brunet chick at 01:22 ???

Lisa Renee : ❤ Oh these guys ❤