Kanye West apologizes to George W. Bush

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Mason : I'd like to say to whoever who laughed when Bush said "I'm not a hater" you sir are not only the voice of the internet but a true american hero.

The Anonymous J : 2:08 it was all fun and bad romance until somebody started laughing, yeah shut the hell up guy in the back 😤😤

Mike Srnoyachki : This is even better than the George bush hates black people clip

JAIRE : Idk why Kanye apologized, he's right about Bush being a racist..

Cherise Crockette : When the reporter said Bush being through 9/11 Afghanistan Katrina etc and points the finger at Kanye for the worst moment of his presidency I was like well damn, you just had a drop the mic moment and didn't even mean to..

playlistwin : Lol bush is finally the smartest person involved.

Trey Ward : I FUCKING LOVE the crew workers that laughed

Brian Smith : w. IS a fucking racist, no doubt about it! fuck that guy, and fuck kanye, too! (I AM allowed to despise both, right?)

xcalabur18 : Is this real or fake?

finster1968 : Screw you Matt Lauer and your "unbiased" journalism. Bush "pointing the finger" at West...trying desperately to make Bush the aggressor in the situation.

aligboyakasha : This is edited from two interviews for the record.

Kevin Beattie : lol the world is entirely different now because of the global monetary flows that were allowed when the white house was hicjacked by the Dick Cheney gravey train that was George Bush's presidency. when disasters like Katrina happen elsewhere in the world its just an excuse to abduct thousands of lost children for sacrifice and pedifelia

Matt Swe : what the fuck was this hahaha, the most unprofessional broadcast I've ever seen, featuring the president of the US and a huge celebrity, crazy

kahlilahwalkerkw : I remember this he never apologized.bush kept asking to hear the words Im sorry and everybody was on edge of their seats waiting to hear it and it never came it was crazy and funny .never did he apologize bush thanked him anyway

Victor Del Prete : Kanye didn't apologize in this video, neither did Matt Lauer. Having empathy is not an apology.

Centrist Philosopher : This looks like two interviews put together.

CovertBoat : kanye's word is truth

FBI SHILL : I didnt realize it was fake until I saw the other comments but holy fuck he did a good job. PERFECT! EXQUISITE! SUBLIME! EVERY OTHER POSITIVE ADJECTIVE!

posting id : Fuck you bush! You were a piece of shit president and you're a piece of shit human being. Obama is just slightly below you and Hillary just below him. You all suck!

Khes Moon : Kanye: You know what im saying? Bush: No Kanye I dont know what you're saying you had no trouble articulating yourself back then when you disrespected so use your words now and explain how you feel

Ryan Cuming : Two of the most stupid people talking together is hilarious haha

Stuart K. Seels : I thought that Bush handled that very well & West made himself look like such a fuckwitt, he made Bush look good!!!

Nayops From Chicago : 2:08 I bet the guy who laughed got fired

Alpha XXL : All those disasters he mentioned while Bush was president

Geoff : how has this man even had the opportunity to speak with 3 presidents

EuphoniaPooch : Yeah, well the fact stands that in the midst of all that destruction and need all these conservative vampires can think about is how to get rich. How to create a " Free market solution " to the problem. In other words " How to make sure OUR GUYS who will donate to us later get paid right now. " And how to cut government scope in the process. They held up funds and emergency relief until they could be sure they got what they wanted politically out of doing the humane thing. So, I believe Bush when he says he's not a racist in the most basic sense. But politicians ( Mainstream Left and Right ) by and large don't gives a rats ass about the poor so the way these situations play out really has just the same effect as if they really hated black people. Kanye basically had it right the first time

jjj dagus : Conway😭😭😭

Leon Garrett : You dumb for editing this video lol

tommyboy : kanye is a genius

andy gonzalo : fuck both of them

OhTerrful : That nigger's cray.

philthestampede : He didnt even apologize

C. R. Veatch : Worst part? Worse than 9-11?

QueenNailah : One of the most awkward moments on television

cov ky1 : But he is a racist .

Madnessonman : That did not sound like an apology.

Nautilus1972 : What a pair of cocks.

Jo Louie : HAHAHA This is genius.

En3 : Kanye is a WIERDO!!

jcsav430@gmail.com : gosh lauer such a dick

TheGaming NorseMan : the dude that laughed

VCthaGOATdunker : lol "Conway West"

s h a d ø w b a n n e d : pshhft tahahaha sry

Lisa L : Who laughed

Honeei : Nigga Fuck Nut Bush

Nayops From Chicago : 1:25 The cringe is real

Lil Swede : 2:05 I'm dead😂

MuhibAli110 : 100% fake but kudos to the editing job.

M. S. McCreedy : Kanye West is well-known idiot. Who cares what he thinks.............

BradyA1124 : This video is straight hilarious, the editing