Kanye West apologizes to George W. Bush

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Hazel Lee : Lol I bet the guy who laughed got fired

Zane Gugliuzza : "I didnt hate kanwe West" *Hahahahaha* 'Can we be quiet fir a second" 😂😂😂

Lizard King : LOL Kanye the only person who can interrupt the president of united states

Robert De Mayo : hahahah to the guy in the background! hahhah someone just lost a job

Uncle Ruckus66 : Conway West

J. Wolf : Kanye even interupts the president..lol

JustSomeGuy : haha do people really think this is real?

Whis Khalifa : I thought the worst part of his presidency was leading the country into a fucking recession.

Michael Luke : I mean I'm not a hater, I didn't hate Conway West.

Ivany Willis : I personally don't think Kanye West should've apologized because it was freedom of speech & that was his opinion. But I will agree w I think Kanye is a douche bag. & I applaud for the guy in the background who bust out laughing 😂👏👏

Classic Guardian Gamer 1989 : The funniest part was the part where the guy laughed after George W Bush said he wasn't a hater. Next segment had him apologizing for laughing

Derick Bailey : This is pure comedy. Comedy at it's peak.

nmv304 : I remeber seeing this live before I went to school one morning. I died laughing when he said Conaway West. 😂

Tika Moo : Lmao Kanye is the one who had to apologize? fuck that

jack mayhoffer : Hard to figure out who is dumber.

NitsuaNaed : was that laugh for real when bush said I don't like being called a hater? that shit was tooooo funny

Kay TodaP : So you mean to tell me during your presidency Americans were burdened with 9/11, Katrina, ridiculous gas prices, war on Iraq, Young people being deployed, american soldiers' lives ending before they even began, Housing crisis, economic depression, ect.., yet the most disgusting time of your presidency was when a black man exercised his right of free speech by using his platform to speak the truth? smh... I cant. fuck Bush, Matt Laurer and this country. Everything about this public reprimand forced apology is RACIST. Bush knows it and so do the rest of you soft ass white ppl.

Theiwillsurvive Guy : Is this real?

Rotaryray C : LOL FUCK BUSH. in fact fuck every politician since John F Kennedy

Cicero Fort : Most awkward shit ever

Elvis Shelton : Lmao!!!!

The Proud Sun Bro. : That pause was awkward

Tupac Shakur : 2:07 XD

Spaceman Bassman : this is edited like a fucking vic berger video

Mason : I'd like to say to whoever who laughed when Bush said "I'm not a hater" you sir are not only the voice of the internet but a true american hero.

The1you Lovetohate : Bruh I be lmao when Kanye gets mad especially when bush said " Conway west" and they started laughing 😂😂😭💀

Bob Meyer : The media are very dishonest people folks. Very dishonest.

Janick Norman : lol The worst president of all time and The worst rapper of all time apologising to each other?

Second Opinion : Bush sd hes not a hater, and the guy started laughing..lol.....that was epic

Lucas Culbertson : 1:30 George Bush is like what the fuck is he sayin

Daniela E : its 1am and im laughing soooo hard

Thomas Tang : thumbs up for the best editing

Claire Izza : y'all are idiots this shit is fake lol

Diable Jambe : the guy that laughs when George Bush says he isn't a hater 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Father Thomas : oh snap never seen that before! its like there having there very own special retarded conversation and the whole world's laughing it at and they just don't get why lol

Louis S.W : Did this really happen????? B

Angel Perez : awkward...


Ant Nam : Worst moment of his presidency? smh!

reminisce goddess : Kanye is a savage, no doubt about it

hagglefaen : Wait where is the remixed part? Or isn't this real? If that's the case that's some damn great editing skills, lol.

Ryan Cuming : Two of the most stupid people talking together is hilarious haha

Icey Wigga : If this is edited together then damn, you did a great job!

morgowbu : The comments on here about Bush make me want to kill myself.. Actually no, liberals make me want to kill myself. What will the U.S. do if we don't get a republican candidate in the White House?

Ohh So Wicked : This was so awkward!!!

Adrian Zavala : "Joey, be quiet for a second"

Matthew Clements : "I'm not a hater, I don't hat Kanway West" 😂😂

Ben D : Kanway west

Tristan Winchester : I'm done. Matt Lauer laughs so loud hahaha

Dustin25369 adamas : Matt Lauer plays a video Bush saying something, then misquotes him and takes what he said completely out of context....this is why people are done with the media