Kanye West apologizes to George W. Bush

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Hazel Lee : Lol I bet the guy who laughed got fired

Zane Gugliuzza : "I didnt hate kanwe West" *Hahahahaha* 'Can we be quiet fir a second" 😂😂😂

Hunter Littlepage : In case you're really slow, this didn't happened. This is two interviews edited together

Robert De Mayo : hahahah to the guy in the background! hahhah someone just lost a job

Uncle Ruckus66 : Conway West

Michael Luke : I mean I'm not a hater, I didn't hate Conway West.

JustSomeGuy : haha do people really think this is real?

ASAP Raggy : LOL Kanye the only person who can interrupt the president of united states

Derick Bailey : This is pure comedy. Comedy at it's peak.

J. Wolf : Kanye even interupts the president..lol

Classicgamer1989 : The funniest part was the part where the guy laughed after George W Bush said he wasn't a hater. Next segment had him apologizing for laughing

NitsuaNaed : was that laugh for real when bush said I don't like being called a hater? that shit was tooooo funny

Fredo in the cut : I remeber seeing this live before I went to school one morning. I died laughing when he said Conaway West. 😂

Thomas Tang : thumbs up for the best editing

Theiwillsurvive Guy : Is this real?

Ivany Willis : I personally don't think Kanye West should've apologized because it was freedom of speech & that was his opinion. But I will agree w I think Kanye is a douche bag. & I applaud for the guy in the background who bust out laughing 😂👏👏

jack mayhoffer : Hard to figure out who is dumber.

Tupac Shakur : 2:07 XD

The1you Lovetohate : Bruh I be lmao when Kanye gets mad especially when bush said " Conway west" and they started laughing 😂😂😭💀

The Proud Sun Bro. : That pause was awkward

Second Opinion : Bush sd hes not a hater, and the guy started laughing..lol.....that was epic

Elvis Shelton : Lmao!!!!

Diable Jambe : the guy that laughs when George Bush says he isn't a hater 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Liam Pernell : If this is edited together then damn, you did a great job!

Mason : I'd like to say to whoever who laughed when Bush said "I'm not a hater" you sir are not only the voice of the internet but a true american hero.


Bob Meyer : The media are very dishonest people folks. Very dishonest.

o b : its 1am and im laughing soooo hard

jack : this is damn good editing

Tristan Winchester : I'm done. Matt Lauer laughs so loud hahaha

Janick Norman : lol The worst president of all time and The worst rapper of all time apologising to each other?

shaniah james ! : Kanye is a savage, no doubt about it

Matthew Clements : "I'm not a hater, I don't hat Kanway West" 😂😂

Ant Nam : Worst moment of his presidency? smh!

Ryan Cuming : Two of the most stupid people talking together is hilarious haha

Father Thomas : oh snap never seen that before! its like there having there very own special retarded conversation and the whole world's laughing it at and they just don't get why lol

Aubrey Jasmine : George bush was not having it LOL

Angel Perez : awkward...

T Jackson : Lol.. Did he say, Conway West? Lol The Illuminati must have made him apologized.. lol

Ohh So Wicked : This was so awkward!!!

Music Mania : I love Kanye for this. He too real.

Louis S.W : Did this really happen????? B

Alex T : Kanye west talked to the guy laughing like a man of authority....No matter how much you dislike Kanye he is standing next to a former president where are you at in this picture....

hagglefaen : Wait where is the remixed part? Or isn't this real? If that's the case that's some damn great editing skills, lol.

Dylan Gilbertson : "one of the most disgusting things of my presidency" even the almighty kanye can't beat out 9/11 as being more disgusting.

TheAetherpunk : Bush may not be racist, and that's good, but the way he phrased his opinions was, well, kinda oblivious to the context. But he didn't mean it maliciously, and that's what counts. Kanye is not as much of an ass as he tries to be, and this proves it.

AlwaysChristian : It was around this time that matt was looking at porn in his office.

Drinor Selmani : AKWARD

Ben D : Kanway west

ann Tar : canary west????bush can't even pronounce a name properly?it's complicated