Twitch Drops Ad-Free Viewing for Prime Members
Twitch Drops Ad Free Viewing for Prime Members

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Patreon ► Paypal ► Twitter ► GAMING NEWS: Earlier today Twitch announced that their paid premium service Twitch Prime would no longer provide viewers with an ad-free experience unless people also pay for the legacy package Twitch Turbo. As a result of this Streamers and fans have been expressing their outrage and as there has been a lot of people misunderstanding what is happening, I try to outline the changes clearly for everyone with my normal commentary and opinion. Sources used: Special thanks to our $20 and up Patreon club! Hibiki Jonathon Paul Aidosyne Lord Thomas Jera NemoTheImperfect Skorn Munchman mad1316 Kyle Angelo Jïn Schro Snake Jcel4569 Kurt Will Chris Thwagum Join the conversation on Discord! Outro music by Kenneth Hynes. Listen to the full song here: and don't forget to drop him a comment telling him I sent you and reminding him of his pure unadulterated awesomeness! SidAlpha Web links: Steam Curator Page ► Submissions email ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Reddit ► Paypal ►


Zero Cold : Who, in their right mind, would pay 9 bucks when there is the same service for free with an ad-block. This is so freaking stupid i can't even...

Quirkylobster : Same thing as Netflix. The reason we pay is to have content without ads. Having the same product with ads and same cost is insanity if they think this will work out without backlash. But I doubt people will riot enough and this will become normal. It will happen with any stream service that has many viewers

TheGabbernaut : First Netflix, and now Twitch. Wtf is happening? I don't want to pay money to watch ads. That's the point of paid subscriptions!

Wesleygamer1 : This is just going to result to more people using adblock. Less people paying for twitch prime and less ads being seen. How does this benefit twitch again ? This is twitch simply stepping over a dollar to pick up dime. Unless I'm missing something.

DelorianYT : They need money to give 2000$ to each twitch THOT. 500 for streaming set up and 1500$ for implants

TomaHawk PWPT : So basically don't bother buying a General Twitch Prime Subscription. Got it.

gavin : if you pay money you don't get ads that is just the way it is supposed to be. i will never pay for a service that includes ads.

Earl Agustines : Next time I hear news about Twitch it'll be about how streamers are getting shutdown and demonetized for saying bad words and playing violent content

Drazen Graves : Oh look my adblock got renabled on twitch again somehow. it's the darndest thing...

Ainrev White : Ad Blocker is one of the only ways left to speak freely and equally on the internet anymore. People no longer want ENOUGH money, NOR do they want MORE money. They want ALL the money.

Daddy Joof : This is pretty much the same thing as Netflix "trying out" ads on their paid subscription service even though they have no other reason than greed to add ads

experiment506 : [Laughing in Ublock]

Ghost L : Then what’s the point of having prime?

mad marker : I think this speaks to the larger problem of ads and adblockers in general. If ads had stayed somewhat responsible and respectful of their audience like most newspaper, magazine, billboards and even sports sponsorships we wouldn't have these problems. Instead we moved from static banner ads to ads with flashing colors, autoplaying sounds, popups, autoplaying videos and in some cases potentially malicious scripts. Adblockers almost became required. I remember when I would watch stuff for free on the Hulu site, three about 30 second ads total for a 22 minute or so show. I thought that was acceptable, it was less ads than what I'd get from watching something on cable which I was paying for. Then youtube started having ads on videos, there were times where I had an non skippable 30+ second ad for a video under two minutes. That's what drove me to use an adblocker on youtube. Maybe it's better now, I don't know. Ads are a necessary evil, I get that, but their own greed, implementation and abuse (typically from a few) have ruined things for everyone and drove people to adblockers.

Kanagosa : Well there's one less sub fee I'll have.

N7Vakarian : Seems like less and less reasons to have Twitch and Amazon Prime

The Big Brzezinski : I guess Twitch thought they had too many paying subscribers and decided to chase some away.

FourEyePersonal : Oh. So they're just pushing people in to the next tier (Turbo)? Well that's not exactly surprising. Dick move, but yeah hardly an unconventional business model. :edit: I also recall that dear SovietWomble streams without any ads to _anyone_ . I don't recall how he does it; but he absolutely abhors ad placement, to the point of calling it harassing your own audience or along those lines.

MrFancyKiwi : The ad free viewing is one of the biggest reasons why I have prime at all. Guess I won’t watch Twitch as much anymore.

Anon F : I'll be cancelling my Amazon prime membership and telling them it's because of twitch

KAIMERA PRIME : So wtf is the point in twitch prime then ?

Nathan Williams : I hope they lose half their subscribers, greed needs to be rewarded with failure.

Falizure : a friend of mine who goes by 4kbshort said something similar about youtube red, its only a matter of time until youtube sees this as a "untapped audience" and youtube red subscribers will start to get ads creeping in, because companies will start paying more to have their ads shown to them as well, and then they will come up with something like red+ where you pay more to have no ads, something you should already be getting in the first place, and you will have no ads there for a time, until the cycle repeats again, bottom line is they will take more and more of your money to provide the same services you were supposed to be garanteed from the beginning, i'm just surprised twitch beat them to it.

Mr. X : tbh, my reason for using a adblocker is poor internet. You'd be amazed at how much bandwidth some sites pull because of ads, and on a 1.5 plan - With a average usable speed of .7 most of the day, thanks Centurylink! - it really does make a noticeable impact on loading times.

MechMK1 : Did Mr. Soderlund get employed by Twitch?

Snarky McSne : So Twitch is pulling a Hulu I see. The whole point in paying a streaming service company for a subscription is to forgo the damn ads, I mean COMMERCIALS. And these companies wonder why people still use adblocker on their websites. It's the whole reason I abandoned cable TV in the first place. I Hate Commercials!!!!

knightmarex13 : Adblocker, and yes I am aware of the consequences if everyone did that but that is were viewer support comes in Ie patreon,bits etc. Anyway I am one of those sit back and watch the world burn types so at least I won't have to worry about heating costs

Josh Blount : Maybe if they kept the ads short, people wouldn't be so upset. I think Arby's did a 5 second commercial where they just showed off some bacon and the guy says "Yeah, that's what I'm talk'n bout." Then shows the Arby's logo. I just HATE those 30 second long ads I sometimes see on youtube.

blazingsonic : "Nintendo is greedy!" Amazon: Hold my beer. 😈

DaThingOnTheDoorstep : Twitch? _Needing_ money? You're joking. This decision is pure avarice.

Luke vortex : Greed kills platforms...

Agent 005 : Won't be long before streaming services go the way of cable. Pay for the same content with ads on it because companies want all the money, not just a lot of it. Sadly, it will probably be accepted as normal because not enough people will care to do something about it.

gamesdisk : Wow, $20 per month to watch other people play videogames without ads.

Denam : Meanwhile, at Twitch HQ: "Guys, our costs are rising thanks to *insert changes to the laws or simply lower profits*. But don't worry! I have a solution! We're gonna toss ads on our paying customers!" "But sir, won't that prompt people to unsub and thus lower our profits in the long term?" *Insert throw employee out of the window memez*

mjc0961 : This might be what finally gets me to cancel Amazon Prime. The price keeps going up because they keep chucking in crap services I don't want. I only use 2 day shipping and ad-free Twitch. They just took one of those things away without dropping the ludicrously high price Prime has reached. No reason to keep paying the insane $120 a year to get one thing I do want and a mountain of things I don't want. As for Twitch, they boast that their """"""Free"""""" Games with Prime (which aren't free because you're paying a subscription fee to access them, just like PS+ and Xbox Live Gold) and in-game loot offerings are still available. Screw both of those offerings. I don't care about any "free" games that aren't free service because the games never match my tastes, and the in-game loot? For games like PUBG that I wouldn't be caught dead playing? HAHAHAHA get out of here with that trash. Get rid of those offerings and keep the ad-free viewing. No ads is all anyone really cares about.

Lord Destrustor : Every minute of every day, adblockers become more and more essential.

zztoluca : Oh no if only there was a way to continue ad free... oh hello "ublock origin" how you doing my friend.

Sowel 44 : So Prime members can use ad blocking plugins without any form of guilt on twitch now? Good to know.

Sinisphere : Seems like a great way to lose a lot of your paying subscribers.

Onlypoptart : I honestly wouldn't care about twitch ads if they didn't show an ad every time you go from stream to stream. I tend to hop around streams spending anywhere from 5-10 minutes at each stream. I understand being aable to run an ad during a break or at the beginning or end of a stream, but watching 5-6 ads in less than a half hour makes me wish I was doing something else. About 80% of the time when I go to a new twitch stream, it will show me another ad, one of the two different ads that twitch is showing, normally ASUS or a prime promotion. I use adblock plus and every now and then (maybe every other week) twitch ads will bypass my blocker for a day or two, and when that happens, I normally just decide not to bother watching twitch at all.

Phillip Ebert : I'd like to thank Twitch for motivating me to cancel Twitch Prime.

Akary : So this change why should i become a prime member what do i get out of it. Twitch is removing the primary incentive to be prime so glad i didn't jump on that boat and just stick with my pesky ad-block

Firock Finion : Also an adblocker is a great first line of defense against viruses. Seems to be mainly banner and sidebar ads that have viruses waiting in them, not video ads on youtube or twitch, but still. I had an old computer get so fucked up by a virus from a banner ad that the guy helping me get rid of it had to use a killdisk program to make sure the virus was actually flushed out for real. Since then I have refused to ever browse the internet on a computer without an adblocker.

Airi Akizuki : People using adblock on Twitch just increased by 500%

Saturday Morning Lilligant : When some you-tuber or twitch streamer asks to disable ad blocks. I double check to make sure it's enabled. If I wanted to watch commercials I'd watch cable T.V. Now I have all the more resion to not turn off ad blocks. Thank you twitch.

くろねこ7K Shadowrunner : No matter where you look in entertainment. The deal keeps getting worse all the time.

Mitzos SirReal : if i had to watch ads on every video on youtube, i simply would not be on youtube... simple

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DarSin : Oh look, another case of double dipping.