Twitch Drops Ad-Free Viewing for Prime Members

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TheOneDan : adblocker dont work on twitch

Zero Cold : Who, in their right mind, would pay 9 bucks when there is the same service for free with an ad-block. This is so freaking stupid i can't even...

TheGabbernaut : First Netflix, and now Twitch. Wtf is happening? I don't want to pay money to watch ads. That's the point of paid subscriptions!

Quirkylobster : Same thing as Netflix. The reason we pay is to have content without ads. Having the same product with ads and same cost is insanity if they think this will work out without backlash. But I doubt people will riot enough and this will become normal. It will happen with any stream service that has many viewers

Wesleygamer1 : This is just going to result to more people using adblock. Less people paying for twitch prime and less ads being seen. How does this benefit twitch again ? This is twitch simply stepping over a dollar to pick up dime. Unless I'm missing something.

knightmarex13 : Adblocker, and yes I am aware of the consequences if everyone did that but that is were viewer support comes in Ie patreon,bits etc. Anyway I am one of those sit back and watch the world burn types so at least I won't have to worry about heating costs

Earl Agustines : Next time I hear news about Twitch it'll be about how streamers are getting shutdown and demonetized for saying bad words and playing violent content

experiment506 : [Laughing in Ublock]

FourEye : Oh. So they're just pushing people in to the next tier (Turbo)? Well that's not exactly surprising. Dick move, but yeah hardly an unconventional business model. :edit: I also recall that dear SovietWomble streams without any ads to _anyone_ . I don't recall how he does it; but he absolutely abhors ad placement, to the point of calling it harassing your own audience or along those lines.

Daddy Joof : This is pretty much the same thing as Netflix "trying out" ads on their paid subscription service even though they have no other reason than greed to add ads

Drazen Graves : Oh look my adblock got renabled on twitch again somehow. it's the darndest thing...

mad marker : I think this speaks to the larger problem of ads and adblockers in general. If ads had stayed somewhat responsible and respectful of their audience like most newspaper, magazine, billboards and even sports sponsorships we wouldn't have these problems. Instead we moved from static banner ads to ads with flashing colors, autoplaying sounds, popups, autoplaying videos and in some cases potentially malicious scripts. Adblockers almost became required. I remember when I would watch stuff for free on the Hulu site, three about 30 second ads total for a 22 minute or so show. I thought that was acceptable, it was less ads than what I'd get from watching something on cable which I was paying for. Then youtube started having ads on videos, there were times where I had an non skippable 30+ second ad for a video under two minutes. That's what drove me to use an adblocker on youtube. Maybe it's better now, I don't know. Ads are a necessary evil, I get that, but their own greed, implementation and abuse (typically from a few) have ruined things for everyone and drove people to adblockers.

gavin : if you pay money you don't get ads that is just the way it is supposed to be. i will never pay for a service that includes ads.

KAIMERA PRIME : So wtf is the point in twitch prime then ?

DelorianYT : They need money to give 2000$ to each twitch THOT. 500 for streaming set up and 1500$ for implants

Ainrev White : Ad Blocker is one of the only ways left to speak freely and equally on the internet anymore. People no longer want ENOUGH money, NOR do they want MORE money. They want ALL the money.

Josh Blount : Maybe if they kept the ads short, people wouldn't be so upset. I think Arby's did a 5 second commercial where they just showed off some bacon and the guy says "Yeah, that's what I'm talk'n bout." Then shows the Arby's logo. I just HATE those 30 second long ads I sometimes see on youtube.

Kanagosa : Well there's one less sub fee I'll have.

TomaHawk PWPT : So basically don't bother buying a General Twitch Prime Subscription. Got it.

Mr. X : tbh, my reason for using a adblocker is poor internet. You'd be amazed at how much bandwidth some sites pull because of ads, and on a 1.5 plan - With a average usable speed of .7 most of the day, thanks Centurylink! - it really does make a noticeable impact on loading times.

The Big Brzezinski : I guess Twitch thought they had too many paying subscribers and decided to chase some away.

toucan : my wife took the kids

robinchwan : If I see a forced ad I actually go out of my way to NOT buy the damn product they shove in my face.

N7Vakarian : Seems like less and less reasons to have Twitch and Amazon Prime

Anon F : I'll be cancelling my Amazon prime membership and telling them it's because of twitch

Luke vortex : Greed kills platforms...

MrFancyKiwi : The ad free viewing is one of the biggest reasons why I have prime at all. Guess I won’t watch Twitch as much anymore.

MechMK1 : Did Mr. Soderlund get employed by Twitch?

ArkStrike : "Hey so we were running some numbers and it turns out we were doing something good and we weren't making the money we could be making and of course we are a giant company so we can't have that. so starting today we are changing this thing and in case there is any backlash we will go back to the old thing and try again later."

DaThingOnTheDoorstep : Twitch? _Needing_ money? You're joking. This decision is pure avarice.

Agent 005 : Won't be long before streaming services go the way of cable. Pay for the same content with ads on it because companies want all the money, not just a lot of it. Sadly, it will probably be accepted as normal because not enough people will care to do something about it.

Denam : Meanwhile, at Twitch HQ: "Guys, our costs are rising thanks to *insert changes to the laws or simply lower profits*. But don't worry! I have a solution! We're gonna toss ads on our paying customers!" "But sir, won't that prompt people to unsub and thus lower our profits in the long term?" *Insert throw employee out of the window memez*

blazingsonic : "Nintendo is greedy!" Amazon: Hold my beer. 😈

Onlypoptart : I honestly wouldn't care about twitch ads if they didn't show an ad every time you go from stream to stream. I tend to hop around streams spending anywhere from 5-10 minutes at each stream. I understand being aable to run an ad during a break or at the beginning or end of a stream, but watching 5-6 ads in less than a half hour makes me wish I was doing something else. About 80% of the time when I go to a new twitch stream, it will show me another ad, one of the two different ads that twitch is showing, normally ASUS or a prime promotion. I use adblock plus and every now and then (maybe every other week) twitch ads will bypass my blocker for a day or two, and when that happens, I normally just decide not to bother watching twitch at all.

Phillip Ebert : I'd like to thank Twitch for motivating me to cancel Twitch Prime.

Accelerator : so your paying money for what? i mean, im sure most people pay for Twitch prime because they don't want ads. why would they want to pay for Twitch prime now?

Lord Destrustor : Every minute of every day, adblockers become more and more essential.

David Welliver : So this change why should i become a prime member what do i get out of it. Twitch is removing the primary incentive to be prime so glad i didn't jump on that boat and just stick with my pesky ad-block

VermilionMantis : Seems like a great way to lose a lot of your paying subscribers.

NoodleIsLife : So they are pulling a hulu then...

Kalfax plays : well then, time to stop paying for twitch...

MrHatoi : Honestly I don't see why people still use Twitch. YouTube's streaming service has basically everything Twitch has with the added bonus that you don't have to be on 2 separate platforms if you want to do prerecorded content as well, plus a good mobile interface and better reach since more people use YouTube. I could understand 2 years ago but YouTube now has donations, paid subscriptions (the "Join" button thing), custom emotes, etc. as well.

Sowel 44 : So Prime members can use ad blocking plugins without any form of guilt on twitch now? Good to know.

zztoluca : Oh no if only there was a way to continue ad free... oh hello "ublock origin" how you doing my friend.

Andrevus Whitetail : Laughs in uBlockOriginese.

Airi Akizuki : People using adblock on Twitch just increased by 500%

SaneCatLady : The biggest problem with the ads on Twitch is that they cut the stream, ad begins and finishes..then just black, forcing me to F5. Anyone else having similar issues? (and yes, i have cleared cash,cookies, reinstalled FF, used antimalware and AV... :/

LezChap : Ads don't influence my purchasing. It's a waste of marketing, time, and money all around...and content producers rarely get enough of the revenue for me to tinker with my settings to enable them.

Davtwan : Most of this fallout could probably be avoided if they just said why they needed the money instead of trying to put a pathetic positive spin on things. Just say your reasons, Amazon. You want income for your new projects, drone maintenance, physical store fronts, or whatever it is. Staying silent about the why will make us assume the worst possible reasons, because you're not communicating what _has_ to be said. Until then, I'm just going to assume Amazon is kissing the rings of their investors.

くろねこ7K Shadowrunner : No matter where you look in entertainment. The deal keeps getting worse all the time.