Nicolas Cage Test in the Superman suit 1999

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Flux Mulder : In an alternate timeline, this movie got made, and earth is a smoldering wasteland as a result.


Joanie Crayfish : Love Cage, love Burton, love Superman... This wasn't going to work.

Uh excuseme# : Glad it never made.

Nicholas Totoro : I don't think I've ever been so thankful to see a movie not made.

I am the original : The new Bizarro movie is looking great

TheRedman790 : He looks like hobo Superman.

Juancarlos Rolon : ahhhh not the kriptonite bees, ahhhh not the kriptonite bees😁😁😁😁😁😅😅.

Simon wadsley : I actually think this would have interesting, would have liked to see what nic cage would've done with the role

Master Task : Nic Cage + Tim Burton = terrible idea they are good in other kinds of film but not this one.

Haborym : why does he need a tommy wiseau-wig?

Mateux : Of course no way about Cage in Superman role...( i think is even hilarious whatching is test) know what? ...If you look at him , especially in the last part on the video...his face..his Hair...   I SEE one amazing LOKI character!!! one notice ? really?  I think we really miss the best LOKI ever.  Just imagine....beside Cage is perfect inside that kind of Psyco - villain

Tennis addict 21 : That would be like casting Ben Stiller to play Wolverine now. What an awful idea, thank god it never took off.

Jose Rodriguez : That's kinda the suit superman has today.

Ash Ketchum : He look like Bizarro lmao

Dennis de Jong : Nicholas Cage is just not made to be a superhero. This looks horrible and I wish they asked someone else to be Ghost Rider

navylaks2 : And he would have had scissors for hands;)

AngeloIppis42 : More like super loki

Kachow Bich : were they casting bizarro ?

danar wijayanto : Is that you Loki?

al : With that hair, facial structure, and forehead, i m glad it never happened!

Heman Gohil : It looks like He's giving Audition for hustlers parody of superman.. Damn.

Caden Presley : I just don't see Cage as Superman. Though it would be interesting to see his take on Supes, and who knows if he'll nail the role if they made the movie, I just can't really see him as Superman. When you mention Superman, I see someone with Reeves', Wellings', Routh's, or Cavill's looks. I would've loved to see a movie on the death of Superman and his resurrection, but not with Cage. And I'm not trying to hate the guy too. Just saying I can't see him as Superman.

J H : I wonder what the wonder woman and justice league would be like......😩

Bruce Wayne : Nicholas cage still would have better choice than that dead zombie Henry cavil

osvaldo german : come on you guys give nick a break yeah clearly his no superman! but wait if you look at him in that suit and his face he makes a great BIZZARO!

Round House : Nick Cage only passes on Roles🥖 in restaurants

DJ Professor K : I mean I would have liked to see him play Bizarro Superman.

Lucky Wize : 99,99% people would've say NO ...

ryanfranciscoalpha : I wish this happened it might be good who knows?

Habibullah Mohammadi Elech : Thanks that didn't happened

mynameisrits : Would be a good bizarro tho

BLACK SHEEP SQUADRON : Up next: Will Smith's son gets to play Superman

The Name's Hicks : I think it would have been awesome

Evan Tomiko : I'm glad this it's not real 😂

SMB 73 : Slight crisis averted.

That Boy OneTime : Thank God that never happened.

Titanic 5972 : Wow thank god that never went ahead!

Zindaydra : I kinda wanna see what the film would be been like.

Yancy Arrechea : No just no

Jake Drake : i kind of wish this movie was made

Abhijeet Bhintade : Calamity avoided..

Huy Nguyen : How do i unsee this?

Let you’re soul Rest In Peace : Wat a joke

The Queen : Supes on crack

Naveen B : Shittttt😂

Moacyr Matheus : Loki?!?

Tiktok Toyatoya : I wish

Brennan Huff : Jay-bay-dough Superman?

Fractured Films : I still want to see it