Obsessives - Soda Pop

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Trap Music Now. : People with passions like this make the world an awesome place. Keep it up John!

Effectator : went there today with my mom and sister, bought $100 worth of amazing sodas, including a lot of the ones listed here. we tried 3, Bubble Up is absolutely delicious, we had an amazing cream soda and tried the Blackberry Hot Lips one, all amazing. Plus, I didn't know this until we got there, but they have a make-your-own-soda area! 3 bucks per bottle, you can choose high/low/no carbonation and use whatever amount and combination of flavours you want. plus, John is always there working on something and he's glad to talk to anyone. They also sell great sandwiches! and have just as much cool beer and wine as soda, and a bunch of candies and such. highly recommend this place, lot of fun!

Raleigh Burke : This guy is doing it right. I'm down for a trip to check out his store, who want to come with?

MrByrd333 : this man is a total bro. he loves his life and what he does. id drink a soda with him

Digital Insan1ty : i really want to taste the rose petal drink

Brianna Giles : This guy loves what he does an insane amount! Hes addorable

GozUnlimited : I've been trying Fentimans Curiosity Cola for the past 3 weeks and didn't realise it was mentioned in this video. Gotta say it's an amazing Cola. Love the taste, so much nicer than Coca-Cola. And I love the glass bottles

Winston Churchill : I wanna try that cucumber soda really bad

Raumance : Man I love this video. Had seen it before but it was so pleasant had to watch it again.

TheLegend1245 : I love this, he's the King of Soda Pop

Gavers23 : A little correction about the "Kosher Coke"- Coca Cola is kosher year round, and the OU symbol is the Kosher authority's logo and can be found on the bottles not bearing the yellow cap as well. The P you see next to the OU on the cap they show says it is Kosher for Passover and since Ashkenazi Jews don't eat corn during Passover the KfP Coke is made with cane sugar.

u c : this is the man that Bernie Sanders is trying to squash with his economic plan

WhoFramedMSG : damn this guy would get my business every day.

Tempest Wing : That coffee soda sounds delicious.

Thatguy47 : This guy is adorable

S3V3N13TT3R5 : This is pretty close to where i live, might stop by.

Jupiter MacWillow : I was there last weekend, and spent some time talking to John. The place is amazing.

Wilson Solt : I have never been more jealous of a man in my entire life. I am so happy for him.

Mikebacon : This guy seems so proud and happy of his business. sort of put a smile on my face. Cheers to you sir from Ny.

Software : omg that looks awesome

bukueOner : I wish something like this was in Australia. I can't even get a can of dr pepper anymore.

Brotato Chip : This guy is living the life.

Jarvis Wellington : i think i'm in love

noouch : I would love to visit this shop and buy a ton of interesting soda.

Lord Tony : How about a PURE lemon soda. I keep looking but I only get lemon and lime crap. Lemonaid doesn't count, it's not soda. It's also sweetened. I want an unsweetened sour lemon soda.

Lloyd Mcleod : Soda companies fear him...

Ben Nosrati : Where is your store located at? Which state and city?

EvaBongoria : This man knows his soda.

Cynthia Kim : I'm happy that he turned down major corporations like Pepsi and cola. :3

Caius Rhys : "take a look at all the diabetus"

Tommy Be : I love soda :)

FreeSeoul : 12:05 Wooh Bundaberg Ginger beer! So good, knew it would be here!

That Guy...Brian : This guy, this guy man. I want to be him.

Andrew Tolmasoff : Please move east and open up in Denver! Would be wonderful!

D.H. : I'd love to go here!

miniclip1162 : and this is why we need more little guys then big guys honestly... you cant replace passion and pride with corporations!

Datsun Enthusiast : Wow Lol how did i not see this video earlier it took me 8 years haha I love soda! glad I saw it though, I'll have to check out this store!

karakenio : Revisiting this video after many years, still like it. Should be reuploaded at HD! Kudos.

Gvidas Man : Its so nice to see when people never work in their life but just enjoy their activities and passion for doing something they like

pudgimelon : True passion and knowledge. Very inspirational to any small business owner

georules : People think this kind of shop is cool, and then go buy everything online because it's cheaper.

BabaCiccone : Such a cool and interesting person.

falconNL : Go back! Its been so long ask whats differed for him :)

Progressive Rock : What a lovely man!

Elizabeth Floyd : I tried to place an order, but shipping was 175% of the cost. Is there any way to get them in TN without such an outrageous cost?

brucelee12 : I admire how passionate this dude is, it's good to see and he's a decent man for standing up for the little guys.

LORDUnLuCkY13 : I don't think i'll ever be this passionate about anything.

Margareth Davenport : I went to that store once! The vanilla soda was just disgusting, do not drink that one folks!!

Malukaluna : What a lad.

Alvin Ainsworth : Agreed until the blatant bias against Big Business.  There's a reason small business is SMALL.