Anna Kendrick’s Sketchy House Party - After Hours with Josh Horowitz

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Anna Kendrick invites Josh Horowitz over for a fun little get-together, but he has a sneaking suspicion that something more sinister is going on. About After Hours with Josh Horowitz: Welcome to the bizarre alternate world of After Hours, where Josh Horowitz has somehow convinced your favorite celebrities to act insane. Subscribe to Comedy Central: Watch more Comedy Central: Follow Josh Horowitz: Twitter: Follow Comedy Central: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


Anna Kendrick Vietnam : OMG! Anna is sexy and funny and scary at the same time. I love it!

Necroseer : She has Ryan Reynolds head in the fridge

Row Blanka : that dress fits anna kendrick perfectly hehe

Bobbo Bob : Who ever picked out that dress for her is a genius. She is SO DAMN HOT.

alexberp : *This is not the bathroom josh*

Mike : I don't care if she kills me after, I'll party with Anna any time

Jason m : Lmfao this obsession with Blake is hilarious, those two are hilarious together. Ryan is a lucky lucky dude.

23 : Anna Kendrick is so natural and funny 😂 Gotta love her

Coolz : Lmfao ohhh Alexa.. always making silly noises in the closet.

Nathan T : This is needlessly dark and I love it.

aletheialethe : 1:57 and 2:21 such a whiny child! Haha

Alien Bacon : i love margot robbie but honestly... Anna should be Harley Quinn.

JJ 1 : If Anna was crazy I’ll let her kidnap me. I wouldn’t mind at all. She just the cutest even when she playing as a crazy person. She just the best.

Fran Verbist : She is sooo adorable 😍 i just wanna squeeze her 😍😂

thermotronica : Shes a national treasure

Kirk Schafer : OMG I hope Anna keeps having fun like this; the video's been over for a little while now and I am still laughing :)

hiccup22 : 1:33 hahaha her look when the phone rings. She's great

Mister Hatman : What kind of monsters keep peanut butter in the fridge!?!?

Triple A The Broski Bro : Did u just move in...!?......... No😂

Kaizen2011 : For Anna Kendricks, I will take my chances on the crazy ;)

JBTechCon : An answering machine??? This takes places in 1992?

Vasun05 : I have to say damn that dress looks amazing on Anna Kendrick

Stephen Merck : God!!!She is so dam cute and adorable.😘

Tony Lemons : This was so entertaining, I wish it was longer. Btw Anna you're looking amazing in that dress

Keya Gandhi : Did anyone realise that this is the same house as that in Vogue’s 73 Questions with Selena Gomez!❤️

Scandal Fanatic : I never really looked at Anna “that” way but 1:31 - okay. I see you flawless!

Twig : I can imagine her being a murderer

Impossible : Love her, she's so fed up, in the best possible way

Jess_Marie_G : Totally avoidable situation! Don't bake better cookies Blake!

AwkwardMuch? : omg love anna kendrick! that dress looks amazing on her :D

GrazeMann One : I'm so in love with her...

Greg Garcia : Jesus, Ana is the sexiest 😍

Stewart Fletcher : Oh my gosh. Anna Kendrick is gorgeous.

sixbone : who keeps peanut butter in the fridge???

Johan Hankil : jesus christ these comments are creepy lol

Dimitar Tomov : I wonder is the smile only professional or is just her .... Charismatic girl :-)

isx2005 : one word to sum it all up AWESOME!! Laughed so hard! Anna cant get a break :D :D

thewess26 : She is definitely the marrying type!

Laura House : damn Anna Kendrick is hot even as a total psycho lol

joustingdude : I could not love her any more than this, she's adorably wicked :-)

Xavier Valdez : 1:30 All I've ever wanted to see in my life

Fancy Nancy TV : Lol Alexa stfu!

guidesoonn : Anna is so adorkable. 😍😍😍

Niamh McFarlane : She is hilarious😂😂

redrust3 : She’s so hot and creepy , she’s like a younger Sharon Stone. With brown hair.

Scotty Beeman : Honestly , watched this high on shrooms, complete nonsense. The only thing I got out of it was a reminder that I have a huge crush on Anna Kendrick. So keep pouting in videos I guess?

Talky Whispers : love her so much.

Luis Gonzalez : Soo cute and sexy!!😍😍😍

Q U I N T O N : Much love Anna Kendrick ❤️