Anna Kendrick’s Sketchy House Party - After Hours with Josh Horowitz

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Anna Kendrick Vietnam : OMG! Anna is sexy and funny and scary at the same time. I love it!

Mister Hatman : What kind of monsters keep peanut butter in the fridge!?!?

nate crozier : She has Ryan Reynolds head in the fridge

LinkToo : I don't care if she kills me after, I'll party with Anna any time

Row Blanka : that dress fits anna kendrick perfectly hehe

Coolz : Lmfao ohhh Alexa.. always making silly noises in the closet.

No Hat Toad : Anna Kendrick is so natural and funny 😂 Gotta love her

Jason m : Lmfao this obsession with Blake is hilarious, those two are hilarious together. Ryan is a lucky lucky dude.

Nathan T : This is needlessly dark and I love it.

alex123ber : *This is not the bathroom josh*

Dank games : Just like Ryan to leave his Tupperware cabinet a mess.

aletheialethe : 1:57 and 2:21 such a whiny child! Haha

Daisy Ridley Videos : Anna and that dress is a match made in heaven

Fran Verbist : She is sooo adorable 😍 i just wanna squeeze her 😍😂

JJ 1 : If Anna was crazy I’ll let her kidnap me. I wouldn’t mind at all. She just the cutest even when she playing as a crazy person. She just the best.

thermotronica : Shes a national treasure

Juju The Voodoo Man : Did u just move in...!?......... No😂

sixbone : who keeps peanut butter in the fridge???

guidesoonn : Anna is so adorkable. 😍😍😍

Keya Gandhi : Did anyone realise that this is the same house as that in Vogue’s 73 Questions with Selena Gomez!❤️

rcav : She should just do adult entertainment...we all want it...

damnjabroni : Didn't know Anna Kendrick was funny. Now i know

Stephen Merck : God!!!She is so dam cute and adorable.😘

sunny david : Aahhhh.. After hours of breaking my head. She looks like Leah Gotti.. Yes I got it.. Yes yes

srami004 : Anna Kendrick is bringing it. 🔥🔥🔥

Dwight Schrute : The craziest people come from Maine.

thewess26 : She is definitely the marrying type!

NickPDX22 : She got that crazy “Cuz I’ll find you” look on her face!

Greg Garcia : Jesus, Ana is the sexiest 😍

Av Nt : Omg my face hurts form laughing so hard 😂 lol that was great and Anna is looking hOooooOt 🔥

Joshua Eliah Marquez : Loved you in 50/50 and I basically check out anything with your name on it. haven't been disappointed yet. :D

Scotty Beeman : Honestly , watched this high on shrooms, complete nonsense. The only thing I got out of it was a reminder that I have a huge crush on Anna Kendrick. So keep pouting in videos I guess?

Steven Farmer : "In your face" Yes please.

Niamh McFarlane : She is hilarious😂😂

ejoshcoron : 1:33 hahaha her look when the phone rings. She's great

ImHere4TheChili : 1:30 many foul and dubious things I would do in my life to see this standing in my doorway after work every day

Q U I N T O N : Much love Anna Kendrick ❤️

Johan Hankil : jesus christ these comments are creepy lol

isx2005 : one word to sum it all up AWESOME!! Laughed so hard! Anna cant get a break :D :D

Niamh McFarlane : 2:16 😂😂

Janelle : why is there peanut butter in the fridge

Robert Erskine : I wanna play Pictionary with AK and then go TP someone's house after drinking a few too many Zima's (do they still make those? and did I just age myself?)

Harley J farley : *Lol deadpool is part of this video?*

christian mbabazi : She can get it

Warrior Son : I would rub my genitals on Anna... 😍 😍 😍

Richard Johnson : This is why no one watches Comedy Central anymore.

ricky : this was not even funny wtf?

duy : Oh great. Another sketch with no real story or ending or point. But it's got a popular celebrity as the main selling point. Yay

MINECRAFT GAMER 6921 Lol : She really isnt funny at all

Professor Sweetmeat : How is Anna Kendrick famous again?