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Twilight Bright : *Me after seeing Kylo Ren shirtless*

Garrett Haulbrooks : That moment when you realize what "Two for the pink, one for the stink" means.

TeerapatGT : Overwatch porn in a nutshell

Lemon Bleach : me after seeing my grades...

Oraizan Era : Listening to ''Nightcore versions'' of popular songs that are just high pitched and poorly edited.

Lil_A_20 2.0 : My reaction to The Pokemon go song in a nutshell.

Diamondoid : when I see that a 12 year old draws better than me

Raging Agent : My alarm clock.

Midnight Bat : me when I look at my drawings I did as a kid

UCMGTWOClan : Election results.

TheProGamer 1327 : When people try to revive fnaf as a fandom

S w e a t y B o i : My reaction to the undertale fandom

CMDR The_Dank_Astero : Me after the emoji movie

Kev : My reaction to Steven Universe and its fandom.

auto exe : Got my first blue screen of death last night

Tuukka Wask : When you Hear, people on your bus complain about why women aren't respected enough as men...

Inky Dinky : Me watching super Minecraft kid

Aggressive Pizza : Roblox videos and profile pics

ViridianBrawler : My reaction to Lola Loud dabbing

Your Average Joe : Torbjion play of the games in a nutshell

Dead Haven : me with the nintendo switch.

DJ Quikking : The best part is when he said " *KILL ME NOW* "

Apachified : me after watching the infinite warfare reveal trailer.

Purple Mist Studios : Me after seeing Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 6

Matteo19919 : when you see the kolibri from battlefield 1.

ember : when you go through your old sketchbook and find something cringey af you drew and you are reminded of your sins

Frank West : what did he say after kill me now?

AstroTurtleYT : Me when my friend starts watching Anime

Bunnii : Sans Or Bendy Fangirls make me like 0:03 especially if they are Sexual.

Gamerchick2030 : Every fangirls reaction when their OTP is cannon.

Kankri Vantas : This is my favorite YouTube channel

Anthony Ruggiero : This always comes up in my mind when watching Misha videos (ironically, of course)

Just Your Average D00d : Cartoon horse program porn

A Peep : the release of fallout 4 in a nutshell

Coffee Is Object Trash : this is me when Pyrrha came back in Rwby chibi

Evil Trapezium : My reaction whenever I play TimeSplitters 2 on the GameCube.

Rikuu The Werewolf Riolu : Me after getting the floor is lava in overwatch

Juro : I was 23 seconds into a cringe compilation, this went through my mind

Wilson The Coconut : To every kid who listens rap and "music" now

GAMINGGANGSTA 117 : When you plug in GTA 5 for the first time

Terror Sonic : Me raging at a game I love in a nutshell

Krystal Taveras : Basically when I see a ship I hate or is abusive/toxic/pedophilla

Galactic Hybrid : me watching mrs sans. MABLE NEEDS MENTAL HELP!

Sara J : Yuri on Ice, dance off scene

thecrazysniper321 aka vault boy : zootopia fanart in a nutshell

Вероника Кузнецова : My reaction to Weird Shrek memes

Shady353 : Me watching the halo infinite trailer

CatityXD : *Me After Playing ROBLOX*

Dank Patrick : The FNAF fandom

TapWater : Hes not da real frank!!