Fire Drill - The Office US

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huzar237 : This was one of the funnest scenes i have ever seen ever 😂😂😂

Parvathy Prajith : *THE FIRE IS SHOOTING AT US* 😂

Wikkiwikki Bookchigibachigi : sorry but the way Bandit went up and then fell right back down through the panels kills me every time...Bandit is such a fighter

Salted Snail : After all these years, I just noticed Creed's face at 3:35 😂

PSN SlangReverend : Micheal trying to break the window was priceless.

Olivia : 2:31 Me 😂

Starchelle : Why is this me

Rashmika k : This is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life

The Entity : My business teacher is just like Michael it's hilarious

SHaiLuVsTaCos : this is the best cold open ever 😂😂😂

Emily Ruiz : Micheal screaming out the window "help, help" is the most ive laughed ever

Briana Rosé-Belle : “I forgot my purse ! ..” *Stanley* : *LEAVE IT WOMAN!*

Alex Heining : Michael screaming out the window during the fire was possibly my favorite moment in the entire show. The fact it took two tries to open the window with throwing things, including destroying the projector, and the fact he was the only one actually trying to get help from outside is crazy. As well as his actions, Kevin is returning with stolen snacks, Oscar is hanging from the ceiling, Jim is trying to break down the door with the copier, Dwight is smirking in mischievous delight, Toby has said nothing, and Andy is afraid of the fire's shooting abilities. Total chaos, with all characters showing their true colors.


KevinLep28 : 1:34 When you see the meteor in the sky about to hit tilted towers

GamingWithRaven : Kevin: getting snacks Jim: Calmly trying to not die Angela: saving her cat Pam: Following Jim and trying to save everyone Michael: Throwing chairs at the window Dwight: Laughing and making it worse Oscar: Leaving everyone to die and climbing through the ceiling

Ivy Collins Poitras : Dwight casually in the background *”have you ever seen a burn victim?”*

Biggie Cheese : When Andy screams “THE FIRE IS SHOOTING AT US” will always kill me.

Serenity113 : "Remember the exit points." Dude, you fucking locked the exit points! " How about 911, Anyone? 911?" That is literally the first thing Pam did but you cut the phone lines. lol I swear how did Dwight not get fired after this stunt? lol!

LeeTheNPC : Lmao i should start watching this show

Justdahbest : I love how it transitions from Michael throwing a chair at a window to get out to Kevin throwing a chair at the vending machine for food

iplayball27 : it's my own fault for using PowerPoint. PowerPoint is boring


CastleCrashersMaster : "SAVE BANDIT!!!" * throws bandit and bandit falls through the roof * love that part

Renea De Castro : I like how the cameras were carefully making sure the fire extinguishers were in scenes :D haha!

Infires, INFIRES MAN YEAH!! : Phyllis : I forgot my purse Stanley: LEAVE IT WOMAN! this line always cracks me up.

Youngfool : I just want to say for the record, Stanley was attacked by his own heart.

Dante Smith : Today Smoking shall save lives

Lizard King : The most underrated quote in this entire scene was in the midst of chaos you hear Dwight casually say "have you ever seen a burn victim" lol (2:24)

Rebecca Stewart : When she pulled Bandit out of the drawer, I was actualy crying it was so funny. Not to mention she threw Bandit into the ceiling, immediately falling back down. This iust proves how wellmthis show stands out from others, and why it lasted long like other sitcoms (Full(er) house, It's always sunny in Philadelphia, Seinfield, ect.)

SoFireandIce : “Today smoking is going to save lives”

nope : 2:56 I'M DYING XD

JustJenell : This scene cracked me up!

Pala Nathan : 3:06 I would actually do the same 😂😂

Antoine Zogbi : Dont care what yall say. Best part of this whole scene is the cat falling through the ceiling. Has me laughing every time

Yahir Gonzalez : "sAvE bAnDiT"

*_-Max-_* : *”The Belko Experient”*

David Samolkin : "The fire's shooting at us" was the best part gets me everytime

KiroTheAssassin : "STAY CALM!" I love the irony.

Claire Dé Lune : I just want to know what Dwight's endgame was, if he blocked off all means of escape, cut off the phones....

kay : It’s really hard to pick my favorite part because every scene is amazing. Between THE FIRE IS SHOOTING AT US and Creed’s face when Oscar’s feet pop out 😂😂😂

GenuineBronxite : 3:35 That is the face of a man watching the ceiling give birth to a human XD

American Ninja Productions : The fire's shooting at us!

coolawaw : 0:35 *powerpoint is boring*

Seka Haynes : Comedy Gold

Jasper Jamm : I love how the people in the office are so oblivious, Dwight's fire drill could've gone unnoticed lol.

souffleviolence : I relate to Kevin so much in this scene 😂


Meggie : *quietly pulls a cat out of a drawer*

wfl19 : people say this is the best scene in the episode, Toby wrote this episode, just a little Fyi