Will circular runways ever take off? BBC News

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SillyTube : Flight school is gonna be hard as hell in Gta 10!

Derrick Kirwa : What's next, you want the pilots to drift ok the runway to save time on landings and departures?

HEAVYWALL 70 : I had to watch because I thought it was a joke

evsnake : This man is every pilot's worst nightmare

Vincent Miller : Build it, if it doesn't work as an airport then NASCAR could use it.

Papa Smurf : It will never work. The Brits would be landing in one direction, while the rest of us would land in the other.

bry galope : Wouldn't this be an air traffic control nightmare?! Just wonderin

SkakaMJ0lk : This is what happens when you legalise drugs...

Dollsmartfix : *plot twist* Every pilot that did the simulator crashed

Graeme Elliott : think a loop d loop runway would be best. like a hot wheels track.

Bill Gates : Its a dumb idea, now instead of only one neighborhood getting aircraft noise all neighborhoods will?

Flyingboeing787 : ATC: Stop departures and arrivals, there is an unknown vehicle on the runway. (Some random person Tokyo Drifts around the runway over and over)

Candi Soda : Next Idea: Vertical Runways LOLLL Use gravity for airplanes to take off which takes no fuel! Just the power of gravity =D

John Kejr : If you think landing is tough, try taking off. As you speed up to gain airspeed to gain lift, the increasing bank and inertial forces will push you back against the runway. You could keep going faster and faster and never get enough lift to overcome them. Good luck also calculating where you must enter the runway and how fast you must accelerate to reach the takeoff airspeed precisely when aimed into the wind.

snowgolem609 aviation and more! : Inventing circular runways is like putting square wheels on a car

Kevin : The idea fails when an aircraft has to do an emergency landing

fish.mcbites : Great idea but one problem, how do passengers enter a circular airport

JPS Rose : Ok, reasons why this is a bad idea. 1. Uneven stresses put on airframes and landing gears. 2. The requirement for all flights to be 100% accurately calculated on their power and weight. Any error would mean taking off too late or too early potentially causing dangerous crosswinds on take off and landing. 3. Unpredictable cross winds and wakes inside of the bowl shape itself. 4. The video mentions that you can have multiple planes taking off and landing at once. A terrible idea as one accident could then potentially lead to a chain reaction. Add unpredictable crosswinds into that and you have a recipe for disaster. 5. This would take up *more* space, not less, as you cannot have any buildings (or trees) in a set distance around the circular design because essentially every direction is the flight path. 6. This is worse for noise pollution, as you can't route flight paths around towns and villages. Otherwise, it looks really cool. Maybe an easier way to improve efficiency would be to create some kind of launch and landing system, similar (but with less severe G-Forces) to an aircraft carrier which could reduce the length of runways required. But that would be very expensive (as would these bowls) and not worth the investment, the research or training to make it work.

Gabriel Kwong : You know the idea is stupid when it gambles with passengers' lives.

Glenn Murray : 2:20 if you look closely you can see someone being beat up though that passing planes window.

q8Qatami : Just make a square runway much safer and more effecent

Priyo M : Tokyo Drift

Zen News : Checks date. It's not April 1st, so hmm...

Richard Black : this inventor is comically stupid "circular runways are greener and less noisy" how? you have no evidence to prove this. he's from the Netherlands! he just wanted to find a use for the sloped sides of the dikes. "my big idea is a circular runway" are your small ideas as bad as the big one? "planes will have no crosswind and only headwind" true but you will have crosswind at 45 deg. angles during the start and ending of landing. "he was inspired by scary crosswind landing video's" its not scary if you have skill. "3 planes can land at once" what if one plane has the landing gear break and the plane behind rams into it? "sloped runway sides" when landing on a straight runway; the force on the landing gear is back and forth. the circular runway will add side to side force to the landing gear. this will increase maintenance cost and make the pilots job harder. "Centrifugal force will pull the plane to the center of the airport" I'm sorry: do you even know what centrifugal force is? Centrifugal force pulls spinning objects away from the center. get a push broom, walk into your driveway, and spin around while holding the very end of the handle. the brush part will lift until it looks like a helicopter blade. "avoiding tricking landings" 1 you have never even piloted a plane. 2 nowhere on this earth does a plane land tilted to the side. "they will have social impact" doesn't say why " instead of just one neighborhood experiencing aircraft noise; they all will experience aircraft noise............ wtf did I just hear? "no circular runways have been made since the 1960s" I wonder why that is................. I have a feeling that Dutch Arnold Schwarzenegger is a college dropout.

Mel Matt : 1:18 And the sides are BANKED *Heavy Breathing 'Nascar Fans'

KHRN Star : Here will see Airplane NASCAR...

Chesty : Where's thunderf00t when you need him?

IamZachAttack : No, runways can't fly. So they wont take off.

Jeffrey Rosinbaum : Left engine fails right before V1... what you doin?

Michael The Awesome! : Am I the only person who noticed the pun in the title?

phosphorescent : So you may land but how do you take off?

1000 Subscribers : How will peopl get to the airport if it is surrounded by the runway?

Reese McClain : That means they will completely have to reconfigure the ILS

Sean Redmond : What a ridiculous idea! And what are we supposed to do with existing runways?

helmsleyy : Added wear on tires ?

Dovakiin Dragonborn : It is not a good idea to be in a turn that close to the ground because if an airplane stalls, there is no room to recover

GraythedefilerYT : and what if a plane has a rudder emergency where it can't turn?

PRIMEVAL543 : If the runway is bent it will be a problem. The wings are hanging and scratch the road with the slightest sidewind

fiedofied : If it ain't broken don't change it.

Pat Rick : When I saw the picture I just wondered how you could enter the airpor

Snarly : This gonna create tornados

Sagar : Looks interesting in theory. But practically is this possible?

Some Cuck098 : instead of circle why not hexagonal or octagonal? that seem to make a lot more sense right?

Hamish Betts : 10/10 would tail strike again. Would slide off in icy conduction again.

Alex Monamochamuch : Even if it is calculated by a computer, if there is one mistake it could send two jumbo jets at a 30% degree angle and could send airplane parts everywhere onto other planes, this is not the best idea IMO.

RSci : Wtf was he doing at 0:25

sock lover : Thunderf00t please debunk

First name Last name : Bruh how they get in if the runway is surrounding the terminal

UKRider : Terrible idea... INCREASES the chance of landing in a cross wind Uneven pressures on landing gear Plane manufactures will have to spend millions on changing aircraft to withstand such forces ILS systems won't work (or will have to be completely redesigned) Auto-landing systems won't work Planes can't land on the runway if they have a mechanical fault No markers for landing zones meaning pilots can over shoot the landing Wind will act in unusual ways Harder to land while banking ATC will be '360' times harder Extremely expensive I could go on.......

Gary Abusey : The best idea since the circular firing squad...