Will circular runways ever take off? BBC News

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SillyTube : Flight school is gonna be hard as hell in Gta 10!

HEAVYWALL 70 : I had to watch because I thought it was a joke

Derrick Kirwa : What's next, you want the pilots to drift ok the runway to save time on landings and departures?

Priyo M : Tokyo Drift

Red Hood : Wouldn't this be an air traffic control nightmare?! Just wonderin

evsnake : This man is every pilot's worst nightmare

Graeme Elliott : think a loop d loop runway would be best. like a hot wheels track.

Dollsmartfix : *plot twist* Every pilot that did the simulator crashed

Vincent Miller : Build it, if it doesn't work as an airport then NASCAR could use it.

SkakaMJ0lk : This is what happens when you legalise drugs...

Reese McClain : That means they will completely have to reconfigure the ILS

Bill Gates : Its a dumb idea, now instead of only one neighborhood getting aircraft noise all neighborhoods will?

Glenn Murray : 2:20 if you look closely you can see someone being beat up though that passing planes window.

Flyingboeing787 : ATC: Stop departures and arrivals, there is an unknown vehicle on the runway. (Some random person Tokyo Drifts around the runway over and over)

John Kejr : If you think landing is tough, try taking off. As you speed up to gain airspeed to gain lift, the increasing bank and inertial forces will push you back against the runway. You could keep going faster and faster and never get enough lift to overcome them. Good luck also calculating where you must enter the runway and how fast you must accelerate to reach the takeoff airspeed precisely when aimed into the wind.

Gabriel Kwong : You know the idea is stupid when it gambles with passengers' lives.

Kevin : The idea fails when an aircraft has to do an emergency landing

Zen News : Checks date. It's not April 1st, so hmm...

Dovakiin Dragonborn : It is not a good idea to be in a turn that close to the ground because if an airplane stalls, there is no room to recover

Chesty : Where's thunderf00t when you need him?

Papa Smurf : It will never work. The Brits would be landing in one direction, while the rest of us would land in the other.

Agamemno Contingency : How will peopl get to the airport if it is surrounded by the runway?

Akmak : Planes will start drifting lmfao

Ethan Macartney : This idea is very dangerous and imagine the pressure that will be put on the pilots during take off and landing! ILS (Instrument Landing Systems) will need to be completely redesigned! So will runway lights (due to the runway being a circle) and the way runways are name will also no longer work with this idea. Airplanes auto land systems will also no longer work because the runway is circular. And also how will ATC address runways. And the way that the runway in the video is designed it will also cause wing strikes when a large aircraft is exiting and entering the runway via taxiways. And the amount of pressure that would be put on the aircraft's landing gear due to the runway being a circle the aircraft's landing gear will be constantly be forced against the ground as the aircraft increases in speed gravity gets stronger and puts more pressure on the landing gear and if the pilots rotate the aircraft to late then the landing gear may snap off. This is an idea that will need A LOT more development if it would become a thing. I'm just giving my opinion on this idea if i missed something please reply!

Michael The Awesome! : Am I the only person who noticed the pun in the title?

RSci : Wtf was he doing at 0:25

snowgolem609 aviation and more! : Inventing circular runways is like putting square wheels on a car

Ted7864 : With circular runways there is no need for thrust reversers.......just keep the plane rolling around the track until it slows down on its own

q8Qatami : Just make a square runway much safer and more effecent

fish.mcbites : Great idea but one problem, how do passengers enter a circular airport

Zombie Holocaust : won't emergency landings be much harder?

helmsleyy : Added wear on tires ?

Jeffrey Rosinbaum : Left engine fails right before V1... what you doin?

That Guy With No Friends : Wait so how are you supposed to get out of the airport?

Luqmanul Hakim : love to see the person with the idea founder do it first

Pat Rick : When I saw the picture I just wondered how you could enter the airpor

iamzachattack : No, runways can't fly. So they wont take off.

Kamran Kazemi-Far : Any idea on how people would enter the airport, since there is runway surrounding it?

FluBluBoy : Im sorry but i dont understand why everyones making fun of this its actually smart...

First name Last name : Bruh how they get in if the runway is surrounding the terminal

SoL!S Music Official : What about a hexagonal runway. Then it's a cross between circular and straight.

עוזי זכאי : Music models of melody 0502883288 israel uzizakayagmail.. Love from dear israel god bless uk

Hamish Betts : 10/10 would tail strike again. Would slide off in icy conduction again.

Einhell Tischkreissäge TC-TS 2025 U : Thunderf00t please debunk

Orpheus : I think Thunderf00t should have a go at this one...

Avonvalley1 : Landings with no wheels couldn't be landed on these runways, they'd just go straight off as there's no grip on the belly of a plane, or steering.

PRIMEVAL543 : If the runway is bent it will be a problem. The wings are hanging and scratch the road with the slightest sidewind

Kyle : If this does happen, keep it over in europe or somewhere where I don't have to deal with it.... Youre an idiot sir, not a genius.

Mel Matt : 1:18 And the sides are BANKED *Heavy Breathing 'Nascar Fans'

sall : what if the plane needed to belly land?