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YTMND vs Ebaumsworld

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I am proud to be working with Dollar Shave Club! Get their Starter Essentials Set for only $5: Tensions mounted between YTMND and Ebaumsworld in 2006 when a gif of Lindsay Lohan never changing facial expressions was uploaded to ebaumsworld with their watermark placed on it. YTMND users, along with help from somethingawful, 4chan, LUE and other communities with a distaste for Ebaum attempted to get the image removed by spamming and ddosing the site until they gave in. However, these actions wound up causing YTMND's owner, Max Goldberg, to receive legal threats in a comical, dramatic email from Neil Bauman and Eric Bauman, the owners of Ebaumsworld. Max, who up until that point had been trying to calm down the YTMND community, was not pleased. Featuring Music by Ozzed: ( ▶️Become A Whang! Member for exclusive bonuses: 👕Whang Merch: 📹Copy My Camera and Lighting Setup: 💸 Patreon: 💸 Patreon Shout Outs: 👼Fae Rie 🐩Murfy Murf 🎤Let's Have a Discussion 🍁Jason Verhoek 🐶Keely Lemonnier 🚘Volaju 🐻Jayden Wybenga 🐦Darren Blacklock 🐻Scott Barrie 🐹Porg Thigh Meat ⚽Ryan 🌯Jackburrito 🏠Joseph House 🐼Shannon Gerbes 🦔Michelle ✂️Dan Kutz 👓Zachary Murphy 🐕Adrian Gorman 🐙Whang! Subreddit ► 🎮Discord Chat ► 🐵Sign up for my e-mail Newsletter ► 🐙 Outro theme: Jynx - G.O.A.T ► #ytmnd #meme #internet


Andrew : Unregistered hypercam 2 is the best watermark

RebelTaxi : Classic internet. I mostly remember when YTMND got in legal trouble when Sega tried to sue them for making memes of that Sonic Sez.

Mantis128 : It's actually pretty cool that you do videos on internet culture from the early to mid 2000's. It's a period of the net that doesn't get too much attention.

Joey JoJo : I remember when Lindsay Lohan used to be one of the most beautiful women ever, Remember Mean Girls , Don't do drugs kids

Steel City Show : Using "LOL" in a sentence isn't a valid way to send legal notice 😆😂

Leo Stevanovic : "vulgar display of power" \m/\m/

andrew balliet : I remember googlefight. Your mention made me pause and visit. Upon arrival I clicked "view last 20 fights" to be hilariously greeted with 4 of the last 20 being ebaum vs ytmnd!

Dio Drando : Spoiler: 4chan wins

DesolatorMagic : Just wanted to let everyone in the comments know, you're all the men now, dogs.

Trace XL : For those who might not know, YTMND is short for "You the man now, dawg."

The Hamburgler : And now Linsey Lohan is kidnapping kids on instagram live

Larry Bundy Jr : Aah, good old eBaums world, I remember the Frederick Fox parody movie of him. What ever happened to that guy too?

Bill_Cosby : At the end of the day the only REAL winner is Brian Peppers

Baron Julius von Brunk : R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell 1966 - 2004

policeman planet : As always you put out the finest videos on internet culture. Somehow you make it interesting and not "cringey".

Bravoler : YTMND was meme culture before meme culture and eBaumsworld was YouTube before YouTube.

DjHatbox : Having a really shit day and this showing up in my feed was honestly exactly what I needed. Thanks for always bringing great content. It helps more than you know.

Samantha Port : Please do even more YTMND videos. YTMND was a huge part of my formative years and I have a lot of fond memories of it.

Uncle Grim : 10:00 YESSSS I was waiting for the dramatic reading to be mentioned. What a legend.

Zoochry Legoose : 10:20 is honestly the best few seconds of my life

NEW CHANNEL bit .ly/tssn-2 : My dude got a sponsor?! You're finally getting the recognition you need!

icecoldhubbas : Ytmnd is officially dead as of a couple of days ago. R.I.P.

jwardbass : Vulgar Display of Power!!!!!

Darth Kai : Came here for the story... But stayed for the handsome, well groomed gentleman, with the soothing voice.

Alexander Remoll : Whang getting that bread from DSC congratulations my guy

Wrestling With Gaming : Another super interesting video, man. I hadn't even heard about YTMND until I watched this. I feel old now. I'm gonna go put some ice on my osteoporosis or something.

Mcintough : You should do the homonucleous video, this man makes a literal alien from an egg and his juice. He then murders it on camera. I think it’s real. It is messed up! So it would be perfect for this channel.

butt dog : As an SA member from way back, I've always known ebaums was a trash fire.

The Campfire : *I see Whang, I click.* I can always use a little Whang.

PewPewPikachu : Man I remember spending so much time on ytmnd. I still have the complete ytmnd soundtrack torrents on a hdd somewhere.

Sam C : This is MY Jam. YTMND did also have forums but they were the definition of cancer.

bassgasmask : Never heard of YTMND, When i started using the internet in 2002 i was somehow was exposed to Ebaumsworld

creepergirlnextdoor : New to this channel!! I'm already in love with the content it's everything I didn't know I needed! thanks.

Antnony GableGate : hi Whang, what is your recommendation for daily sodium intake?

Arbiter : The painting at 0:09 had me shook. Where can I find a woman like that?

PuppeteerGaming : It is I, the man 5 minutes from the future, you'll never know if I am actually real, because I am always 5 minutes ahead of you.

Alana Banana : The dramatic reading made me laugh, it sounded like a classic Monty Python sketch. Poor Max :(

Adam Daly : New Whang video PogChamp

forti tude : Bro I can binge watch your videos for hours...

Jason Gardner : 9gag and imgur basically just the new age version of this.

imleonwhoru : Legend has it you can still hear the loud THONK of Max's balls echo out even today . We miss you max , you crescent moon faced hero .

raven lord : Would love top see: Digg - AACS encryption key controversy Time Cube by Gene Ray (worlds wisest man and only one to understand cubic time)

Ghostgirl 708 : Dang, after i watch these, i always crave more

TheConservative Juggalo : Yay! New Tales From the Internet from Whang, thank you dude! Congrats on the partnership with Dollar Shave Club bro.

Father AxeKeeper : For The Win?? For my entire life I thought FTW only meant F The World. That's what I get for growing up a Taz and ECW fan.

VirtualStruggle : Love these videos, dude! They're like throwbacks to my Middle/High school years.

Deep Fried Pigeon : Do a video on the meme wars against Hillary Clinton and CNN from 2016 and 2017

Diemondoe : YTMND won the fight. Also I would love to see a 4chan’s POL and B forum to join forces with YTMND to take on ifunny and 9gag

Vandal Savage : But Whang! I don't have facial hair. Does Dollar Shave Club work on pubes?