YTMND vs Ebaumsworld - Tales From the Internet

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RebelTaxi : Classic internet. I mostly remember when YTMND got in legal trouble when Sega tried to sue them for making memes of that Sonic Sez.

Hugh Mann : hello fellow homos of the sapien variety

Dio Drando : Spoiler: 4chan wins

Larry Bundy Jr : Aah, good old eBaums world, I remember the Frederick Fox parody movie of him. What ever happened to that guy too?

DesolatorMagic : Just wanted to let everyone in the comments know, you're all the men now, dogs.

Justin Y. : 4chan wins in the end out of pure proxy

Mantis128 : It's actually pretty cool that you do videos on internet culture from the early to mid 2000's. It's a period of the net that doesn't get too much attention.

Joey JoJo : I remember when Lindsay Lohan used to be one of the most beautiful women ever, Remember Mean Girls , Don't do drugs kids

Julius von Brunk : R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell 1966 - 2004

andrew balliet : I remember googlefight. Your mention made me pause and visit. Upon arrival I clicked "view last 20 fights" to be hilariously greeted with 4 of the last 20 being ebaum vs ytmnd!

Trace XL : For those who might not know, YTMND is short for "You the man now, dawg."

Steel City Show : Using "LOL" in a sentence isn't a valid way to send legal notice 😆😂

Wrestling With Gaming : Another super interesting video, man. I hadn't even heard about YTMND until I watched this. I feel old now. I'm gonna go put some ice on my osteoporosis or something.

Leo Stevanovic : "vulgar display of power" \m/\m/

Bravoler : YTMND was meme culture before meme culture and eBaumsworld was YouTube before YouTube.

Mr. Mcintough : You should do the homonucleous video, this man makes a literal alien from an egg and his juice. He then murders it on camera. I think it’s real. It is messed up! So it would be perfect for this channel.

Thestarshines Nøah : My dude got a sponsor?! You're finally getting the recognition you need!

The Campfire : *I see Whang, I click.* I can always use a little Whang.

jwardbass : Vulgar Display of Power!!!!!

Policeman Planet : As always you put out the finest videos on internet culture. Somehow you make it interesting and not "cringey".

The Hitchhiking Hatbox : Having a really shit day and this showing up in my feed was honestly exactly what I needed. Thanks for always bringing great content. It helps more than you know.

Bryan Yelk : Came here for the story... But stayed for the handsome, well groomed gentleman, with the soothing voice.

Ranger Hawke : But Whang! I don't have facial hair. Does Dollar Shave Club work on pubes?

Alexander Remoll : Whang getting that bread from DSC congratulations my guy

Z Jules : 10:20 is honestly the best few seconds of my life

Jay Cee Productions : I was personally apart of this event and it was glorious. We shut those fuckers down. This is the origin of "The Dramatic Reading" meme. If the internet was the Greek pantheon, WE would be the TITANS

Jason Edson : Why do you say Ebaumsworld so weird? You said that guys name right(the first time), but then say the same word wrong when saying Ebaumsworld. You said it right later in the video. So I guess good job?

Bill_Cosby : At the end of the day the only REAL winner is Brian Peppers

Arbiter : The painting at 0:09 had me shook. Where can I find a woman like that?

Pikachu : Man I remember spending so much time on ytmnd. I still have the complete ytmnd soundtrack torrents on a hdd somewhere.

HazedBluntly, Or some stale meme : Was just watching a video of a dude mixing semen with eggs and making... Things... Thank god a notification for this popped up or id still be watching a dude scream "BLYAT" and smashing living aliens made from his jizz.

butt dog : As an SA member from way back, I've always known ebaums was a trash fire.

Antnony GableGate : hi Whang, what is your recommendation for daily sodium intake?

Sam C : This is MY Jam. YTMND did also have forums but they were the definition of cancer.

Uncle Grim : 10:00 YESSSS I was waiting for the dramatic reading to be mentioned. What a legend.

Val Opltova : lol I was just stalking you and u upload

chicken masala : Hey whang can i get a heart or a like for a little self gratification please...

Alpha darthlupus : The video was called lohanfacial.html that would mean something different now.

Father AxeKeeper : For The Win?? For my entire life I thought FTW only meant F The World. That's what I get for growing up a Taz and ECW fan.

Mason Pelzer : Hell yeah pantera

killzoid the lethal : last time i was this early, the cannibal corpse logo was still kickass ps hi.

Derek Martin : Yay! New Tales From the Internet from Whang, thank you dude! Congrats on the partnership with Dollar Shave Club bro.

Adam Daly : New Whang video PogChamp

Candles & Ponies : This is true lunacy!

lots of bread : Hello

drdwkelley : Why do I feel like you speak every line with only 1 breath

Pizza Problems : I still have the YTMND soundtracks.

The Ghost Pit : Even if you have facial hair I'm sure you still trim how else would you get that amazing mustache.

CrAzYgIrL : Well, I used to play flash games on ebaums world as a kid. YTMND didn't have flash games, therefore, ebaums world wins