The Fight for Hambach Forest I GER/SPA Subtitles
The Fight for Hambach Forest

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Germany's 12,000 year-old Hambach Forest has turned into a battle ground between activists and police. Activists camping out in tree houses are fighting to stop German energy giant, RWE, from destroying the last tiny patch of Hambi that's left and the police are powerless to stop them. Find us at: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Telegram: Web:


De Leonist : It's a disgrace what we are doing to our planet for the sake of some rich guy's bank account.

froggit wonder : belal is so cute

Cee Tee : Spread the Word. Thanks for your authentic film. #hambibleibt

oscarin : NO PASARÁN!!!! (A)

Speedcreckverfolger 10 : I love redfish and your clips

chello 2501 : Buen trabajo Redfish. Espero que sigan subtitulando sus videos en español. Sería interesante que resuban trabajos anteriores y subtitularlo en español. Saludos!

The Hunter x Hunter 2011 Dickriding Association : Rip that guy

Lumpen Proletarier : Yesterday a young journalist fell down one of those occupied trees and died. RIP

Sibelius Johannes : And it's all the rush, because in October (afaik) will be a decision, wether Germany will keep the coal energy or not

Marco L : ich hoffe wir könnem RWE gemeinsam stoppen und ein zeichen setzen..

Sibelius Johannes : well actually police didn't really suspend their activities, but asked the activists to remove the memorial place, where the journalists died. If the activists don't do it, police will do it, thay said :(

Towarischtsch : Gread documentary. But the part about police activities being suspended is just wrong. Police are still taking away activists climbing gear and removing barricades.

Wolfgang Smythe : Poor Redfish got named and shamed by YT as yet another Russian state media channel. They adamantly denied this earlier in the year. If Russians behaved the same way in Russia as these German activists, we all know how brutally the authorities would react.

Gordon Fiala : Police are enforcing Fascist Aristocratic Industries Pillaging the Wilderness.

De Leonist : First

Hawkens85 : This video is funded by the Russian government. The German government recently began purchasing a large chunk of its energy from Russian companies. This feels incredibly like a hit piece to convince Germans that creating their own energy is a bad idea, making them more energy dependent on Russia. And, oddly enough, Germany has complained to the EU and the UN that they feel threatened by then, why would they begin to become energy dependent on the very country they say they fear? This whole thing video is a joke. This is nothing more than state-sponsored propaganda.

Christian Baumann : ich bin auch dafür den Hambacher Forst nicht abzuholzen und pro Natur, aber ich würde niemals mit Euch zusammen dafür kämpfen weil Ihr die gleichen ekelhaften Zecken seit, die pro Drogen, Messer, Clan Einwanderung sind und das Grab dafür schaufeln. Im Ausland engagiere ich mich gerne mit Euch niemals!

Stefan Müller : Never forget that these activists are responsible for the death of a journalist by building unsafe tree houses in the forest. Even after the state told them that the houses were unsafe they still did not listen and let a journalist fall to his death (a few weeks earlier an activist also fell from a tree house and was injured). And after that? did they realize what they have done and take responsibility? NO! they even used his death as an pr stunt