What Will Win Gun of the Year? - Goatface
An Awards Show Kevin Hart Wouldnt Host

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Javier Fernandez : Mental health. Do mental health next hahahahahah

Ccrruunnkk : If this is humor, then comedy is dead, and we killed it.

Nerdy gamer : I bet that AR15 costume was super uncomfortable

tcntx : ohhh comedy central you are sooooo running outta funny fast so sad

connann barbarin : i am more of AK47 fan but i am happy for AR15

Jay Costa : All you gun nuts seemed pretty triggered by this sketch.

James Martin : I’m a gun owner & even I found this funny 😄- if you don’t have a sense of humor, do the rest of us a favor & rethink you owning a gun

Ryan Savage : How do they upload if I cant view their channel

Rexie V : What any amazing speech. You hear that kids, never give up!

Lemmy K. Is God : Uh, where's the Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40-Watt range ?? 🤔

Jack White : Glock is a company, Ar-15 is a style of rifle made by many manufacturers, and Shotgun is an entire class of ammo type and use more diverse than the term "assault riffle". They would not be in the same category in any award show

Ivan Irani - EIS Grade 6 : 2nd to comment!

Oram geanem : Idk why people think AR15 is so popular with people who don't know shit about rifles and guns it's isn't the only semi weapon in the market

SubUrbanSF : Good ol' "thoughts and prayers".

Daniel Holmberg : Pretty sure handguns kill way more people than ARs.

LessThanJayson : This kinda makes me wanna buy a gun.

Bobby Varghese : Comedy Central opened up my life to happiness all it's videos are lit and funny

JOKANI1977 : Accurate?!

luis soto : Tseries for the win

idlepyramids : Remember guys! Political comedy is only funny when it’s done towards liberals! Leave Republicans alone before they start burning their Nike shoes again

Phillip Morrison : If you going to be political at least have strong jokes...

oren1neu1dag : so many butthurts! who's the snowflake now huh?!

Rufo Barriga : Comedy central

TheKsiMagenta : Wasn't funny but alright. Not to mention lazy writing.

insanemembrane : We went to school!

Alex King : Yo

Clown 2B : Happy Hanukkah.

Daniel Peco : Politics

Raziel Fuentes : By the way the "glock" is a company not a specific model of a gun and handguns kill like 5x more people than ar's do......

TROLL HESAP : This is fun to watch.

Stephen Salvatore : a-salt-rifle

Brandon Miles : "Comedy" central

Jules C : How is this not trending?

Liam : This is so cringe.

Ife ka Terry : Advanced propagated, but it is for a good cause.

cbro412 : Well Glock is a brand not a "type" so.....

Fittastic Shape : AR 15 is killing it.

Greg Roy : P226/MK25

Jonathan Leon : GLOCK

Jules C : BRAVO

Charles McHaley : Maybe one day Comedy Central will start doing comedy again

dreamsatsea : Aaaaaand here come the butthurt comments...

michele vitarelli : Glock?

Aditya aditya : Straight men kissing each other

L̷i̷o̷n̷z̷ : Wtf😂😂😂

Trey Yula : FACT: Glocks kill more people than AR-15's. FACT: Comedy Central isn't funny anymore.

Jason Hubbard : Was this supposed to be funny?

Ch ef : We don’t need guns. We need burgers

Tony Jacques : Was that supposed to be funny?