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Obito Uchiha : Elizabeth Warren 1/1024 native indian.

TheLonelyGoomba : When parody becomes reality.


Sean Haberlin : Who's here after the Elizabeth Warren DNA test? xD

GPO : Elizabeth Warren test results were even lower than all the people in this clip.

baseball man : Funny how this is no longer satire

Chesscom Support : Elizabeth Warren saw this and didn't realize it was satire.

RaysilvaEXT9 : "Sup nigga" 😂😂😂😂

Charlie1821 : hahah holy shit. Southpark ahead of the curve again

justanotherlikeyou : Bwahahahaha, Elizabeth Warren is 1/1024th Native American which is .09%. She's .09% victim, lolololol! She's literally a Southpark episode!😄🤣😂😂😂

Justin Hauke : Elizabeth Warren is, possibly, 0.09% victim...

Scott_T : OMG. liz warren just made this REAL !! LOL!!

Eda BK : I'm 13 percent victim! I'm 21 percent victim! 😂😂

Bunggo Loya : This is more relevant than ever.... THANKS ELIZABETH WARREN!

Dennis : Who’s here because of Elizabeth Warren?

TheTarrMan : . . . . . . . I think I know why this video is trending right now. RIP Elizabeth Warren

Cindy Lee : LOL Liz Warren IS this episode. Her and her Cherokee fraud 😂😂

Dj LilRico90 : South park never disappoints

GPO : Elizabeth Warren did watch this at some point.

Dusty : Elizabeth Warren: Whats up chief?

imnickim : Omg an Elizabeth Warren episode before its time. Classic South Park

Red Dead : Who showed this to Elizabeth Warren? 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

fredo1070 : Ha, ha, Elizabeth Warren 0.01% victim.

ahsido1 : A year later we have Elizabeth Warren.

G I Gandhi : Throwing shade at Elizabeth Warren.

Matthew Argyros : Elizabeth Warren is at most 3% oppressed.

Samuel Baldwin : This is Elizabeth Warren with her 1/1024 Native American

xJester23 : Elizabeth Warren IRL

KC SPORTS : Cool looks like we'll find out a little more about the Marsh family this week

Not ATF : Elizabeth Warren be like...

xBTTAx : they must have sponsored Elizabeth Warren.

Kyle Gavin : Wow who knew south park could tell the future

AJ SAMATAUA : Elizabeth Warren says hi hahah

Marauder224 : Cough Elizabeth Warren Cough

Tigerman1138 : The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’s FAN BASE.

ilan chico : Elizabeth Warren brought me here.

Orangeflavor Motherfucker : I immediately came to this when i read about Elizabeth Warrens Native American heritage.

Marko kovac : Elizabeth Warren. 0.09% native american

NutterCutterPro. : Dammit I just got mine back and I was excited to find I was 9% African. Now I feel like a tool.

KingTut : Elizabeth Warren

Mike M : Elizabeth Warren anybody?

jcurri : More relevant today than ever LOL #ElizabethWarren

Wraith : I can see cartman doing this and finding out he's got Jewish ancestors

Tai Nguyen : Guarantee SNL won't do a skit like this.

Art Casbah : Lol Senator Elizabeth Warren watched this ad video

missing no. : I'm 10 percent victim, 20 percent victim, 15 percent concentrated power of victim, 5 percent victim, 50 percent victim, and 100 percent reason to remember I'm a victim.

Noah Barkelew : Let's get this trending.

Cavscout101 : Elizabeth Warren sent me here

Yuyukow : Damn, I didn't know Elizabeth Warren was a one-off throw away character is South Park.

Cherish Roy : ROFL!! Elizabeth Warren!!