Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson were once an item - The Graham Norton Show - BBC One

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hollaname : When Liam says "fuck" though..

Branfaol1 : Helen's reaction to the story soo cute

Akmal Ahmed : I googled her when she was young and holy fuck he was right.

Hollins23 : Living together for 4 years and that never came up once? Can't imagine all the nights they were laying in bed together and he never told her that!? I'm glad he finally told her now, though.

panayiotis9o : 1 :00 when you see your crush in a attractive outfit!!

Nora G : Yup, she was a stunner! She still carries that sexy confidence with her 😊

GeoNeo Hill : Best friends with Cieran Hinds?! Small world. Surely theres an age difference between Helen and Liam though no??

becky loves cibo : awww to see Dame Helen Mirren blushing What a lovely sight! 💖

smalla ss : You can ear a genuine and authentic "aww" from the audience before graham says it... then as graham says it there is a roar of "AWWW" from the crowd.. dat sound edit.

BooBop1987 : Mind your Language Liam!

Jonas IDK : Neeson doesnt age

Qandil kaka : I never knew . fuck .have that Mach meaning

Jo Ski : They tapped after this I’m betting.

sweiland75 : No straight man could resist Helen.

Viking jarl 4 life bruv : No offense but isn't there a big age difference? I thought Liam was fouty, and she sixty?

Ger - : Ardmore studios is bray but close to Dublin I suppose

HappyandAtheist : Helen Mirren what an incredible elegant and beautiful woman.

James Heath : I will find you. And I will kill you.

Guavaberry Gua Gua : As an american who i am always learning new ways to say you have a crush on someone. First I learned "fancy" and now smitten.

sallyjosie : I can't believe how many FOOLS still believe age doesn't make a difference. I guess that's one of MANY reasons why divorce is so prevalent nowadays. Because some fools can't pull their heads out of their rear-ends long enough for oxygen to permeate their thick-pea-brained skulls. However I am NOT saying that the 7 yr age gap between Liam and Helen is very significant. I will say that the fact that she's MARRIED should mean to anyone even pretending to be halfway decent that SHE IS OFF-LIMITS! But of course that requires decent moral values, self-control, real integrity, real honor, maturity, intelligence AND (believe it or not) SELF-RESPECT!! Because people who genuinely respect themselves know that if they cheat with you they WILL cheat on you. And no sane, self-respecting person would ever tolerate that. NEVER! And I challenge any half-wit to challenge me on this. I've "ONLY" studied 'Adultery, Marriage and Child-Rearing' for over 25 years!! And believe me, I've heard EVERY stupid, worthless, crappy, head-up-the-butt excuse that every brain-dead fool on the planet has pulled out of their rear-end in a pathetic, laughable, nauseating attempt to defend adultery. I guess when one hears the little asinine, pathetic attempts to use as an "argument" one gradually loses patience when one hears the same old lame-azz B.S being spewed out of a fools mouth like diarrhea over and over again. However there is no proof that she's turned into some sh*tty little backstabbing b**ch towards her husband so I'm assuming all is well within her marriage. I have actually read interviews about her where she has made it clear that her marriage is about more than just mere sex. That is a lot stronger and deeper than all that. Now THAT'S a relationship worth cheering about. Now some silly little shallow fling that was based mostly on sex.

AbundantlyHappyLisa : She is 7 years older than Liam.

walks tall : Liam neeson looks like he's dying

Peter Csigo : And you wonder why these two are not together anymore lol.

nick1981a : incorrect field dominance

Prithvi Sindhar : 😂