Helen Mirren and Liam Neeson were once an item - The Graham Norton Show - BBC One

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Branfaol1 : Helen's reaction to the story soo cute

Hollins23 : Living together for 4 years and that never came up once? Can't imagine all the nights they were laying in bed together and he never told her that!? I'm glad he finally told her now, though.

Bekah : awww to see Dame Helen Mirren blushing What a lovely sight! 💖

Nora G : Yup, she was a stunner! She still carries that sexy confidence with her 😊

Vicente Fernandez : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand yet another reason to hate Neeson. He looks better at 100 than I do at 28, AND HE DATED MY CRUSH

Guavaberry Gua Gua : As an american who i am always learning new ways to say you have a crush on someone. First I learned "fancy" and now smitten.

panayiotis9o : 1 :00 when you see your crush in a attractive outfit!!

sweiland75 : No straight man could resist Helen.

animerlon : I have a feeling that if she repeated that 100 yard walk in the same costume today, there would still be a lot of guys with that exact reaction.

Jonas IDK : Neeson doesnt age

HappyandAtheist : Helen Mirren what an incredible elegant and beautiful woman.

Jo Ski : They tapped after this I’m betting.

h d : What a perfectly told, romantic little anecdote. ...and one which grown adults watching American TV in 2018 could never hear. So inane.

dilwich123 : I'd still pump her at her age she is lovely.

Captpicard : And they did for 4 years after that😂😂

MrTech226 : I remembered Helen as Morgana La Fey from Excalibur - hottie and today, she is hot!!

GeoNeo Hill : Best friends with Cieran Hinds?! Small world. Surely theres an age difference between Helen and Liam though no??

BooBop1987 : Mind your Language Liam!

jimjimmyjames59 : One of my favorite movies. Love that story!

VolumeImpact : I need some liam neeson in my life

Ger - : Ardmore studios is bray but close to Dublin I suppose

frglaf : If you're a real man, and you love a woman, then irrespective of time's passage, you will always hold her in your heart. Marriage, children, whatever, they can intervene, but you will always hold a tender spot for the girls you have loved before.

glockenrein : I'm pretty sure I'd have this reaction to her to this day, she is gorgeous.

None Of The Above : Was revealed that Irish Liam worked for the British security services, yet he so Irish

Morgan le Fay : Dame Helen's character Morgana le Fey is where I gained my alter ego, Morgan le Fey or Morgana. It's gained more replied with my email. :-) She was seductive. I adore Liam.

Mohd Hafiz Bin Mohamad Nor : This interview was amazing

Thomas Bland : Helen looks 30 years older. She's actually 7 years older though.

sallyjosie : The 7 yr age gap between Liam and Helen is NOT significant but the fact that she's MARRIED means that SHE IS OFF-LIMITS! I have read interviews about her where she has made it clear that her marriage is about more than just mere sex. Make of that what you will. (like maybe a previous relationship was based solely on sex. at least for her. lol) ;) Now THAT'S a relationship worth cheering about. Not some silly little shallow fling that was based mostly on sex.

byronius5 : Who couldn't be smitten with Dame Helen Mirren??

Bob Doubter : So how old is Liam N.?

Tilly Sanders : Liam reminds me a bit if a werewolf here

AbundantlyHappyLisa : She is 7 years older than Liam.

nick1981a : incorrect field dominance

Peter Csigo : And you wonder why these two are not together anymore lol.

walks tall : Liam neeson looks like he's dying

Emily Copper : No offense but isn't there a big age difference? I thought Liam was fouty, and she sixty?