The real adventures of Jonny Quest intro theme

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Brayden Lupher : One of the best theme songs of a cartoon ever

Sam guevenne : 27 years old and this still gets me going

altair28389 : Remember nothing about the show except this. An intro which defined epic.

jatin jain : chemistry of johnny and jessie was awesome

Mauricio Laurel : I loved this intro as a kid. Still love this intro as a 30 year old.

jasperwellington11 : Thank GOD I was a 90's kid ;D

Summer Salt : i didn't really like this show but i always make sure to watch this intro first before changing the channel

Julie Mberia : Raise your hands (lol) if your favorite episode was the Medusa one...20 years down the line and that's still my favorite episode ^_^

Redbeard Raph : This was like the Jason Bourne for kids.

KittoO : Goosebumps Overload , God now i realize how lucky i was to be born in 90's era & seen such awesome shows with such awesome intro music.

Vidhi Gupta : 90's was undoubtedly the best time to be a kid

gruu baa : When I was a kid, this show used to really scare me. The plots were serious, tense, full of suspense and characters could die, and there in fact WAS death, unlike any other cartoon shows I'd seen back in those days. May be that's why this series was really special to me, putting in an idea that cartoons too can have a sense of reality to some extent. Loved it and still love it. :)

Bakunawa BenHierro : im 26 now...... damn the 90's was glorious.

J Double C : 2018 anyone

Ony Dozie : Imagine a Johnny Quest live action movie?!?! So badass!

Stephen Price : Man I miss THIS Cartoon Network

Damar158 : This show was dark as hell. People died badly every week. Especially that episode with the underwater base and the Murloc creatures who just ate people.

Phteven : The part at 00:39 gives me goosebumps.

Nikita Pasan : Missing my childhood😢

Explorer : I hope that I am not the only one that had a crush on Jessie lol. And would love to see a reboot of this for this generation. I am surprised the network hasn't thought of it yet. I mean imagine Johnny Quest with today's tech and I phones lol.

TheMcSkeezy : that hairflip tho

AreYouOffended : Ahh Cartoon Natwork's glory days

Drew Khan : how fucking brilliant was this theme music? wonder who it was by

CatholicHTowner : Thumbs up if you're here because of the Nostalgia Critic!

PlaystationCentral82 : Oh, My, God! i've been looking (or hunting as i'd like to call it more accurately) for this intro for YEARS, ever since the time i was a kid and still living in poland in the 90's, and now that i've finally found it after all this time, i can now die in peace. :)

don't tell me I have a scary dp : My younger sister and I would literally be 3 inches away from the TV screen and pretend we were flying through the matrix-like maze all while humming that awesome theme.

oblambo : I ONLY liked the episodes where they used Quest Mode.

Ervin Griffin, Jr. : Best remake of a classic theme ever!

LotusEater : OMG, all of a sudden i remember this, my childhood memories. This was way ahead of its time, im happy to say this belongs to my era.

Orange Fox : You gave me a piece of my childhood that I had forgotten back. I could hug you. Thank you.

Mr. Budget ম্যান : When that theme starts you are in for an adventure......

Fox Alpha : I'd love to see Christopher Nolan make a movie about Jonny Quest...I can only wish

Tahkaullus01 : This show was hit and miss for me...and the opening was one of the hits.

Bill Goff : best part: 00:39

MrHeavyXD : the only part i remember from this show is the intro.

Mafaman : "The Book of Rage!". Anyone???

Cata Deluxus : This intro scene was the epicest song I've ever heard I remember as a child!! Chris Colorado was good also! thanks for posting this, have been looking for this for a while

Shenruss : I don't know which is freaking cooler;  that this was one of the shows that made Cartoon Network the Boss of Bosses in the 90s, or that this updated intro was as spectacular as the show itself was updated from the 60s and 80s version.  GOD! They need to make new episodes for current Toonami! Same cast; same writers; *same damn music*. 

Emma Frost : when i saw the intro for the first time i started to flip my hair back just like the red head did everytime im done washing my hair or done swimming at the beach this show is great.

Smiley G : Suddenly, a wild wave of childhood feels appeared...

Dan Fox : Even though I like brunettes better than redheads, I still think Jessie Bannon's a hot chick.

Big Brother : Indiana Jones + The Mummy = The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest

Eilidh Macleod : the thing I remember most about this series is the creative ways they killed people. helicopter crashes, being crushed by walls closing in, being mummified alive, the list went on.

darkleaves : Mike Pence theme song when he is beating up illegal aliens

piou77piou : I always found 0:42 perfectly badass

Juan Noriega : Best intro ever!!!!

ongsuk chakraborty : i just loved the music back still gives me goosebumps when i hear it now :)

aditya menon : I forgot how much I loved this, I was in Upper Kinder Garten when I used to watch this show... that's a long time to remember a song :P

SuperFanboy101 : Back when animators put their heart and soul into making an excellent cartoon series. Gawd, I miss those days.

micky michaell : This and Swat Kats opening were my favorite.