peace and quiet

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Robotman : Jake, I f**king loved that. Your videos are so amazing and inspiring. Please, never stop making them.

Pikapetey Animations : Interesting.

Cyael : I get it, my man. Take your time.

Gabriel Lopes : those are the kind of fish i want in my aquarium

Cant see myself happy : Hey Jake! I never expected an animation so soon, but to be honest this made my evening better. I hope youre doing well and keep up with the good work, mate! ; )

foxy MOTO : u r lit and all ur videos are lit../

Wybie Snicket : I know it sounds weird, but your animations inspired me to start learning animation. I know there's a lot to learn, but sometimes you remind me to just make something honest, something silly. That's the point of this whole thing I guess

wonho's ramen : I love things like this animation that gives surreal feelings. I love it. I love your videos <3

ThatOneGuyNamedFuzzy : I love ur videos.

ChaseFace : I was expecting that one fish to jump scare me. Well done as always brother

Papa Satan : fortnight was one of my vocab words... it means 14 days

JedDraws : the 3D environments look really good!

Hassan Rouhani : You are so underrated

Atul Raj : Man i just love ur videos!!! Don't listen to shitty opinion of others just carry on what u want 2 do........

ThatOneGuyNamedFuzzy : Oh, that narito story, oh, I have like 6 friends who would like that. 6. 😔😂💀

ThatOneGuyNamedFuzzy : “Hello? Hello? Hey, hello?”

ajq1982 : Nearly shit the bed when I see your vid, don’t leave me for so long Jakey baby

Zombie NinjaToast : 2d guy in a 3d environment? I would be weirded out as well

emno : Seaman for the Dreamcast

Salty Skelewyvern : daddy has uploaded

GetTheFO : The fish had me inexplicably dying, thank you

lukáš sokoli *furry* : *Jake u like ur haters hate comments?* *Me:no wifi on phone* *Me:turns on offline apps*

Disasterous Masterson : I found you through PewDiePie, your channel is incredible

Guy : Awesome 3D work! Really taking it a step further than ever

Jhumar Cuzon : Oh crap your still going?! I had nightmares when I first saw your videos about your mind saying no and your body saying yes! 😐😱😵

Lee Tam : No way, I can’t believe you done this quietly

bezimienny : hello guyz!so͞opmollëkuqeየትላትል ዓይነት┬┴┤( ͡⚆ل͜├┬┴┬שְׁאוֹל

Ximon Whhatt : Man, that was really good.

ParanoidAndroid : Hey Jake! I really, really enjoy anything you put out. You can make the weirdest, most surreal dark things. Yet, you can make hilarious skits like the “My minds telling me no”. I would appreciate it so much, if we could have a conversation. Either in text, or person. Please make that happen haha.

SirBallBag : Where can I buy the devvo fish

Dennis mob : I thought you were dead

Tyler O'Toole : What thee frick was the inspiration for this masterpiece?

Maulen. IDC Florez : Drowning is better than a perpetual existential breakdown.

rapidt real : good shit like always what more can I say?

Kareem Daoud : Loom bands mate!

Kittykat 2005 : I have had dreams like this Or were they nightmares

Justin Y's Stand : 1:55 "It's been about a Fortnite since I woke in the room" Perhaps you woke in the room because you got a victory royale and this is your prize!

Emperatordaniel : how does he get these idea's? xD so original. I want those fish lol. keep up the grat video's!

slipperysloop : I was gonna go commit some arson, but then this video showed up in my feed, thanks for keeping me away from crime Jake.

magio ohso : Jake I'm your biggest fan ..can you pjn me a heart😭

ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ : You're stuck in the nightmare dimension forever, mate

AReallyBoredArtist o3o : Weird but wonderful Made me laugh, loved it

Justin Y's Stand : 1:39 I love how that comment is upvoted.

Matesponja : ur great and all your videos are good...!

Meme Wolf : This video is great. Interesting to see what goes on in your mind. I love the fish omg.

rick sanchez : Oh jake this One is so fucking great dude, I loved it !

general chaos : Hi Jake Lava, glad to hear from you again :) hope you’re ok.

what hell : Here from PewDiePie :) Also, subscribed

Ryo Ryp : James lee uploaded and now you. Damn good day.

Jonathan Fricke : Keep up the good Work! Greetings from Germany