Are you sober now? – Ozzy Osbourne
Are you sober now Ozzy

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Barbara Walters speak with Ozzy Osbourne in drugs, again.


Necrophagist1999 : Ozzy.exe has stopped working.

Bänsheeofficial : Sharon understood every single word of that

Reckless Redcoat : When your teacher asks if you've done your homework.

SztywnyPatyk : Google Translate detected Mandarin language.

Stoned Meadow Of Doom : Hard to believe he's almost 70. Dude took enough drugs throughout the 70's and 80's to kill 10 men.

ᚫᛞᚱᛁᚫᚾ ᛚᚢᚦᛖᚱ : Ozzy translator: "No. Now? Yeah, as far I remember, but I-I-I've b' always doing it n' I-I-I'm getting there."

Dan Slash : Me in the morning when someone asks "Are you awake?"

Bill Casey : Try unplugging him for ten seconds and then plug him back in...

Chris Logan : Me in a job interview

Benzel : I literally laughed so hard my thighs cramped up rock solid, resulting in some sort of panic-laughing attack forcing me to vomit up my dinner and what was left of my internal organs.

Comrade Tito : he almost said "i never was" lmao

aiRCoft : Good officer, evening.

Say Whut? : Amagine being warped into some weird alternative dimension where all humans talked like this

100% shaggy : "No, I-I NOW yeah I ImnevI uh Iiiiuuhohohiermniuhtoheehirihrhrihoohhhrehuh"

Lu : lmao 'no. uhm now? yea uhasdjahlhsahhu'

lilsmokedout : when you tryna talk on acid

Jacob McCarthy : I swear to drunk I'm not God!!!

Sepulveda Productions : This is the one video I wish had captions available

Andrew Harman : when you come home drunk from the party and your mom sees you

Samuel Martin : Officer: Sir, are you drunk? Ozzie: No officer, I'm Ozzy. Nice to meet you.

Dario sanchez : that close up they did to my dude tho 😂😂😂

Latte Freddo : No...Now? Yeah I am now bu bu but..I...I...I have moments... I wonder if in his head everything he says sounds clear

Luke Adams : Google translate can't even figure out what he said 😂

grrizo : No... emm... now yes... emmm.. i neveremnomeaahemnowemomentshahyesnoemmhemm.

Gurt Sauce : What Barbara doesn't know is that Ozzy just opened a portal somewhere in the vast outreaches of space, why do you ask? the world may never know.

hülye ló : This should be on important videos

Derek Nowicki : All you can make out is " I rolled a joint" wonder what else he was on.

Jordan Pringle : me when i try to rap like emininmem

Blaine Cooper : "What are your special talent?" Me:

Wyvern's Den : i think that question answered itself

Adyle : when you're wife asks where you've been all night.

Mia Moore : My mom when she ask did I do my homework

Donacdum : Have you ever had a dream?

the nforcer : Reasonable explanation.

HenGaoLaowai : I'll take that as a no

AndroxineVortex : Ozzy.exe has stopped working

forrestgumball : When finally get a conversation with your crush and she changes the subject

John Lennon : Me: What’s the difference between the IPhone 6 and the IPhone 7? Apple Genius: 0:03

Will S. J. : man pleeease... were is the full interview?!! =D i'm searching the all night for it! =D

RelativelyHostile1 : N-now yeah, I am now, but I uhh have moments where uhh I feel it

SigmaTV : -Are you sober now? -No... No, Yeahayusdhahusfapsjfpasmdplqasmpdkqpowekrfalsfmaskldnlkjqmnzxpqwe.

Dirty Dan : When you’re failing a foreign language class.

Lu Tello : I pretty much only film my TV when I'm drunk.

Necromancer Bernard : Schizophrenics get word salad, Ozzy gets word mashed potatoes.

Brockovich614 : Me when I'm trying to call in sick.

swim ish lyfe : LmAoOoOOOO

Tarkan Berber : Subtitles: "Inaudible"

Mikerbert : When you pay for cheap data service and don't know if Ozzy is stuttering or that's just your phone.

RUTHLESS FAMILY : Damn Ozzy gotta hit Cont+Alt+Del up in his dome..