Player Rejects Penalty 1-0 Down, Wins the Game - Class Fair Play

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Burgistarr : what a nice action, a good man

Adrian Joseph : Fair play👏👏👏

William Shakespeare : We need more players like him. 😀

MMI Young boys : Bundesliga is talentec

Dyldo : You wouldn't see that in the Premier League!

KapoHD : Green card should be in Bundesliga.

Spurs vG : The dislike was probably from Suarez.

tahunuvadra : Respect!

Sergio Delgado : His teammates got mad at him 😂😂😂

Christian Macrì : I did it in a match we lost 0-1

With Milk : RESPECT

Big Trouble : Wow... just wow.

Cormac Smith : This made my day 😊

Superdog : Fair play is so good it made Robbie Kruse score.


Tom Luna : Wow, amazing

Livesms : 1st dislike from Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd dislike from Sergio Busquets

johnny langdon : I hope cr7 watches this one, maybe he stops diving.

Tom Carpenter : Only in soccer do they add epic music to celebrate the act of doing the right thing. The Brazilian national team will drill more flops this week as a result

Michael Byléhn : Can you not put such dramatic music? It's annoying. Also don't give credit to the guy when he fell on purpose. I mean it's not tripping, he just doesn't put any strength/weight on his right leg.

Raqueesha Dollarzal : ya da ist so nice of the guy

Raumance : This is why you need instant replays. There's no way to tell what actually happens in real time.

Viilutaja : More player acts like this! Bring honor back into a game!

Gashenda Gaza : Premier league, la liga, ligue 1 has class player, bundesliga has a class attitude!

Aayush Tyagi : Look at him and then at ramos

Lord Harambe : In the PL, it would be a different case.

NHNGCorpsmanHusky : Where Ramos fails. He prevails. Remember kids, don't flop

Darren 9 : Just goes to show how honesty is. Be honest with others, and the Lord will bless you.

Samuel Larsson : Darmstadt still lost... so bad by us..

Hamsa Awil : Amazing so many fair play in bundesliga him and hunt

RenegadeShepard69 : Great soundtrack for a great gesture. Keep it up Bundesliga channel

Aditya Damle : This is why I love the Bundesliga... Hands down, Bundesliga is the symbol of fair play

ziji helium : That wouldn't happen in the premier league.

Romel Negut : This is what we need to see from every footballer.

Tony Music : How does the pope pay for stuff he wins on ebay? ...

StFidjnr : another a+ student in the Bundesliga school of fair play

dmitry zelensky : в раздевалке зато потом ГАЗ-МЯС был

Zlobstvo : Остались настоящие мужчины в футболе!!!! Браво!!!!

Матфей Платов : Спасибо за честную игру👏👏👏

natr brom : Это реально круто! Респект мужику.

Blue Cityzen : 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

A KLM : Wow! Bravo! Very rare nowadays! Chapeau bas !

Bul Zhal : Герой нашего времени, HERO RESPECT

Deniz Kiselev : ebat' v rot, suka, krasavchik, blyat'!!!

олег Олегович : good refery

Juan Sanchez : Legend

Xandy Cruz : He Deserves 👏👏👏👍

Bob Nachos : Good karma

Nije Bitno : Pure class.

genji shimada : Huge respect 👏👏👏