Gordon Ramsay Demotes Two Cooks

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Crimea_River : All jokes aside - Who in his right mind wants to work in a kitchen?

Crunge92 : There's a simple reason why the man's a millionaire Michelin-star chef: He has extremely high standards. The ones who coddle people and accept sub-standard work are the ones who end up on Kitchen Nightmares.

Shadownet : He might be Gordon Ramsay, but he has no right to touch his staff.

Gravy : god damn, he actually toned it down for tv

TheDirtymikenation : doesn't seem like a great work environment

VanillaSnake21 : 0::55 walks into a hot tray LOL

MrYoumitube : I understand this is Michelin stared restaurant, this is Gordon business and his customers only expect the best and are paying huge amounts of money. So to work for him you will have to handle so much pressure and run like clock work and expect a bolocking now & then. The only part I thought Gordon crossed the line was he physically man handled the boys. The guys aint giving Gordon attitude or answering him back and yet Gordon just keep on verbally and physically abusing the fellas.

Reachforth : This is honestly worse than the army.

Ethan Heitzman : I'm 20 and I don't even know what a hearty-choke is...

Sammy Dubz : I've worked in some hardcore kitchens and with some great chefs, I have never seen one of them get physically abusive. This includes 3 Michelin Star kitchens. This kind of treatment is not necessary as Chef Ramsay believes. If they aren't up to the standard after being yelled at, kick them out. Their is at least ten people willing to take that persons place at anytime in a place like this. The hardest working kitchen I ever worked in was for a chef who respected his crew and rewarded us with compliments when merited. Yes, he screamed, but he loved his crew and was more of a "I'm disappointed in you" chef than a I'll kill you in the walk-in chef. I'll omit his name, but it was more like a father figure than a boss and that made everyone WANT to be the best. Their are two styles of leadership; this is one of them, it is old school and out-dated.

Robbie : Only time I've seen him and thought he went too far..

VR4OZ : I understand he has a reputation to uphold but I see countless violations of workplace bullying here. I smell lawsuits

Levi Skardsen : If any of these guys had defended themselves when he was dragging them around he'd immediately start playing the victim. He was committing workplace assault and only getting away with it because he's famous. No excuse for it at all. You can teach a person without being abusive.

FortheHorde1546 : Having worked in a kitchen for years. This does not surprise me. The greatest crews that I've been with and managed -all- treated each other like this. It's bullying, sure. But in the end you knock out perfection for each and every order. You make mistakes sure, but you feel such a burn that you refine your skill. Perhaps it's because I've worked in kitchens with people desperate for the work. Perhaps it's because we're foreigners in a kitchen in the Global North and we're accustomed to bullying. But damn we come out graduating as fine kitchen staff. I've worked 14 hour days in 105 degree heat with no breaks unless it's a cigarette break. Some people can't take the heat...

Baka Mop : He's toned down the anger alot in recent years. Probably cause of anger management courses and his wife.

Nick Monkton : He seems much worse here than he does in Hell's Kitchen

Paul Wilson : god he goes on and on!!

Daniel Sindunata : well to keep something in mind guys, these dish are not $20 steak, its obviously much more expensive. and those chef de party just ruined it because of rookie mistake. remember guys this is fine dining where a meal is $150 if not more. this is totally kind to be honest. rookie mistake is unforgivable in fine dining kitchen.

udcigs : He'd make a cracking drill sargeant

Lachie Black : i love how the bleeps make no difference whatsoever because your brain just fills in with ramsay swearing

49 49 49 49 49 49 : That young 24 year old chef now became the best chef in the world from world class training. To be dealing with that pressure you can work in any kitchen.

De_lorean : Gordon clearly crossed the line here. Had I been one of those cooks, I would've knocked him out.

MRlinkinpark12 : Everyone is freaking out about how rude Chef Ramsay was doing this. This video was recorded when Ramsay was serving a few guest from Michelin society. So basically his reputation of being one of the best chefs was on the line during this video. Gordon Ramsay expects perfection from his staff nothing less.

Pickle Rick : there's a difference between a boss that is a little to hard and a genuine Ass Hole, I know it's tv but if my boss grabbed my collar like that and pulled me down the line like that he'd be getting a right hook to the jaw forsure.

Ruth Gilmour : Imagine being one of these nice young men. They have a wonderful career opportunity to work with a famous chef.  But he turns out to be a mean-spirited egotistical bully who takes pleasure in embarrassing these new employees who won't dare fight back.   Many probably leave broken and all to feed his ego. What a disgrace.

everett818 : Your lobster is soo undercooked, I can still hear it singing "under the sea"!

James Brewster : gordon hates Commies

Phu Le : to those who think this is too extreme; you've not seen enough of the real world. grow up... perfection is insanity, is extremism, is profane, and is being able to deal with insurmountable pressure. its an intense life but those who choose to go through it are more knowledgeable than anyone else

Eat Oatmeal : Here's how Gordon and all chef's who had to work to get their reputation see culinary profession. Cooking HAS to be a passion, not a job. Things change around you once you dedicate and focus on what you love. Kinda like losing weight. You ignore the junk food and sexy people and focus on your exercise. Before you know it, chicks/dudes gonna start giving you the eye once they see the results you work so hard for. Hard work,Dedication.

Ebut Refrus : There seems to be 2 camps here: those who feel that's just how it works, you take your licks and move up, and those like me, who feel there's no valid reason for a chef, owner or not to verbally/physically  abuse employees. Though it makes for entertaining vids and TV, I see no reason to abide it in a job. And Yes, Ive worked as a line cook.

Jimothy Snooker : I've always admired Gordon, or at least what I've been able to gather about him, however I've never seen this video.  we know him as a TV personality but he's here in his prime and people looking to succeed as a chef aren't going to let their pride stand in the way however it's completely ridiculous how he's treating this staff. yanking them around, slapping them, and being whiny when someone bumps him. he's a professional he should know he got entirely too close to that employee in the kitchen. there's no need for this military style criticism.

Calebazaaa : if my boss shoved me like that or called me those names I would get right in his face.

COCONUTHEAD : hes just trying to bring out the best in them

Pickle Rick : there's a difference between a boss that is a little to hard and a genuine Ass Hole, I know it's tv but if my boss grabbed my collar like that and pulled me down the line like that he'd be getting a right hook to the jaw forsure.

Brian Kennelly : He can have high standards. But he will also have high stress, high turnover and popped tires when he leaves work. At this point, I could take the shit but if he spoke to me and grabbed me like that, his head would have been in the fryer. Lol I admire his drive, but would never work for him 😂

Gildty : Everybody needs a Gordon Ramsay somewhere in their mind to advise them in everything they do.

Ray Dani : It's just food, Christ

Andrew Pak : I liked watching Gordon til this video - this is straight up fked up.

Yevvan! : Absolutely unacceptable. Disgusting and one day Gordan Ramsay will die alone with regret.

Daniel Lopez : It's funny asf how gordon just grabs them like he owns them but if he grabbed me like that I'll obliterate his ass.

spider love : All the snowflakes in the comments ROFLMFAO

Asketism : Anyone not understanding this: He has a massive "empire" of restaurants. He makes examples of lesser employees. He is way too harsh on them, but imagine the feelings of the ones not being treated this way. It's basically just very smart leadership.

Soulie : I'm surprised the guy he punched in the chest just took it.

Tejaswi Laveti : This is verbal harassment and they are making a show out of it. I cannot believe it. I regret watching it.

lordsinister1232 : Alot of people seem to miss this. Your working with Gordon Ramsey right. That means you are working in a Very Very good kitchen.  If you did this in a normal restaurant kitchen or cafeteria, Fine. You get a right bollocking from your staff and probably a slap in the head. But this is a High end Kitchen with one of the Best in the Business in it. And if there are chefs that think they are of the highest calibre, Their Food is what judges them. Make bad food and prepare for an ass handing.

Mr. Snrub : Gordon Ramsay Demotes Two Cocks

Berizzle Merizzle : The cameras do influence more 'Drama' in his kitchen resulting in a more entertaining production. The producers might of persuaded him to be less reserved. My humble opinion to colaberate or elaborate.

Kidd Isley : People calm down yea it looks over the top but Gordon has his reputation at stake, some kid messes up and it's on him of course he's gunna yell

bubblejuiceman : Sooooo... What happened before this scene? Is there context to this?

Thepharcyde4ever : You cant expect to be the best without being an asshole at times. Life isnt nice.