GUITAR SOULS!!! Ornstein and Smough beaten with a guitar controller

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This was REALLY hard. Through the fire and flames ain't got nothing on this haha. MY TWITCH (pls follow): CONTOLS: Inspiration for this video: Check out some amazing products that help me stream from Elgato

Comments from Youtube

Dylan Teubert : "Finally on our first try we did it"

Corporate Mundo : Can i just say, i LOVE that you mapped estus chugging to star power.

rclouts : This is like watching the moon landing

Uncertainty Guaranteed : Personally I call them Drake (Ornstein) and Josh (Smough)

Alec A. : Still easier than mouse and keyboard

Tiago Gideon-Silva : George has elevated himself to Ultimate Gamer status

Noé Sanchez : dat gerudo valley remix

GrizzlyBear5704 : Probably the best Chart you've played on this channel

Teodor Sava : Please do Dark Souls videos ! I don't have the time to watch the stream

TheMangerChild : Combining my two favorite games will never get old.

Jim Daniel Hoxworth : >Uses BKH >Still has trouble with the game *_wat_*

Jackson Smith : I must say, nice choice of music, dad

Sneaksie Gamer : I am impressed. I could hardly beat these two with Sunbro helping, and I think I actually had to have help from another player when I finally beat them in my videos. Beanpole and Fatty are by far the most difficult boss in the game as far as I'm concerned. Congrats man, great work.

DrOctavius : For those wondering where the background music is from, search Gerudo Valley orchestrated and it's from the Legend of Zelda 25th or 30th anniversary symphony

pissychrissay : Dark souls 100% FC

Icarus : Welcome to the dark souls club, your estus is over there and oh look you're already dead.

Powder Ganger : How to kill Orstein and Smough 1. Get guitar controller 2. Git Gud Casul

Alexandre Baigol : Holy shit that's harder than Slow Ride

Shawnenjump : I love the music choice

LewdHifumi : Bearzly would be proud.

Michael : Glad you're getting into the Dark Souls series, man. It's my favorite game series of all time.

Nati Whatever : Snorlax and Pikachu

CXVIIちの : holy shit george, you did way better on a second play through with a gh controller than i did with a regular one, props man

Noah Frye : The picture from the beginning id the picture of u ok Akinator

MegaTroll Lol : Now do a speedrun of this game using that guitar controller

meagan coffman : you got gud. From a person who has 100% Dark Souls (1) I give you all my respect... :D

Mike Hunt : Somebody beat dark souls 3 with bananas spread out over hit desk

Gabon : I love that you used that music from the Zelda Orchestra.

jair.m4a : I know this was barely uploaded today, but this should definitely have more views

Gareth Frasure : You need to play like borderlands or call of duty with a guitar hero controller

Sir Loynd : I praise thy sun to anyone in the Dark Souls streams!

reach17 : Related bit of fun... try playing Halo 1 with a Les Paul. Fret buttons work as normal. Strum bar/D-pad works for movement. Whammy bar is a bit weird. Hold it half way to stay still, then press or release it to look left or right. Tilt to look up or down. Fun bit: Shake the guitar to shoot. No weird mapping required.

Xopowo [Kirout] : Someone map that

Ethan Murray : A true Guitar Hero legend!

UnLucky Catfish : Now this is just pure art

TegicTV : I was here before 4,000 views(HI REDDIT)

TheAlmightySolaire \[T]/ : Truly a God among men UKOG

SmiffyJnr : Too thicc for me George, great video dude

Dimski : next time beat TTFAF on a controller xD

Artrysa : Wait, didn't enraged Smough have all these lightning aoe's? Or was that Ornstein?

Serph Varna : finally u got to dark souls

Mexi Eskimo : Holy shit, thats amazing bruv.

Judas Priest Unofficial : Love that intro

HTSenpai9000 : Nice! Now do a no hit run 😂

musesesese : Someone beat the full game like this a while back, now try it on NG+7 at level 1 and master the game

LuckFyrikus : 2 Bosses in one? It's not like you had to fight the gurgles before, but oh well :(

Will Steward : I thought he was going to play the theme songs on guitar hero lol

SpeedPants : yeah i saw you play dark souls

Xanadu Area Games : He a thicc boi