GUITAR SOULS!!! Ornstein and Smough beaten with a guitar controller

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Rocker Baby : How to kill ornstein and smough: Step 1 - get a guitar Step 2 - git gud

Jim Daniel Hoxworth : >Uses BKH >Still has trouble with the game *_wat_*

Dylan Teubert : "Finally on our first try we did it"

Corporate Mundo : Can i just say, i LOVE that you mapped estus chugging to star power.

Uncertainty Guaranteed : Personally I call them Drake (Ornstein) and Josh (Smough)

rclouts : This is like watching the moon landing

Tiago Gideon-Silva : George has elevated himself to Ultimate Gamer status

Alec A. : Still easier than mouse and keyboard

Noé Sanchez : dat gerudo valley remix

TheMangerChild : Combining my two favorite games will never get old.

Teodor Sava : Please do Dark Souls videos ! I don't have the time to watch the stream

GrizzlyBear5704 : Probably the best Chart you've played on this channel

Jackson Smith : I must say, nice choice of music, dad

Sneaksie Gamer : I am impressed. I could hardly beat these two with Sunbro helping, and I think I actually had to have help from another player when I finally beat them in my videos. Beanpole and Fatty are by far the most difficult boss in the game as far as I'm concerned. Congrats man, great work.

Big Game Hunter : misleading thumbnail dislike

DrOctavius : For those wondering where the background music is from, search Gerudo Valley orchestrated and it's from the Legend of Zelda 25th or 30th anniversary symphony

Joe Smith : Who else watched this on twitch?

pissychrissy : Dark souls 100% FC

Nati Whatever : Snorlax and Pikachu

Icarus : Welcome to the dark souls club, your estus is over there and oh look you're already dead.

LewdHifumi : Bearzly would be proud.

Shawnenjump : I love the music choice

Xopowo [Kirout] : Someone map that

Motion's Memes : Wtf

reach17 : Related bit of fun... try playing Halo 1 with a Les Paul. Fret buttons work as normal. Strum bar/D-pad works for movement. Whammy bar is a bit weird. Hold it half way to stay still, then press or release it to look left or right. Tilt to look up or down. Fun bit: Shake the guitar to shoot. No weird mapping required.

Alexandre Baigol : Holy shit that's harder than Slow Ride

UnLucky Catfish : Now this is just pure art

AppleJuice : Not a instrument you mean a toy

HTSenpai9000 : Nice! Now do a no hit run 😂

HTSenpai9000 : Bongos? BONGOS ? 😐🔫

Pink Pulverizer : I suggest FCing Shine the Heart on 300% speed. (If no one has seen his Troll Hero video from 2012 or so, kid says "Shine the Heart" meaning to say "Sunshine of your Love". Would be nice to see that in a thumbnail to compliment "Play One. I like One.")

Davi de Souza : Can someone help me with clone hero plz? I connected my guitar but the strum only works to open notes, when I try to strum holding any key doesn't work, How can I fix that?

MegaTroll Lol : Now do a speedrun of this game using that guitar controller

Cyan Wyvern : holy shit george, you did way better on a second play through with a gh controller than i did with a regular one, props man

Josh Sonon : Good weapon choice, yes... Daddy Zwei is pleased.

HarshPaper : Hentai

TheInferno37 : Did it take any tapping skills

Adam F : I wish I could see what the chart for this fight looked like lol

armityle : dat music timing

Will Steward : I thought he was going to play the theme songs on guitar hero lol

jair.m4a : I know this was barely uploaded today, but this should definitely have more views

Michael : Glad you're getting into the Dark Souls series, man. It's my favorite game series of all time.

KaRaTeLoRd11 : I really hope this goes trending

Serph Varna : finally u got to dark souls

Mexi Eskimo : Holy shit, thats amazing bruv.

Nick P : Do a GH2 FGFC Speedrun! Your GH3 one was awesome to watch, I want you to do more of these. GH2 would be very interesting.

dr. crab : This man has ascended over heaven, over valhalla, possibly even randy's god like sanctuary and has reached *SUPER ULTRA MEGA SUPREME OVERLORD S T A T U S*

SpeedPants : yeah i saw you play dark souls

Ethan Murray : A true Guitar Hero legend!

TheInferno37 : You should really make more videos like this