Batman versus The Terminator

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AlphaOmegaSin : Got a wicked John Carpenter vibe going for sure throughout all this, I absolutely love it

liquidcactus : Wow awesome work. I love how you kept true to the original terminator movie with the music and sound effects.. damn why so many dislikes but hell i guess 40,000 likes makes up for that ^_^ I dont see any information here about the next episode of this it seemed like this is just the beginning of something excellent. I see one of the links sais the concept is from 2007 i think ? wow !

Ahman Douglas : i'll pay to see the full length movie

Luis Aeterno : Plot Twist: Skynet is actually brainiac

TheSmashMaster9000 : This, this 5 minute fan video with one line of dialogue is STILL better than the 2 hour film of Batman V Superman.

Brando Calrissian : This should've been one of Batman's dreams in BvS.

MAC KASH : The respect I have for you is beyond words. I hope I get to see more of your works. Also Looper brought me here.

skankhunt42 : and here I thught they were talking about deathstroke

John Sayles : Okay, I like, who do we talk to and give money to to make this a full length animated thing? Obviously the folks at Universal and Warner Bros. respectively, but who specifically?

SolusBatty : I guess it would be too much to ask for a sequel since it took you 3 and a half years to make this. :) Unless you have already been working on it?

Captain Squid : Am I the only one that wants an animated movie of batman fighting the predator? I can't be the only one?

Stanley Gardner : As the soldier made the attempt to arm her weapon for one last strike at the approaching Goliath she knew that she was dead, all was lost. But then, in that hopeless, battle-wasted world of despair there came a probability of vengeance. (approx.81%) The soldier peered up in disbelief to see the blackest of juggernauts arriving with the mercy and wrath of the heavens in hand.....The Batman!

TruFantom21 : Brilliant...very Frank Miller in style.

Awho Chen : Like what he said to John, "My way worked."

I.J. productions : This makes me think of that one time where There was a DC crossover between Terminator and Superman one time where Cyborg Superman took over skynet

nightmare09 : looks still better then all the terminator movies that have bean made so far

Apathetic Apparition : anybody else see solid snake get crushed by that wall? lol

Explosive Crow : so dark and gritty! it's a love letter to both franchises :)

OrFeAsGr Art : I love how you emphasise that this is not a lethal firearm, thus reflecting Batman's faith in his rules even when the world has ended. Awesome work! Amazing sounds, animation and all in all inspiring for writers and animators!! Thanks for creating this for a lot of reasons!

cole thompson : U used the original laser sounds!!!!

Mikie Lee : Akira feel, newgrounds look

Kami Nana : Skynet's first and biggest didn't take out Bruce the moment it went online.

SCREAMIN' LORD BYRON : Good animation but nothing really happens

Joshua Preston : And who played John Connor in Terminator: Salvation? Christian Bale. Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Dark Knight saga.

Matthew Brennan : I wrote a paper a week ago for a seminar class on this exact scenario. I didn't even know this existed.

Moera Creative Photography, Video, Design : This is so bad ass. The tone was like the original.

She is Playing : Лайк от Блэка? Вааат? Бэтмен должен быть в плаще. В любом случае, имхо. Для поклонников бэтмена и такого андерграундного стиля неплохое кинцо.. коротковатое правда

Mike Warren : Shoudla called it army guys vs terminator. more footage of them than batman.

speirsy lad : Very Good effort mate, a lot of keyboard warriors offering criticism (not particularly constructive either) I'd take those pricks with a pinch of salt and just keep doing what your doing. You'll get noticed and the career will follow. As I say keep up the good work!

RyoGamestation : I want to watch some more where is the rest of this movie 😎?

Night Rider : There is no fight here skip this vid....your welcome!

Heisenberg : To be honest, in this type of occasion Batman would be able to use lethal weapons since machines aren't living things, and he would be able to break his rule like he does in Arkham Knight.

AJ lawless : I think skynet and ultron would be better

ALIDO DOO : We need a part 2 !!!!, anyone watching in 2018?

Vin Gaźnik : Where is part 2?

Lunga Biyela : This is fucking awesome!!

Adrian McFadden : Holy Crap this is epic! The Dark Knight of Judgment Day I would love to see this as a full animated movie

cheer man : people should consider the fact that this was made by one man. and i really like batman's voice, don't change it, it's perfect in my opinion. in this world mediocrity is applauded as superiority and vice versa, i love that voice acting as it suits the atmosphere, i think it's genius.

EL J CID : Looper sent me! This short film was on their newly published list of best fan-made film adaptations. Great stuff, I enjoyed it!

MrLoganTH : I... want... MORE!

A Mac : More Batman vs. Terminator, please. ☺️

Saitama hero for hobby : Wait this is fan made?

maisha eugene : when are you going to complete this?

Tony Clarke : Where's the terminator? I didn't see him.

SCARFACE : Make this happen!

K Lor : Beautiful.

Ryan Mizell : i enjoyed this

We Are Anonymous : 5,100 t-800's dislike this ? They'll be expecting us.

shiki nanaya : Sir is this 3d or 2d? if 2d can you tell what softwares did you use this is so great?

Lugo Suarez : If that world had a batman , Skynet would've lost !