Dude Chugs Bottles Of Soft Drink In One Go

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game slayer : I can barley chug a can of soda without crying

John Wick Skin : Who else came from the guy who vaped Carolina reaper powder?

Jose Poncho Villa : Such talent shouldn't go unnoticed. Now try that with some vodkas

xICrime : Legends say he is still burping to this day

Wolftactical27 : ITS ELF ALL OVER AGAIN

Kullen64 : I can already feel the kidney stones.

Pluto : He is really water hungry

Gmod2012lo1 : jebote pas u picku

Bergundii : fuckin 9000 calories

Dr.Gemstone : what am I wathcing

Deivi Castillo : Rip x

Frank Cool Guy : He’s gonna die soon

Danny Cruz : Diabetes!!!

Jackson Thornton : Smh....Waste of soda 😂

Frank Conrad : There are 2 liters in 1 bottle...... 3.78 in one gallon........... in other words *THIS NINJA GONNA PISS LIKE A MOTHAFUGGA!!!*

Jackofalltrades masterofdanger : lol how hahah

Daddy SmokesYams : Awesome! Now I dare you to eat a teaspoon of baking soda...😈😈😈

Seal Jr : When u r thirsty af

Al Borland : He neeeeee summm miiiiiiiilk

Donald Frank : He's the modern day buger from grrr movie Revenge Of The Nerds

hawqua1 : Meanwhile, in North Korea...

HO LEE FUK : yeah hell

David Sanders : That's how you get blood sugar problems

Minion Wolf : 🤘🤘

tommy FFA : gang shi

dubyadubyadubyadot : when ur wow time runs out

Frankie B : beast

starsko xxx : Molim😂😂😂

Steven LOL : Lol

starsko xxx : Os sub za zub

adolf hitler : We've hit the weird side of YouTube boys

Sista Swish : Diabeties!

Terminator X : That's why people die from diabetes

bigmike1547 : Cool you got diabetes

marissa me : He didn't even finish them.

Peter F : Animal

ехотוc poтат : That is just str8 up savage

Artem 'what have i done' Lobov : I know it’s possible to die from drinking too many liquids at once. If not getting diabetes at the least🤷🏽‍♂️😂

Madden Mobile Tips : Elf

intergalactic stormtrooper : A legend

JV M : One way to have diabetes

Licane 11 : 太厉害 666

ShadedHD : How to clear out your system:

Marissa Campos : I just got diabetes watching.....

[GD] CoolBox123 : Now do it with jack daniels

Total Garbage : humanity has evolved

Harry Pjotr : Always an asian