Tom Waits australia interview 1979 part 1

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JensdePens : See him speech +30 years later: Tom Waits inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

MichaelNicle : It's rumored that this is where heath ledger got the voice for the Joker.

hiephoi058 : Do you want to know how i got these scars

Gabriel Esparremberger : I'm gonna make this cigarette... disappear

coolestcatintheroom : This is the guy who inspired batman to play Joseph Gordon Levitt..

Qlipphoth : It's not about singing. It's about sending a message: everything smokes.

OneMinuteFixed : I say the host handled it like a pro

TheVideoInvader : According to some film scholars, this is were Christian Bale got his inspiration to lose weight to play Christopher Nolan in Empire of the Sun.

Vath121 : Yes everyone, Heath Ledger modeled Joker's voice after this guy. So stop coming on here and proclaiming it like you're the only one who noticed. EVERYBODY already knows.

CaptainTinTyrant : Some men just wanna watch the studio burn.

Reegan Riddiford : You know there aint no Joker that's just Tom when he's drunk

OrangeGameCinema : This dude is a real character. People like this don't exist anymore.

Zingaa : It's simple, we uh.. kill the batman.

stupled : I can't shake the feeling that he is going to show the interviewer a magic trick in any moment.

TheDezembro : Holy Shit!! Ledger completely NAILED it... Like I knew he had said he was a huge Tom Waits fan and that he took inspiration in this guy but... To do him SO WELL.. Like omg... And its not just that its... It's using THIS and adapting it INTO the Joker... Wow... Heath Ledger had some serious acting skills... Just wow...  True shame his death :( Just to imagine what he could have continued doing in the movie business... How he could have evolved... Just wow. What an amazing actor.

fengy : jesus there's something so indubitably charming about him

DeSTRoYeR992 : duno why people dont like the host. i think he's hilarious

sevewone : I used to smoke many years ago, and that my friends is nervous smoking.

Ray : Man! those 2 are having the best humor chemistry.

fromundachees : 4:05 "I'm so high" - the itching and scratching give it away ... Waits was high out of his mind on dope for this interview... and no one chain smokes like a dopehead

Bob Mob : Learnt from Tory baker on kinda funny that Heath ledger based his joker impression on Tom waits

Buck Andrews : It's simple. We kill Bert Newton

loveanianimeme : Imagine him playing Heath Ledgers version of the Joker!

Lasse Lindström : now i know where g-eazy got that snippet from for his song :)

Glenn Howerton : Every other comment on here is something about The Joker.

182Burritos : Wow. This guy completely stole The Joker's voice. Heath Ledger is rolling over in his grave and this robbery. #RIPinPeace

Moggy Morgenstein : this is where Tom Hardy got his voice for the Bane character for Dark Knight Rises!

Jacky J Jones : I've always noticed, whenever Tom lights up a cigarette... he brings the match straight to his smoke before the match's phosphorus has burned out... and inhales it with his first drag. That's what has made Tom Waits the man he is today... the voice... the mannerisms... his songs... his poetry.... everything is down to his phosphorus intake. 

Shane B. : The interview is absolutely surreal

Jennifer Jones : I'm thinking Tom is on some serious drugs.

GrassValleyGreg : I'm not sure if the haters are aware of this... But Tom Waits has a growing level of popularity throughout the intercontinental United States... AND Japan.... AND Dublin.... *AND* Philadelphia!

Julius Fawcett : It's useful to learn how to enjoy life without cigarettes, drugs and alcohol

PDC1987 : Suddenly Heath Ledger seems like far less of a "tortured genius whose performance killed him," doesn't he?

Jake Henry : His voice is incredible.

Michael Pantzlaff : 3:05 the most badass thing I've ever seen

EastCoast Podcast : No he's not on dope. He's drunk, very drunk. Waits put the booze away like water. The mannerisms indicate more drunk than of opiate sedation. Heroin addicts aren't normally fidgety. Drunks are. When you're that drunk your center of balance is off and while trying to prop yourself up you sorta move around in an awkward manner. If he was on heroin he'd either be clam or nodding out.

Gorilla Monsoon : "Evening, Commissioner."

Michael Antonio : It's simple, we kill, the Batman

SkypeCounsellor : I want to put on a batman costume and slam his head into a table.

SiiKaMoRe : I've watched this damn thing a thousand times.... Still good.

Steve Glassman : I just watched this interview for the first time and I read as many comments as my attention span would allow.I'd just like to say that this is vintage Tom Waits. He's a great actor. To say he's drunk is to not get Waits. The interviewer on the other hand has no idea how to deal with Waits. He's trying to compete with Waits and he has no chance, and his nervousness is painful to watch, because he knows he doesn't know how to handle Waits. Wait's himself is cool as a cucumber, despite the condescending comedy of the interviewer. It's one of the most painful interviews I've ever seen, but you keep watching because it's fascinating to watch Waits never break character. And when he finally starts performing at the piano, as a viewer I wanted Waits to elbow the interviewer off the piano bench. But Waits doesn't skip a beat and gives the performance of a lifetime.

Andrew Everson : i love this interview, it's so laid back

Adrian Arrieta : "I'm so High" at 4:05

SpookeyClown : I can't get over the smoking in this video. It's hard to believe it was so casual at one point. Maybe it still is in Australia. In the US if a talk show host and guest lit a cig up the fire marshals would probably douse them with fire extinguishers and PTA soccer moms would boycott the network.

MourningBreakfast : And then they were in Ledger's last film together before he died.

nizakat iqbal : dude is high as fak

Super Naut : Waits is brilliant and the host is an idiot, nuff said.

Richard : Heroin's a helluva drug

Geoffrey Zoref : 4:27 He says he's big in Japan! Great interview. Look, a host has to do something to get the ball rolling, and sometimes you diffuse an awkward situation with a joke. See David Letterman's interviews with Crispin Glover and Harmony Korine for a masterclass in awkward interviews. And blah blah blah Heath Ledger's Joker.

Diego Melfi : He isn't shy, he isn't high, he isn't drunk.