Wan't Having It: Lady Goes Off On Veterans Family About Having His PTSD Dog In A Restaurant!

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Gabriel Martinez : Make that animal leave the restaurant, the dog can stay

Reignbeau Crow : Hmmm... seems to me she should be arrested, and charged for disturbing the peace. As well as abusing a disabled person. I'm glad he had a group of people around him to separate, and keep distance between him, and the aggressiveness of the uneducated, ignorant, verbal threats of this person.

Robert Bartel : She is not a decent human being! But stop talking as if it's somehow related to the color of her skin. I've seen enough videos of reprobates going off on some innocent to know it's not a character defect related to skin color. If you think it is, you're an ignorant racist.

Paul S. Lynch : What's nasty and disgusting is this woman's behavior. If she didn't like the dog being in the restaurant she was absolutely free and had every right (because the man with the dog and so many others like him have fought to protect the freedoms we enjoy in the USA) to get up and leave. But instead, she caused a huge and unnecessary scene that was witnessed by the entire restaurant. And, during the heat of the moment and every moment since, she has tried to portray herself as the one who was mistreated even going as far as to say anyone who disagrees with her is a racist. SHE IS 100% WRONG and by saying that, she has shown the world who the true racist is. She acted like an entitled, selfish child and should be embarrassed at her behavior... but she is not. She owes everyone who was there a huge apology... but will likely never offer one. Sadly, there are many people just like her in the USA which is one of the biggest problems we have in this country. Don't be like her!

AvoxPaine : I hope she got sued.

Melinda Crowe : I hope she realizes how ridiculous she looks and sounds.

paradeguy : Wow what crazy lady

paradeguy : Lady crazy

cwazy Fatality : I wonder how many of you would agree with her if she were Caucasian ! Same exact reaction,just Caucasian.This section is almost as bad as Yahoo's.

FuzzyWuzaCat : This is a comparison of the woman and the dog. The woman: ARF ARF ARF BARK GRRRR RUFF RUFF BARK GRRRRRR The dog: *sits quietly like a civilized person*

shay tuck : terrible behavior. this is why i like being around my dog. humans can be awful

Stylensky : A sane person would have just walked out if the dog offended them.  I have MUCH more respect for dogs than I do for violent, disruptive members of society.

Clorox Bleach : The default emotion of Black women: anger.

ItsToxicDemon : Should arrest her for visual pollution...

Frisk Reacts : guess what... SHE WAS LEAVING ASWELL. Why would she say it then?

SaruCharmed : Her poor husband. I would've sprung for divorce right then and there.

James P : her medications are not working.

doobiesmoke15 : That vet should HAVE made her rank oily hide into a chew toy for his dog!

Trinity Kelly : I wonder if this woman realizes the dog is aloud in there by law, she is a terrible person, she could have just asked him if his dog could move a little so that its butt wasn't in her face, she really didn't need to make it that big of a deal. People these day's are just stupid and retarded, and this is coming from a 15 year old.

Lacy : https://youtu.be/Xuxm7MW0V0Q I knew this freak out was familiar! These two ladies have to be related.

Lacy : That man looks ready for a divorce.

robert blanc : This lady did nothing wrong!!! The caliber of ignorance displayed in these comments are a great example of what's wrong with this country! I have a higher than average respect for our veterans and support him having his dog in the restaurant. Non-service animals are not aloud in most restaurants because most people would prefer to not eat in close proximity to them but as soon as these folks heard veteran they stopped listening and attacked this woman! She didn't make the seen and was only going to leave the restaurant when she was confronted and forced to defend HER RIGHTS just like anyone would. All stories have two sides and what actually happened is likely somewhere in the middle. I'd also like to add that this veteran doesn't appear to be anything like what I have described and seems understanding of her opinion. To the veteran in this video and all others ; Thank you for serving our country and protecting our freedom!

Ben Youmans : Uneducated profane and apparently a mental problem.


Lotus Liberty : If I was at that restaurant, I'd only be upset that I wasn't allowed to pet the doggie. I love animals. This lady is disgusting. How can someone marry an entitled atrocity like her?

The Whisper : Sometimes I hate how my own people of color act...

Dmister : Did she really suggest segregation!?!

cbonklisse : What's disgusting is that a brown cow was allowed in the restaurant.

freemoable : She said there should be a separate section for animals. I agree with her and she would be in there not the dog because she's the only one acting like a wild animal in this video.

Dr. Goldstein McMaster : I wouldn't want my dog having to eat with dindus either.