Angel City Chorale: Massive Choir Makes It Rain With 'Africa' - America's Got Talent 2018

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MANA : I want this played every morning to start my day

Panda Parade : The choir is great and they are so fun to watch, but let's be honest, the real talent was the song choice, quality meme 10/10

MANA : *M E M E*

timothyfloogle : this is beautiful.

Zeta Animations : Meanwhile my school chorus sounds like a bunch of cats dying in a microwave.

AllAboutVehicles : I love it when a community comes together and makes something so beautiful and fantastic that is full of authenticity and diversity!!!

Belinda OoO : This is a copy of the original. Perpetuum Jazzile in 2009

Aecie Costales : Perpetuum Jazzile is the original of this. 🤦but good job anyways. The judges had their golden buzzers too early.

Cynthia Slater : Simon has such a fabulous clap

Syrtech : This is amazing. The community and that everyone is together regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality... could only wish everyone in the world could be like this

LikeMikeSIKE : You're through to the next round, except the one asian dude in the back.


Gemima Buttercup : So disappointed they copied another choir who did this years ago and did it way better. Credit to Toto - Africa || performed by PERPETUUM JAZZILE

Renato Samardžić : I smell a lawsuit! #PerpetuumJazzile

Aniket Singh : Look at the happiness on every bodies face. I am crying.

Red bear Alaska : They deserve the golden buzzer!!!!

TJ : I don't normally like choir's but they are AMAZING and should win. I told my boyfriend, a choir is only as good as it's conductor. She seems like the funnest choir teacher/conductor

Junior Meyer : She really just threw up the wakanda sign 🙅🏿‍♀️ when they said Africa lol

AJI KA : Yas to her commanding the crowd, yas to starting off with a thunderstorm then giving us Toto Africa, yas to the pink haired girl, yas to no one Xing them and having patience for the act, and yas to her message to bring diversity of ppl together!

Abri : This choir gave me the chills, such a compelling performance! Ultimately, this is what it's all about. Coming together, loving each other despite our differences to unite as one. Knowing how nasty our world is and the state it's in, this is so awe-inspiring and beautiful to witness. Thank you ANGEL CITY CHORALE for touching my soul and bringing awareness

jswimmer : Do the lion sleeps tonight!

Jordan St. Germain : Perpetuum Jazzile did it better 🙁

youssef baballah : such joyfull faces ; p.s. Jigsaw 2:51 back to life

This Girl : So magical! Felt like I was on a Safari

Oscar Zamora : When have you ever seen Simon close his eyes and enjoy the act

Lorenzo Roks : 2:39 looking for this kind of energy. u know who ;)

xY00xH00x : I just imagined standing on Dead Vlei arid planes, listening to the heavy raindrops hitting the thirsty earth. Magical! ♥

OG FT God : How y’all gonna be splitting the money 10k a piece?

0riginal _Panda_Child : If they don't win AGT I'm gonna cry

Kingoatmeal ww : 2:55 that's wakanda not Africa

Maddie Odinson : I got literal chills ITS SO DAMN GOOD

Merry : THIS IS MY JAM!!!!

newlink production : Anyone dislike this must be deaf and blind

Fred Salay : That was outstanding, great terrific. And the sounded good too!!! LoL 😂 wow!!

I Ship Reylo Deal With It : FUCKIN AMAZING

EpicPlayz-Games : This Choir Got My Finals Vote

Allan Rod Pasuelo, MD : Wooow... i got goosebumps. I love it.. who agrees?

1HourCrazy : Defently a finals act

Vindeesh Bally : i wanted them to get the golden buzzer

roni afable : 2:56 WAKANDA FOREEVER

debra bolton : Fantastic! I really enjoyed the performance. Should have been golden buzzered.

Carter Cruz : THAT WAS DOPE

1HourCrazy : This deserved the golden buzzer

DANTASTIC3000 : YOUR THE WINNERS!!!!! Here's each of your checks for $57!!!

Ryan Dave Concan : This is perfection. It's a yes for me 👌

Karo A. : They are having sooo much fun up there. Omg😭😭😭BEAUTIFUL😍😍😍

0164699235 : Now, that's make me cry

YouTube Got Talent : The Best Audition So Far, And I think this Act is a winner.

Gelo : This is my favorite America’s got talent act ever