Angel City Chorale: Massive Choir Makes It Rain With 'Africa' - America's Got Talent 2018

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Zeta Animations : Meanwhile my school chorus sounds like a bunch of cats dying in a microwave.

Panda Parade : The choir is great and they are so fun to watch, but let's be honest, the real talent was the song choice, quality meme 10/10


jess jess : When someone talks about "World Peace" this is it

Elaina Ramirez : Can we all just talk about what a respectful man Simon Cowell is? Aside from all of the negativity used to portray him, he is such a great audience member, standing during standing ovations, always listening and responding politely with an intense and trained expression, and let's not even forget the underrated but purely heartfelt moment when he stood to give the ASL gesture of applause to deaf singer Mandy Harvey last season. This is a man that all judges can learn a thing or two from.

1HourCrazy : This deserved the golden buzzer

AllAboutVehicles : I love it when a community comes together and makes something so beautiful and fantastic that is full of authenticity and diversity!!!

DANTASTIC3000 : YOUR THE WINNERS!!!!! Here's each of your checks for $57!!!

Lil Eight-6ix : 3:24 IM A LESBIAN

Marzooq Akinboro : Why does this sound like something from the LION KING?

Ryan M : Wish they wouldn’t cut to Tyra so often during the middle of performances

Jessie Starkweather : When she says 'thunder' I just want to smack the obvious out of her

Mermaid Slime : I listen to this whenever I’m mad. Omg this so great!!

calvinBawesome_1 : They seriously have a chance of winning

YouTube Got Talent : The Best Audition So Far, And I think this Act is a winner.

Brandon C : The woman’s voice at 3:24 😳 🤩

Gelo : This is my favorite America’s got talent act ever

Jack Wheeler : I'll let you finish, but Perpetuum Jazille did it better.

its true : Damm simons really feeling it lol

MANA : I want this played every morning to start my day

aldo myzyri : She said,becouse no one was us and she was damn right,it was outstanding...

Raptor Charly : Its the semifinals and this is still my hands down favorite of their performances.

LikeMikeSIKE : You're through to the next round, except the one asian dude in the back.

youssef baballah : such joyfull faces ; p.s. Jigsaw 2:51 back to life

AJI KA : Yas to her commanding the crowd, yas to starting off with a thunderstorm then giving us Toto Africa, yas to the pink haired girl, yas to no one Xing them and having patience for the act, and yas to her message to bring diversity of ppl together!

Boom12 : I sure hope they sing Baba Yetu in the later rounds, 'cause they will slay that song!

Rolex Denn : First time in my life I clapped front of my computer

IconX : A lot of us are here for 2:44

emily lucas : just got misty eyed. Brings me back to my high school choir in my senior year of 2015 when we sang this exact song and even did the snapping, clapping, and jumping for rain and thunder. Always brings tears to my eyes every time I hear this song and think of those good old days. Brilliant job!

Syrtech : This is amazing. The community and that everyone is together regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality... could only wish everyone in the world could be like this

timothy coronel : The guy with the long curly hair catches my attention haha! Reminds me of josh grovan.

Maddie Odinson : I got literal chills ITS SO DAMN GOOD

gwendolyn2001 : To the negative Nellies complaining that the arrangement is not original and who are generally pushed out of shape that another choir did this years ago, guess what? THAT'S WHAT CHOIRS (and musical artists) DO! I sang in several choirs from ten to 30 people, and the choir directors chose and purchased music/arrangements for each of those choirs to perform. Unless a song/arrangement is under public domain, it is illegal to perform the song. Is anyone complaining because choirs perform Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" and they perform just as Handel wrote it? One of the choirs I was in planned to do was "Sleep" by Eric Whitacre (it proved to be too difficult for us) and I have seen videos on Youtube performing the same song, same arrangement. It is harder to sing in a choir that it is to be a solo artist because all voices singing the same part have to meld into one voice, and all parts have to meld into into a seamless integration. This choir is huge and yet, they managed, quite well, to do this. What should they have done that was "original"? Choir conductors are not necessarily composers or arrangers, and anything that most choirs sing is not "original." If you want to get upset and insulting, insult the performance, not the choice of music. or not a choice that is performed as seamlessly as this one. And by the way, the music teacher at my sons' school was doing the rain "thing," just as this and the other choir did, over 25 years ago. Who is not "original"?

Sergij Wojčicky : Shame on choir. The original and much better version is from 2009. Perppetum jazzile from Slovenija

This Girl : So magical! Felt like I was on a Safari

Oceana M : They look so happy and that make me so happy!

w0ky : Slovenian band did this song first soo they faked it... In my opinion. The band is called Perpetuum Jazzile check it out!!! SLOVENIA <3

roni afable : 2:56 WAKANDA FOREEVER

George Garcia : OMG 😍 just full positive energy to my soul ..


bandgeek89 : surprised to see no one recognized them, this group went viral with this song months ago

Mdaddy2006 : Absolutely amazing we need more love in this world...keep up the awesome work! God Bless Us All!!

Tricia Aguilar : idk about you guys but i am soooo relieved that the camera cut to tyra so she could xplain to me that the sound effect was rain..and then relieved again to have her xplain the other one as being thunder. i was like totally lost so i'm so glad they have a host/commentator to spell all that out for me, else i'd have never figured that one. whew.

Emma Carpio : Man, the ball they were all having.. in tears bro

newlink production : Anyone dislike this must be deaf and blind

LikeMikeSIKE : 3:36 down syndrome clapping?

Anja Avbar : Well yes stealing an arrangement from a SLOVENIAN CHOIR, and copying the whole cover, even the moves is waaay easier than to think of an original one!!🙄👎🏻🙅🏻‍♀️ Not to mention, the Slovenian version of Africa- Perpetum Jazzile(arrangement of Africa by Toto) has over 15 Million views and somehow they still managed to get away with the fact that this is totally a copy cat situation.... so sad... When in reality the slovenian choir should get the credits.... I mean a lot of people can sing but hey, not a lot of them have an actual talent to think of an amazing arrangement like this one is. The producers of AGT should really step up their game and start researching more. I’m not saying they sang horribly, I’m just defending my country and the fact that they’re copying.


Jillian W : Anyone else get tingles from this? Absolutely beautiful.

Mry64 : I loved how they presented rain and thunder in the beginning. I thought that that was really original and a great way to introduce a song. I also thought that their singing was great too. Solid performance overall.