Post-victory bike ride through Paris

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Zapfy : 5:21 Jesus Christ that's Jason Bourne

Norge Noreg Norway : 5:21 Lmao, a true Frenchman

kloteyoshi1 : ofcourse all the third world savages who are rioting are not shown

John Does : so much ((( C U L T U R A L E N R I C H M E N T ))). It's ok though, France won the sportsball.

lyadmilo : Eh trahison t'a perdu l'accent Québécois déjà :P

herbapet : Awesome!

Dimitar Petrov Lesev : No showing the riots after that? Something to HIDE?

ASFALT21 : Bunch of wageslaves happy about millionaires winning a ballgame in a country that got a president by fraud and is actively working to sabotage the western countries. Baa

planesrift : No riot? No burning cars? No looted shops? What's happening?

Fylakio - Sequence 59:A - 2:1:33 : Yes!! the collapse of the west!!

Randy Grant : Nice bike ride dude.😼

5445656454654654o : hm strange that the crowd cheering is not as diverse as the general population.... failed state much? integration? moar like invasion!

Pablo Santos : ohhh, the establishment steal us all, year to year we are more slaves and without rights but nooo problemm oeeeee france win!!!! oeeeeee football yeahhhh, PATHETIC HUMANITY

775 : Cheaters, first 2 goals were not legit

mal numan : We are the champions? We are the cheaters and divers more like!

AnotherChannel : noisy cunts

jwka2001 : ???? are they happy because they kicked out the muslims???

BallawdeQuincewold : I had forgotten about the world cup at first and I thought there was massive rioting.

thePANDEMlC : Looks like a nightmare to drive through.

Anthony : what, no rioters??!!

Rotem JACKMAN : Jusr FYI ;o) : "Allez les bleus" is an expression of cheering, of pushing the team ("Les bleus") to do their best in order to win the next game (or the game happening right now). So it makes no sense after the final game victory! Ahaha. (cause they already won). You don't hear "Allez les bleus" for that reason. -- At some point, you can hear a guy returning your: "Allez les bleus" by: "Allez là!", kind of a polite correction, cause "Allez là" is slightly different, meaning more like: "Yeah man! We rule, here we are". Nuances of the modern french language ;)

Rafa : No sabía que Marruecos había ganado el Mundial.

solohoh : Pleasure, which must be enjoyed at the expense of another's pain, can never be such as a worthy mind can fully delight in. Samuel Johnson

Insomniac : They celebrate a botched game. The first 2 goals were BS

FyberOptic : Thousands of people celebrating for having personally accomplished nothing. I don't get it.

stzup7 : Les feux rouges c'est aussi pour les vélos

in heaven : So France is celebrating victory of african team?

Aaron Gould : eat a stinky baguette frenchies. jk congratulations

sickre : Paris or Africa? Why are there so many black guys? I wouldn't feel safe if I was a white woman there.

hiredmercenary : Look at all the muslims, and look, there's another acid attack!